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August 29-Sept 1 ~ Paradise Terrace, Port of Port Orford

View from bottom of Lot 8, Paradise Terrace.jpg (98252 bytes)Tuesday, 08-29-2000 ~ Sunny and clear inland, foggy here at Battle Rock Park. Sunday afternoon I took a walk on the new Paradise Terrace subdivision here in Port Orford. Paradise Terrace plot plan.jpg (78650 bytes)Their development team has done an excellent job on this project. The lots are very large by city standards, ranging in size from 1/3 acre to over 1 2/3 acres (see Plot Plan at right). Most have mature fir, spruce, pine, and cedar conifer trees; the hardwood species include Myrtlewood, Tanoak, Madrone, Bay, and Alder. The streets are nicely paved and the city utilities are installed. The photo on the left was shot from the lower level of Lot 8 looking southwest at the driveway leading into Lot 6 and the town and ocean beyond. The set of images below were all shot from Lot 6. The first pic shows the view towards Lake Garrison. The middle image below shows the view of the Orford Reef. The last picture of the set below has the view towards Cape Blanco (far left) and Sixes.

View from Lot 7, Paradise Terrace.jpg (99304 bytes)View of Orford Reef from lot 7, Paradise Terrace.jpg (86823 bytes)View north from Lot 7, Paradise Terrace.jpg (90607 bytes)

The photos below were shot from the lower level of Lot 8. The first shows the view looking at Lake Garrison, next is a view towards Orford Reef, last is a slightly zoomed view of Garrison Lake and Pacific Ocean beyond.

Panoramic Ocean view from lower level lot 8.jpg (75488 bytes)View of Orford Reef from Lot 8, Paradise Terrace.jpg (83643 bytes)Partially zoomed view of Garrison Lake from Lot 8, Paradise Terrace.jpg (94460 bytes)

The developers still have crews on premises preparing driveways and home sites. The first photo below shows them getting ready to start the driveway for Lot 15, I shot this pic from the lower level of Lot 8 looking west. The middle image has them working on the Lot 7 driveway and sewer extension for the next Phase 2 portion of the development. The last image is a shot of the 60,000 gallon water tank that's located at the upper portion of their hill.

Preparing to start driverway Lot 15, Paradise Terrace.jpg (99221 bytes)Working on the sewer extension to Phase 2, Paradise Terrace.jpg (119469 bytes)60,000 gallon water tank on upper Paradise Terrace.jpg (101521 bytes)

I walked the ridgeline at Paradise Terrace and took this next set of pictures starting with a view towards Agate Beach with the town in the foreground. The middle image is a zoomed view of Port Orford's supermarket, Ray's Food Place. Our last pic of the day is a zoomed view of Cape Blanco as seen from Phase 2.

Looking towards Agate Beach from Phase 2, Paradise Terrrace.jpg (96332 bytes)Zoomed view of Ray's from Phase 2, Paradise Terrace.jpg (91650 bytes)Zoomed view of Cape Blanco from Phase 2, Paradise Terrace.jpg (62859 bytes)

Wednesday, 08-30-2000 ~ Overcast skies this morning. Yesterday's weather was foggy all day on the coast with scattered sunshine inland. I'm going to take the day off today and not publish a new update. My mom arrived last night from Montana and I promised her I would spend the day showing her some sites.

Tomorrow's feature will be extra special to make-up for taking today off!

Seagull on Battler Rock wall with beach in background, 08-30-2000.jpg (64895 bytes)Thursday, 08-31-2000 ~ Overcast skies with light drizzle and no wind. The weather people are saying we might get a little rain this Labor Day weekend. Yesterday's weather was foggy in the morning with scattered clearings later in the afternoon. A busy day is forcing a early evening update today. Our first set of pics were shot yesterday afternoon at Battle Rock Park. The photo on the left has a seagull perched on the wall at Battle Rock Park with Battle Rock Beach in the background. The first picture below is a wide angle view of Battle Rock Park and beach with a foggy Siskiyou Coast Range in the distance. The middle photo shows Battle Rock Beach with fog above Hubbards Creek Beach in the background. The last image below has a couple of dogs playing in the Gold Run Creek outflow on Battle Rock Beach.

Wide angle view of Battle Rock Park and beach, 08-30-2000.jpg (49979 bytes)Battle Rock Beach with a foggy Siskiyou Coast range in the distance, 08-30-2000.jpg (47232 bytes)Dogs playing in Gold Run Creek outflow, 08-30-2000.jpg (55567 bytes)

After shooting the above photos I turned towards the interpretive circle at Battle Rock Park and took this next sequence of images showing a lady feeding her Seagull friends. The last picture has a bird trying to catch a snack in mid-air.

Feeding seagulls 1, 08-30-2000.jpg (95884 bytes)Feeding seagulls 2, 08-30-2000.jpg (111081 bytes)Feeding seagulls 3, 08-30-2000.jpg (111867 bytes)

Mom next to old fisherman carving at The Dock, 08-30-2000.jpg (71808 bytes)I mentioned yesterday that I was going to take my mom who's visiting from Montana sightseeing (she lives close to Hamilton, one of the areas that's on fire in the Bitterroot Valley). Mom (photo right) wanted to see the newly reconstructed Port of Port Orford. Our first stop was at The Dock, a long standing structure that was spared from demolition during reconstruction and recently re-opened under new ownership (real nice folks!). The Dock is a neat place to spend some time when visiting the port. There is a small museum with artifacts and pics from the past (see display middle photo below). In addition there's a nice collection of antique fishing tackle (last picture below). They also serve coffee, drinks, and food such as fish and chips and other tasty treats.

The Dock is under new management, 08-30-2000.jpg (63239 bytes)Historic pics and artifacts at The Dock.jpg (69342 bytes)Antique lures at The Dock.jpg (66309 bytes)

Hikers on the south end of Battle Rock with Fort Point rock in the foreground.jpg (69638 bytes)I took this first photo below just south from The Dock showing some commercial fishing boats parked in their new slots at the port. They now have individual water and electric hook-ups for each slot. We moved to the edge of the port and shot these last two images starting with a view of Historic Battle Rock with Fort Point rock in the foreground. Our last photo below has a boat anchored in the harbor with fog obscuring the hillsides above Battle Rock Beach. I zoomed-in and took this picture on the left of some hikers exploring the south end of Battle Rock with Fort Point rock in the foreground. This picture has some interesting colors and textures.

Boats lined up at the Port of Port Orford, 08-30-2000.jpg (60563 bytes)Battle Rock with Fort Point rock in foreground, 08-30-2000.jpg (57347 bytes)Boat with fog layer over Battle Rock Beach, 08-30-2000.jpg (44395 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll post more pics from our walk on the Port of Port Orford.

Boat with Monkey Rock in the distance, 08-30-2000.jpg (65567 bytes)Friday, 09-01-2000 ~ Overcast skies with light drizzle and no wind this morning. Before continuing with our walk on the Port of Port Orford I want to say a few words about what's going to be happening this Labor Day weekend. I will include some scenic pics taken during my Wednesday afternoon walk with my mom at the port to spice up the page while your reading.

Fort Point rock shot from the port, 08-30-2000.jpg (79160 bytes)This weekend Port Orford will be putting on their annual Arts and Seafood Festival. The Festival Center is located on east 11th Street and will be marked with festival flags. The center will be open Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday. Seafood will be served by the local Fisherman's wives in the morning and afternoon. The Art attractions will include a Junk Art Contest and Exhibit, Youth Art Show, and fine arts and crafts emporium. 

Seagull perched on rock near at the port, 08-30-2000.jpg (56003 bytes)The Port Orford community has several well-known artist that exhibit their wares at local galleries. There is also a neat fabric and quilt store called Quilter's Corner that will be featuring finished products. The weekend's activities start with a 6 mile walk beginning at Battle Rock Park at 9 am. There will be a play performed at the newly remodeled Savoy Seagulls on jetty with large Red Fish Rocks seastack in distance.jpg (61170 bytes)Theatre, A fresh albacore barbecue on Dock Road with music performed by the String Fling band, painting demonstrations at the Mayfield Gallery, drawings and food sampling at Coast Candles, wood carving demonstrations at Rick Cook's Gallery, pottery exhibits at the Port Orford Gallery, basket weaving demonstrations at the Transaction Gallery, plus much more! 

Now back to our walk on the Port of Port Orford feature that we started yesterday. The photos above and below were all shot last Wednesday from the port wall.

Wide angle looking at Fort Point, Battle Rock and beaches, 08-30-2000.jpg (50702 bytes)Boat, Fort Point rock and Battle Rock with fog above hillsides.jpg (61139 bytes)Jetty with clouds above Humbug in background, 08-30-2000.jpg (63535 bytes)

I shot this next set of images showing a commercial fishing boat that pulled alongside the new port's steel paneled wall offloading some crab rings (first two photos below). Our last pic of the day has some ladies helping with the hoisting chores.

Hoisting pots at the port, 08-30-2000.jpg (87907 bytes)Crab pots on deck, 08-30-2000.jpg (113072 bytes)Ladies working at the dock, 08-30-2000.jpg (85212 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll finish up our walk on the port. Sunday we will start a feature with pics and stories from this weekend's Port Orford's annual Arts and Seafood Festival!

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