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Pics of the Day for August 5,6 ~ Hubbards Creek Beach

Norma on large stump, Hubbards Creek.jpg (88621 bytes)Sunday, 08-06-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds this morning. We continue today with our Hike on Hubbards Creek Beach. The walk down from the Highway 101 parking pullout is quite interesting. There are several types of reeds and wildflowers that line the pathway. In addition, there is a huge pile of driftwood that hasHubbards Beach with Red Fish Rocks in the background.jpg (81707 bytes) accumulated on the beach side of the Hubbards Creek outflow. The set of photos on the left and below show scenes from the beach access pathway. Our first photo has Norma standing on a large stump that's sitting in the Hubbard's Creek outflow. The photos below start with a wide angle view looking west at the access path, then Norma and Jerry at the end of the access trail with the Pacific Ocean beyond, last is the driftwood pile at Hubbards Creek with some wildflowers growing in the foreground. The picture at the above right is a view of sand patterns at Hubbards Beach with Red Fish Rocks in the background.

Hubbards Creek Beach access pathway wide angle.jpg (106987 bytes)Norma and Jerry, end of Hubbards Beach pathway.jpg (71133 bytes)Driftwood pile at Hubbards Creek.jpg (131731 bytes)

Spruce on the bluff, Hubbards Beach.jpg (91721 bytes)Our next group of images feature the views toward the bluffs that line the south side of Hubbards Beach. The first photo below shows a bare bluff with a Spruce tree shadow coloring the hillside, next is Norma walking and Jerry running on Hubbards Creek Beach with a Sitka Spruce covered bluff in the background. Our last photo is a different view of the bluff shown in the first photo. This bluff recently slid and lost most of her trees except for the little Spruce on the cliff edge. On the right of this bluff sits an alcove that is perfect for sunbathing and escaping the summer wind.

Cliff with spruce shadow, Hubbards Beach.jpg (88346 bytes)Norma walking, Jerry running Hubbards Beach.jpg (81045 bytes)Cliff in front of alcove, Hubbards Beach.jpg (87677 bytes)

Tomorrow we plan to start a feature from our Wednesday (07-26-2000) evening walk on our Cape Blanco Beach. That feature might be put on hold again because today's weather is quite beautiful and we plan to take a hike somewhere this evening (probably the Port Orford Heads State Park).

Norma on Hubbards Beach wide angle 07-31-2000.jpg (60121 bytes)Saturday, 08-05-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds and light wind. Looks like it's going to be another nice day weather wise. Today we start another Hubbards Creek Beach update. Our last Hubbards Creek Beach feature concentrated on the north end (where it meets Battle Rock Beach), this time we walk on the south end. Our update today features pics from my Tuesday and Friday night stroll with Norma and Jerry Lee. Our first photo is a wide angle view of the beach with Norma walking along the surfline. 

Rocky Point reflecting on Hubbards Beach.jpg (54916 bytes)Hubbards Creek Beach is our favorite ocean side location for escaping the summertime winds that come from the northwest. The Port Orford headland and several seastacks block a lot of the wind, in addition there are several alcoves where you can escape the rest. For example, last night the town and beaches north of town were foggy but Hubbards Beach was sunny and warm. We like to visit during low tide when the beach is easier to walk on, the agates and jasper are exposed, and our pictures can capture the reflections on the sand. The photos adjacent and below feature reflection images from Hubbards Beach. The image on the right shows Rocky Point with Humbug Mountain behind. The photos below start with a wide angle shot of Hubbards Beach, next is Jerry with Rocky Point and Humbug Mountain behind, then Norma walking with the Spruce covered Hubbards Beach bluffs in the background.

Low tide at Hubbards Beach, 07-31-2000.jpg (41847 bytes)Jerry with Rocky Point and Humbug in the distance.jpg (55556 bytes)Cliffs and trees reflecting on Hubbards Beach.jpg (84693 bytes)

Jerry reflecting on Hubbards Beach.jpg (44162 bytes)Our boxer Jerry Lee especially likes Hubbards Creek Beach. The beach is usually deserted, so we let him run free from his leash. Our next group of photos show Jerry doing what he enjoys most. The pic on the left has him watching a flock of birds flying along the coastline. The first photo below shows him running in the foam with his reflection leading the way. The foam in this photo created an unusual color scheme. Next pic has him watching the beach action with some interesting sand patterns and Red Fish Rocks in the background. In our final photo a smiling Jerry is playing with some driftwood that he found on the beach.

Jerry running along the surf, Hubbards beach.jpg (68512 bytes)Jerry and sand pattern at Hubbards beach.jpg (75325 bytes)Jerry and his driftwood, Hubbards Beach.jpg (77747 bytes)

We'll continue our Hike on Hubbards Creek Beach in tomorrow's update.

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