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Past Pics of the Day for August 11-13

Blimp over seastacks.jpg (26287 bytes)Sunday, 08-13-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds this morning. Today we start a feature from my Friday trip to Gold Beach. I left Port Orford at 1:00 PM and made my first stop at the south side of Rocky Point, located about 2 miles south of town. There was a blimp flying offshore and I wanted to get a picture of it flying over the seastacks that sit just west of the point (see photo on left). After shooting the blimp pic I turned towards Humbug Mountain and took the first photo from the set below showing the beach on the south side of Rocky Point. The next two images were shot facing northwest, the first shows the north beach and point at Rocky Point. The final picture of the set is a zoomed view of the point with the Port Orford Heads State Park and Tichenor Rock in the background. Our last Hike on the Heads feature has some photos of Rocky Point as seen from the Nellie's Cove trail.

Rocky Point, 08-11-2000.jpg (81604 bytes)Heads viewed from Rocky Point, 08-11-2000.jpg (74821 bytes)Zoomed view of Heads, 08-11-2000.jpg (78643 bytes)

Humbug Mountain viewed from south, 08-11-2000.jpg (80649 bytes)Humbug viewed from south landscape, 08-11-2000.jpg (59160 bytes)Our next stop is at the Highway turnout south of Humbug Mountain. Most of the photos we have on our site view Humbug from the north and I wanted to get a few pics of her from this angle. The adjacent images feature the mountain and south beach in portrait and landscape formats. Click here to see our Humbug Mountain Park feature.

I drove a mile or so south and stopped at the north side of Sisters Rocks (just south of the Pigeon Point subdivision). I walked out on a piece of oceanfront property that is for sale and shot this next set of images. Lookout Rock, 09-11-2000.jpg (90723 bytes)The first photo shows the view looking north at some homes at Pigeon Point with Humbug Mountain and Lookout Rock in the background. The next two pictures are zoomed views shot from the same location. The first shows Humbug with the Port Orford Headland in the distance. The last photo is Lookout Rock. Lookout Rock's appearance changes when viewed at different angles. I shot the photo on the right of Lookout Rock from the turnout just south of the rock. The top has a rounded look when viewed from this angle. The rock looks quite different when seen from the south, the top looks pointed and the textures are different.

Looking north from Sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (84426 bytes)Humbug viewed from Sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (62467 bytes)Lookout Rock as seen from Sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (63717 bytes)

Our next stop is at the south side of Sisters Rocks, just a half mile down the highway from our previous location. The set of images below start with a wide angle view of the 3 Sisters. The middle pic is a zoomed view of some rocks that sit in the cove. The last picture is an enlarged shot of the two little sisters and south cove.

Sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (84696 bytes)Rocks by Sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (71598 bytes)2 of the sisters, 08-11-2000.jpg (77831 bytes)

Our final stop today is at the south side of Thunder Rock Ranch (just a short distance from the previous photo location). The first picture is a wide angle view of Thunder Rock Ranch with Sisters Rocks in the background. The middle image shows a large home that is currently being built at the ranch. Every time I travel south I shoot pics of the construction progress on this huge house. Click here to visit a past feature with photos of this home. Our last picture has Thunder Rock with Big Sister and cove in the background.

Wide angle view Thunder Rock Ranch, 08-11-2000.jpg (84860 bytes)Home on Thunder Rock Ranch, 08-11-2000.jpg (109395 bytes)Thunder Rock Ranch, 08-11-2000.jpg (77429 bytes)

Tomorrow we visit the south jetty at Gold Beach. Don't miss this update, we have some great photos of an Osprey in flight, Geese in the harbor, and salmon fishermen working the Rogue River!

Fisherman by the south jetty, Gold Beach.jpg (79003 bytes)Saturday, 08-12-2000 ~ Sunny and clear again this morning. I drove to Gold Beach yesterday to take care of some business and shot several discs of pics for an upcoming feature. Our first two pictures today are teaser shots from yesterday's photo shoot. The image at the left shows a few of the boats that were among the hundreds of fishing boats trying to hook Coho Salmon on the Rogue River. Lookout Rock, 08-11-2000.jpg (88192 bytes)I shot this pic from the south jetty at Gold Beach. The picture on the right is Lookout Rock. Yesterday's Hike on the Heads feature has a far away shot of this rock as seen from the Hell's Gate overlook. Stay tuned for some great Oregon pics and stories from my drive and visit to Gold Beach!

Today we visit Paradise Point with pics from Jerry and my Looking south along the Paradise Point cliffs, 08-08-2000.jpg (83901 bytes)Tuesday sunset walk on the beach. I'm heading-off to Coos Bay this morning so today's update will have to be quick. I'll post extra images in tomorrow's feature to make-up for shortchanging you today! The photo on the left is a shot looking south taken at the edge of the sand bluff at Paradise Point. The set of pictures below start with a view looking south from the Paradise Point State Park. The next image is a view shot of the beach, grasses, and cliffs as seen from the trail leading down to the ocean. Our last photo looks down to Agate Beach and the Port Orford Heads State Park (spot for yesterday's update).

Looking south from the Paradise Point parking area, 08-08-2000.jpg (70261 bytes)View of Paradise Point beach looking south from trail.jpg (73276 bytes)Paradise Point beach, 08-08-2000.jpg (53658 bytes)

Tichenor Rock and Hells Gate.jpg (98244 bytes)Friday, 08-11-2000 ~ Sunny and clear this morning. I received an email from ZDTV today saying that they featured our website on their Internet Tonight television show last Tuesday night (08-02-2000)! Thank you ZDTV!  The only problem is that they forgot to tell me when the show was going to be televised.

Today we conclude our Monday night Hike on the Port Orford Heads State Park feature. We left-off near the west end of the Nellie's Cove trail. The photo on the right is Hell's Hell's Gate in landscape format.jpg (90440 bytes)Gate with Tichenor Rock at the top. Our last Hike on the Heads feature has a pic of Hell's Gate as viewed from the east. I posted this pic of Hell's Gate in landscape format for the site visitors who use our pics as a desktop wallpaper. The images below start with a wide angle view looking towards Humbug Mountain as seen from the Hell's Gate viewpoint. The next picture shows Red Fish Rocks with Humbug point and Lookout Rock in the background. The last photo is a zoomed shot of the Humbug point with Lookout Rock in the distance. Click here to see our Trip to Brookings feature with photos of Humbug Mountain and Lookout Rock as seen from Sisters.

Wide angle view of Humbug from Hell's gate overlook.jpg (51949 bytes)Red Fish Rocks as viewed from the Heads.jpg (38497 bytes)Humbug point and Lookout Rock.jpg (37676 bytes)

After shooting the photos above we walked up the old Coast Guard watchtower trail and turned at the north Heads trail. The first photo below is Norma on the north Heads trail with Sitka Spruce and Shore Pines covering the hillside in the background. The next picture is a view of some coves on the west side of the Heads. Our last photo below is a shot from the trail of the view looking north at Agate Beach and Paradise Point Beach with Cape Blanco at the upper left.

Norma on the north trail, Heads.jpg (103561 bytes)Coves west side of Heads.jpg (85907 bytes)View looking north from north Heads trail.jpg (77620 bytes)

I took this last set of images below from the north tip of the Heads. The first picture is a wide angle view looking north. The middle photo is a zoomed shot of Garrison Lake with Agate Beach in the foreground. Our last pic is a zoomed image of some oceanfront homes at Paradise Point Beach.

Wide angle looking north from north Heads.jpg (83856 bytes)Lake Garrison viewed from north Heads.jpg (60979 bytes)Homes on Paradise Beach viewed from north Heads.jpg (52090 bytes)

Tomorrow we're scheduled to post pics and stories Jerry Lee with the Heads in the background 08-08-2000.jpg (58328 bytes)from Jerry Lee and my Tuesday night walk on Paradise Point Beach. That's liable to change because today's weather is gorgeous! Nice weather means new pics and stories for future updates. The image on the right is Jerry with Coast Guard Hill in the background. Our last set of pics was shot from the headland seen at the upper right portion of this photo.

Webmaster note ~ Special iLoveOregon welcome to all our new visitors who saw our segment on ZDTV! Be sure to check-out all our fun and free features! We have Oregon Postcards, Free Oregon Email, and tons of pics and stories at our Past Pics page. Bookmark our site and visit regularly for new pics and updates!

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