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Pics of the Day for August 17-19

Dune grass at Paradise Point Beach.jpg (76406 bytes)Saturday, 08-19-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds this morning. Looks like it's going to be a spectacular day! Yesterday's weather started mostly cloudy with no wind. Our ever present summer afternoon winds keep our community mainly fog free, no afternoon wind means that the fog will probably roll in and it did. I prefer the wind! You can always find a sheltered spot to escape the wind, but fog is hard to hide from. The photo on the right shows some dune grass at Paradise Point Beach with the Port Orford headland in the distance.

Flowers for our visitors who missed us.jpg (59977 bytes)Webmaster note ~ Yesterday was a tough day for trying to publish to our site. It seemed like every time I tried to get the page done something would happen. I finally had it almost ready at 1:00 in the afternoon and then some friends and clients from Indiana dropped in and wanted to see some sights. By the time I returned it was almost 5:00. By then Norma had several visitors in the office and wouldn't let me on her laptop to finish the page. I copied the partially completed site on to our CD Rom and went home with plans to finish and update in the evening from our machine at home. By the time I finished it was almost 9:00 PM and it just didn't make sense to update so late in the day. I apologize to all our regular visitors who anxiously wait for each day's new update!

Port_Orford_overhead_pic.jpg (50862 bytes) I never did make it out to Bandon Thursday, so today's update will contain pics from various Port Orford locations. The photo on the right is a scanned overhead shot of Port Orford (quality is pretty poor). I think this image was shot in the early 80's. In this photo you can see the Heads at Port Orford on the bottom left, Cape Blanco at the upper left with Paradise Point Beach and Agate Beach running between the points, Garrison Lake is adjacent to Agate Beach, Battle Rock Beach is on the lower right, the town of Port Orford is in the center, and the Elk River Valley is at the upper/middle right with the Sixes River just over the row of hills. The next two photos show some coves seen in the photo on the left. The first one is Nellies Cove (the first large cove to the right of the Heads), the final picture is an overhead view of the west end of Tichenor Cove (the cove to the right of Nellies Cove and left of the Port).

Nellies_cove.jpg (104277 bytes)Siskiyou_Mtns_Hubbard_Creek_beach.jpg (71472 bytes)Tichenor_Cove_viewed_from_above.jpg (43865 bytes)

The photos below are from a recent visit to Cape Blanco Beach. The first one has Norma and our son Jacob relaxing on a log with a bluff above the south Cape Blanco Beach in the background. The next picture shows some Sitka Spruce trees clinging to the upper bluff. Our last photo has an animal chewing on a snack while watching the beach action below. This creature looks like a squirrel but is much larger, about the size of a big house cat.

Relaxing at Cape Blanco beach.jpg (84616 bytes)Sitka Spruce on the Cape Blanco Bluff.jpg (92061 bytes)Animal on the Cape Blanco bluffs.jpg (110850 bytes)

I looked thru some pics from my last visit to Paradise Point and found some that looked pretty cool. The first photo shows some dunes with Coast Guard Hill in the background. The next picture has a bus parked on the sand bluff at Paradise Point. The last image is a view from the beach towards the house at the south end of the Paradise Point parking lot.

Dunes at Paradise Point with Coast Guard Hill in background.jpg (57929 bytes)Bus above Paradise Point beach.jpg (61078 bytes)Home of above Paradise Point beach.jpg (55276 bytes)

Our last set of images feature some of our favorite doggy pics. The first one was shot during the Jubilee Days celebration and has Moose and Highside, our friends at Battle Rock Villa's St. Bernards. Norma took this next picture of a cute dog sitting in a sidecar waiting for his biker master at Battle Rock Park. Pictures of our favorite doggy pics wouldn't be complete without including one with Jerry Lee. In this photo he's climbing the high ground at Paradise Point beach to get a better view of the beach activities. The Port Orford Heads State Park is seen in the distance.

Highside and Moose at Jubilee Days.jpg (44007 bytes)dog_in_sidecar.jpg (50291 bytes)Jerry grabbing the high ground at Paradise Point.jpg (60151 bytes)

I'm hoping to get some new photos today but still am not sure where I'll visit. Right now I'm leaning towards a trip to the Port of Port Orford. Check back tomorrow!

Friday, 08-18-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds this morning. Sorry no update today. See Saturday, 08-19-2000; it was just one of those days!

Seagull fighting the wind, Battle Rock Park.jpg (84076 bytes)Thursday, 08-17-2000 ~ Sunny and clear this morning. Our weather pattern lately has been sunny and fairly calm in the morning with winds picking-up in the afternoon and slacking off in the evening. We visited Paradise Point last evening and watched a beautiful sunset (sorry no pics, we didn't have a camera on us). Our buddy Dan Hill is doing some work at Cape Blanco and needed his Sony Mavica back (bummer). This great digi-cam is so nice that we don't even like using our Kodak anymore. So today we dip into the well and post pictures of people and animals having fun at Battle Rock Park. Man climbing the side of Battle Rock.jpg (91943 bytes)Our first pic today shows a Seagull fighting a gust of wind on a bench at the park. The image on the left has a man climbing Historic Battle Rock while his sweetie snaps some pictures.

The photos below are zoomed shots of folks enjoying our wonderful beach. We never forget how lucky we are to be able to live and work near a park as fantastic as this. When we used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area we'd have to drive for an hour and fight bumper to bumper traffic to visit beaches that were constantly crowded and not nearly as nice as our local beaches. 

Sunbather and Kite flyer, Battle Rock Beach.jpg (49397 bytes)Zoomed view of ladies walking Battle Rock Beach.jpg (66081 bytes)Surfer heading out with girl running on sand.jpg (69197 bytes)

The next set of images start with a wide angle view of the beach. The middle photo is a zoomed shot of the previous scene. The last picture has a couple of ladies walking the surfline with Monkey Rock and Hubbards Creek Beach in the background.

Wide angle view Battle Rock Beach, 08-07-2000.jpg (63009 bytes)Fun times on Battle Rock Beach, 08-07-2000.jpg (58164 bytes)Battle Rock Beach with Monkey Rock and Hubbards Beach.jpg (56093 bytes)

Our final set of pics are more zoomed action shots of visitors making their own kind of beach fun. The first is a family with mom soaking-in the sun while dad and the kids try to fly a kite. The next picture has some beach walkers with a 4 wheeler crossing Gold Run Creek. Our last photo of the day is a wider angle shot of the same ladies with some seastacks and a calm ocean in the background.

Family playing on Battle Rock Beach, 08-07-2000.jpg (48456 bytes)Girls and car on Battle Rock Beach.jpg (53538 bytes)Ladies on beach with seastacks in background, Battle Rock.jpg (62379 bytes)

I'm traveling south to Bandon today so maybe we'll have some fresh pics for tomorrow's update! Click here to see shots from our last trip to Bandon.

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