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Pics of the Day for August 27-28 ~ Bandon Port

Fishing boat with Moore Mill logs in the background, 08-22-2000.jpg (70922 bytes)Monday, 08-28-2000 ~ Sunny with clear skies and brisk wind. Before starting with today's update I want to relay some good news from a message that a regular site visitor from Medford-Oregon sent me. He contacted ODOT to inquire and offer help in getting the Battle Rock Webcam back online. They wrote him back and said that the new parts have arrived and they hope to have it back online soon! Thanks Dave for giving us a heads-up on the Battle Rock Webcam.

Charter boat Mis-Chief with Bullards State Park behind.jpg (58615 bytes)Today we visit the Port of Bandon's Coquille River Boat Basin, located just east of Weber's Pier (our feature spot from yesterday's update) and north of Old Town Bandon. Our first pic of the day shows a boat returning from a fishing trip. The image on the right has the charter boat the Mis-Chief returning from an Ocean going salmon trip with Bullards Beach State Park in the background. The photos below start with a view looking north towards the boat basin with the Port-O-Call on the left and Old Town Bandon on the right. The middle picture is a wide angle view of the boat basin as seen from the entrance. Our last image below has a Seagull surveying the scene with the old Moore Mill Building as a backdrop.

Port-O-Call on left, Old Town Bandon on right.jpg (68064 bytes)Wide angle view of Coquille River Boat Basin.jpg (79286 bytes)Seagull with old Moore Mill building in back.jpg (90682 bytes)

The next set of images starts with some crafts in their slips at the boat basin. The next picture views the Moore Mill building with logs decked in the background. The final photo below shows the fishing boat seen in our first pic of the day offloading their equipment and catch.

Coquille River Boat Basin 1.jpg (70869 bytes)Moore Mill building seen from boat basin.jpg (74840 bytes)Fishing boat offloading, Moore Mill building in back.jpg (80735 bytes)

Our final set of images start with the charter boat the Mis-Chief at dock with the east end of Old Town Bandon in the background. The next picture has a boy watching as a deck-hand prepares to filet a fresh caught salmon. Our final pic shows him filleting the salmon. One fisherman told me that he caught a salmon that weighed in at 35 pounds. The fish that this guy is filleting appears to be only around 10-12 pounds.

Charter boat seen in previous photos, Bandon.jpg (93144 bytes)Kid watching Salmon fileter, Bandon.jpg (72464 bytes)Fresh caught Salmon being fileted, Coquille River Boat Basin.jpg (76577 bytes)

This concludes our Coos Bay/Bandon Ports visit. I hope everyone enjoyed the visit as much as I did! I'm not sure what tomorrow's update will be, depends on what happens today I guess. The weather is beautiful so I should get some great pics from some fantastic Siskiyou Coast location. One last note, some hikers out at the Port Orford Heads State Park told me that they saw a momma Grey Whale and her calf when walking the Nellies Cove Trail!
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Weber's Pier in portrait format, 08-22-2000.jpg (87756 bytes)Sunday, 08-27-2000 ~ Sunny with clear skies. Today we visit the Port of Bandon located adjacent and to the north of Old Town. Bandon is a fun place to spend a day when visiting the Southern Oregon Coast and the Port of Bandon is tops on the list of must see attractions. Our first stop is at Weber's Pier, a free public boat launch and fishing/crabbing pier. Seagull_and_kid_fishing_at_Bandon.jpg (90631 bytes)The first pic of the day is a shot looking down the ramp leading to Weber's Pier with folks fishing and crabbing. The image on the right is my favorite picture from my stop, it shows a seagull surveying the action while a boy and dad fish on the boat launching dock with Weber's Pier and logs at Moore Milling in the background. The photos below start with a wide angle view of Weber's Pier and boat launch. Our next picture has the Pier and old Moore Mill Building with a bird getting ready to land. The last image shows the Old Town levy with the Pier and Coquille River Boat Basin in the distance.

Boat launch at Weber's Pier, 08-22-2000.jpg (78257 bytes)Weber's Pier and Moore Mill building, 08-22-2000.jpg (92290 bytes)Wide angle Weber's Pier and harbor.jpg (81510 bytes)

The next set of images are action shots taken on Weber's Pier. The first has a family checking their crab trap. The next is a woman winding up to toss out her crab ring while her kids look on. The last photo shows a crabber checking out his catch to see if it's large enough to keep. This crab has a little more growing to do before he's ready for the pot.

Family checking crab trap, Webers Pier.jpg (79581 bytes)Tossing out the trap, Webers Pier.jpg (81439 bytes)Measuring the crab, Webers Pier.jpg (77020 bytes)

The photos below start with a small boat heading out to fish near the jetty with Weber's Pier in the foreground and Bullards Beach State Park in the background. The middle picture is the Port-O-Call building, here you can rent crab rings, buy bait and tackle, or shop for handcrafted gifts and trinkets. Our final pic of the day shows the colorful wind toys on display outside the Port-O-Call building.

Small boat with Webers Pier and Bullards Beach.jpg (79101 bytes)Port-o-Call, Port of Bandon.jpg (66115 bytes)Wind toys at Port-o-Call.jpg (99124 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll visit the Coquille River Boat Basin (unless something happens today to throw-off our schedule).

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