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Pics of the Day for August 14-16 ~ Port of Gold Beach

Jerry Jet Boat with bridge in background, 08-11-2000.jpg (79653 bytes)Wednesday, 08-16-2000 ~ Sunny and clear again this morning. We finish our trip to Gold Beach with a stop at the Port of Gold Beach. The photo on the left is a zoomed view of the Rogue River Bridge with a Jerry's Jet Boat tour coming into Port to let-off passengers. Rogue River Bridge, 08-11-2000.jpg (73385 bytes)The image on the right is another shot of the bridge with the Port entrance from the Rogue River in the foreground.

Our first set of pics were shot from a tidal pond just north of the airport. The first picture is a view of the Port with Tom Cat Hill in the background. The middle image is a zoomed view of the Port with the (from left to right) Jerry's Jet Boat office, The Cannery, and Fish Processing building in the background. The last photo shows some geese with the Rogue River Bridge in the distance.

Port and Tom Cat Hill, 08-11-2000.jpg (78731 bytes)Port viewed over tide pond, 08-11-2000.jpg (85066 bytes)Geese with Rogue River Bridge in background.jpg (79788 bytes)

I moved to a spot next to the boat launching ramp and shot this next set of images starting with the Port, Tom Cat Hill, and south side of the Rogue River Bridge. The next picture is a zoomed view of some pleasure boats in their slips with the Rogue River Bridge and Valley in the background. Our final pic from our Trip to Gold Beach was shot near the south Jetty and has a couple of Pelicans on the hunt with a Wedderburn home that sits across the river.

Port of Gold Beach viewed from boat lauch, 08-11-2000.jpg (90265 bytes)Boats with Rogue River Bridge in distance, 08-11-2000.jpg (82605 bytes)Pelicans with Wedderburn home in background, 08-11-2000.jpg (30959 bytes)

This concludes our Trip to Gold Beach feature. I'm not sure what tomorrow's update will bring. It's bound to be good though!

Whales are by Mill Rocks and the seastacks on the right.jpg (50423 bytes)I have some Battle Rock Park news to share. We've seen several Grey Whales in the Port Orford Cove during the last few days. It's good to see them come back for a visit. We were beginning to worry about our large friends who usually make Port Orford a stop during their seasonal migrations. When visiting Battle Rock Park look towards Mill Rocks (the leveled seastacks at the left in the adjacent photo) and the small rocks that are on her right. Yesterday I sat and watched several whales spouting and rolling around these rocks. Bring some binoculars to better view these magnificent creatures! 

View_from_phase_1.jpg (64170 bytes) Paradise Terrace Subdivision
It's here! Port Orford's new ocean, lake, and town view subdivision is ready for reservations! Act fast and get first pick from these 16 oversized lots with city services stubbed-out to each site. Build or place your dream home on one of these fantastic parcels located just minutes from downtown Port Orford and her local beaches.

Salmon boats by the Rogue River sandbar.jpg (80186 bytes)Tuesday, 08-15-2000 ~ Sunny and clear again this morning. We continue today with more pics and stories from my Friday visit to Gold Beach. This morning we're at the South Jetty at Gold Beach. Dozens of salmon fisherman were working the area near the sandbar where the Rogue River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The narrow river opening seemed to be the most popular location with boats jockeying for the best positions. Our first photo today shows a few boats working the narrow river opening. The first two pictures below are wide angle shots of the Rogue River sandbar with the north jetty and Wedderburn in the background. The last pic of the set is a zoomed view of the action.

Sandbar with Wedderburn in background, 08-11-2000.jpg (81450 bytes)Wide angle view of sandbar, 08-11-2000.jpg (80230 bytes)Fisherman on the sandbar, 08-11-2000.jpg (76993 bytes)

I saw several species of birds while taking the photos above. Osprey, Turkey Vultures, Pelicans, Ducks, Geese, and the ever present Seagulls were all hunting for food. The first image below shows an Osprey on the prowl. The second picture has a Pelican cruising for fish. Our last pic of the set has a couple of fishing boats with some Seagulls feeding along the sandbar.

Osprey flapping wings at Gold Beach, 08-11-2000.jpg (22243 bytes)Pelican in flight, 08-11-2000.jpg (23711 bytes)Fisherman with seagulls in the foreground, 08-11-2000.jpg (77042 bytes)

I moved from the south Jetty to an area adjacent to the Gold Beach Airport and shot this next set of images below. The first photo is a view of the Rogue River Bridge with the Port harbor and tide pond in the foreground. The next photo shows some Geese in the tide pond with Wedderburn in the background. The last picture is a zoomed view of some geese feeding while a large male stands guard.

Rogue River Bridge as view from near the airport.jpg (63383 bytes)Geese feeding near the airport, 08-11-2000.jpg (65390 bytes)Zoomed view of geese near the airport.jpg (68218 bytes)

Tomorrow we finish our Trip to Gold Beach feature with photos of the Port and Rogue River Bridge.

Jerry with bus and bluff, Paradise Point 08-08-2000.jpg (87098 bytes)We recently had a special request for some quality pics of our Brindle Boxer Jerry Lee. Fortunately I took some great images of him during our last visit to Paradise Point Beach. The pic on the left has Jerry with a private bus and sand cliffs at Paradise Point in the background. The photos below start with a smiling Jerry sitting next to a burnt driftwood log. This photo is my favorite of the bunch. The sand and log textures with the contrasting sand bluff in the background compliments his golden brown striped coat nicely. This pic is currently my desktop wallpaper. The next picture has him standing next to the log with the sand bluff and shore pines above. Our final photo today is a shot of him with a churning Paradise Point surf and seastack behind him.

Jerry looking cute on Pardise Beach, 08-08-2000.jpg (95315 bytes)Jerry with pines at Pardise Point in background.jpg (84194 bytes)Jerry with seastack off Heads in background, 08-08-2000.jpg (49339 bytes)

Bikers heading south out of town, 08-13-2000.jpg (83019 bytes)Monday, 08-14-2000 ~ Sunny and clear this morning. We continue today with pics and stories from my Friday visit to Gold Beach. Before starting our feature I want to post some pictures from yesterday's activities at Battle Rock Park. I watched the office for Norma so she could show property. If you have to work on a Sunday, Battle Rock Park is this place to be! Smiling visitors come and go throughout the day by bike, motorcycle, RV, car, and foot. Our first pic has some bikers climbing the grade that leads out of town. The Highway 101 bike trip from Northern Washington to San Francisco is rapidly becoming a popular vacation pastime. Quite a few of the Oregon Parks have separate camps set-up just for bikers.

Girls hunting for rocks, 08-13-2000.jpg (48888 bytes)The weather was beautiful yesterday so the beach lovers were out in force too. The image on the left shows a couple of young girls hunting for beach rocks. The photos below start with a woman surfing next to Battle Rock while her partner looks on. The next photo is a wide angle view of Battle Rock Beach that I shot late in the day after the park cleared out. The last picture shows a whale spouting near some rocks that sit off Battle Rock Beach with the cliffs at Humbug Mountain in the background. Grey Whales have been congregating between the beach and the rocks seen in the middle wide angle photo below.

Couple surfing by Battle Rock, 08-13-2000.jpg (56626 bytes)Battle Rock Park after crowds cleared, 08-13-2000.jpg (67930 bytes)Whales off Battle Rock Beach.jpg (69883 bytes)

Ophir Beach with Nesika Beach in the background, 08-13-2000.jpg (60901 bytes)Now back to our trip to Gold Beach. We start with some photos from the north end of Ophir Beach. I shot these pics from a viewpoint that looks south towards Nesika Beach. The photo on the left is a view shot of Ophir Beach with Nesika Beach in the distance. The sun was facing me in this shot so the quality isn't great. Click here to see a Past Pics feature with better images of this beach. I turned to the northwest and took the first photo below of the north cove at Ophir Beach. I drove a few miles south and stopped near the Nesika Beach rest station. I walked towards the beach and took this middle pic of the view looking back at the spot where the first two images were shot. The last picture below is a zoomed view of the Thunder Rock Ranch home seen in yesterday's update and the large rock shown in the first photo below.

North cove at Ophir Beach, 08-13-2000.jpg (75218 bytes)Looking back at Sisters, Thunder Rock, and Ophir Beach.jpg (62719 bytes)Zoomed view of Thunder Rock Ranch from south.jpg (46703 bytes)

Osprey on the prowl at Gold Beach, 08-11-2000.jpg (17932 bytes)I said yesterday that I would post some bird and fisherman pics from the Rogue River. Unfortunately that we have to wait until Tuesday. We will also include photos of the Port of Gold Beach, Rogue River Bridge, and action shots from the South Jetty. Here's a sample photo of what's on store for tomorrow. It's a shot of an Osprey on the hunt near the Rogue River outlet. This photo make a neat desktop wallpaper.

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