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Pics of the Day for August 20-22 ~ Port Orford locations

Walkers on Battle Rock Beach, 08-22-2000.jpg (69474 bytes)Little girl with her beach toys on Battle Rock beach, 08-22-2000.jpg (58966 bytes)Tuesday, 08-22-2000 ~ Foggy on the coast and sunny inland this morning. The fog looks like it's going to burn-off soon. Today's update will have to be quick, I'm heading north to Coos Bay this morning. I ran across some neat photos from an afternoon visit to Battle Rock Park. These are all Mavica pics so the quality is top-notch too!

The images above are zoomed portrait views of beach walkers on Battle Rock Beach. I shot these photos from outside Norma's office at Battle Rock Park. The pictures below start with a landscape view of the scene seen at the upper left. The middle pic shows Battle Rock Beach with Gold Run Creek flowing into the Pacific. The last picture has a women surfer working her way out to catch more waves while a girl skips on the wet sand.

Walkers in landscape format, 08-22-2000.jpg (64632 bytes)Wide angle Battle Rock Beach, 08-22-2000.jpg (55586 bytes)Girl with surfer in the back, 08-22-2000.jpg (60591 bytes)

The next set of photos start with the same surfer from above now trying to catch a wave. The next image has a whale rolling and spouting with Humbug point in the distance. Our last picture today shows the various Seastacks that line Battle Rock Beach.

Girl surfing at Battle Rock Beach, 08-22-2000.jpg (62814 bytes)Whale spouting with Humbug point in back, 08-22-2000.jpg (56456 bytes)Seastacks at Battle Rock beach, 08-22-2000.jpg (60776 bytes)

I'll try to stop in Bandon and Coos Bay today and take some fresh shots of their Ports for tomorrow's update.

Leading horses to Battle Rock Beach, 08-20-2000.jpg (57112 bytes)Monday, 08-21-2000 ~ Warm and sunny with clear skies this morning. Our first pic of the day was shot yesterday morning and has a lady leading a couple of horses down to Battle Rock Beach. The weather lately has been absolutely gorgeous, sunny and warm with just enough wind to keep the fog away.

 We visited Paradise Point Beach yesterday evening to look for agates, walk on the beach, run Jerry Lee, and watch the sunset. The sunset wasn't too spectacular because the western horizon was fairly cloud free so the sun had nothing to reflect it's colors upon. The photos below are scenes from around the Paradise Point beach parking area. The first shot shows the view yesterday looking south towards the Heads. The middle photo was taken just below the sand bluff. The last image is a wide angle shot of the bluffs and beach below.

Looking south from Paradise Point State Park, 08-20-2000.jpg (71918 bytes)Looking towards the Heads from sand bluffs at Paradise Point.jpg (72202 bytes)Wide angle view looking south at Paradise Point.jpg (69910 bytes)

Happy Jerry in front of sand bluffs Paradise Point, 08-20-2000.jpg (89789 bytes)The next set of images feature Jerry Lee having fun on the beach. I shot the first picture of him smiling in front of the bluffs seen in the above photos. The first two photos below shows why Paradise Point is a tough beach for comfortable walking. The terrain is fairly steep so the sand is constantly being churned. This churning makes the sand loose and difficult to walk on. Every time you step your feet sink an inch or two below the surface. These pictures were shot just south of the Paradise Point parking area and has Coast Guard Hill in the background. The last photo is Jerry inside a partially disassembled beach fort that some kids put together. This photo was taken directly below the parking area seen in the first set of images.

Soft sand at Paradise Point, 08-20-2000.jpg (58737 bytes)Jerry and his stick with Coast Guard Hill in the distance.jpg (73687 bytes)Jerry inside a beach fort at Paradise Point, 08-20-2000.jpg (56088 bytes)

Dredge boat the Sandwick, 08-19-2000.jpg (60640 bytes)I took these next set of photos during my Saturday visit to the Port of Port Orford. The first picture shows the sand dredge boat the Sandwick with Battle Rock and beach in the background. The Port is constantly battling a shoaling problem. The summer months bring large amounts of sand into the harbor and adjoining beaches. The Army Core of Engineers dredges the harbor so boats can use the port during the summer shoaling months. When winter comes the sand on the beaches will be scoured away leaving large deposits of stones and rocks. This is when we collect agate and jasper for our art projects. The photos below show different commercial fishing boats that are currently parked at the Port.

Boat 1, 08-19-2000.jpg (52178 bytes)Boat 2, 08-19-2000.jpg (47613 bytes)Boat 3, 08-19-2000.jpg (43325 bytes)

Norma is showing property in Brookings today. I expect tomorrow's update will feature photos from her trip.

Boats with hoist in background, 08-19-2000.jpg (47088 bytes)Sunday, 08-20-2000 ~ Sunny and warm. Our photos won't be up to our usual standards today. Dan Hill, our good buddy, has been generous enough to let us borrow his camera for weeks on end (we've shot several thousandBoat shot with Mavica.jpg (73218 bytes) images with it and he's probably shot less than a couple hundred). But he needed his camera so today's update will include pics taken with our Kodak. 

Let's get started with our pics now that your know what to expect, quality wise. The good weather yesterday brought out the Battle Rock Park lovers. The photos below are scenes from yesterday afternoon at the park. The water was super blue and the clouds were just large enough to provide a nice backdrop to the pictures.

Battle Rock Park, 08-19-2000.jpg (51051 bytes)ATV working way down to beach, 08-19-2000.jpg (50178 bytes)Battle Rock, 08-19-2000.jpg (64199 bytes)

Our next stop is at the Port of Port Orford. The final layer of asphalt is down, the parking lanes are being striped, and the contractor has cleared out his equipment and offices. The project is reportedly 99% done. The first photo below was shot near the west end of the port and has a view looking back towards town with several commercial boats parked in their slots. The middle photo has an old trawler parked on it's trailer with the sport hoist in the background. The last photo below is a view looking towards Battle Rock with a boat anchored in the harbor.

Boats on the port, 08-19-2000.jpg (44225 bytes)2 boats with crane in back, 08-19-2000.jpg (43067 bytes)Boat at anchor with Battle Rock in back, 08-19-2000.jpg (50575 bytes)

The set of photos below start with a Sony Mavica pic from a visit a couple weeks past. This was before the contractors laid the finish layer of asphalt. The middle picture was taken this morning and shows Historic Battle Rock as seen with our Kodak. The last photo today is a view of Battle Rock as seen with the Mavica. Open-up these two images and compare the contrast.

Boat shots shot with Mavica.jpg (30276 bytes)DCP01677.jpg (63731 bytes)Battle Rock with Mavica.jpg (83416 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will feature pics from my yesterday visit to the Port of Port Orford.

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