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Past Pics of the Day for August 7-10

Portrait shot of horses on a foggy Battle Rock beach 08-09-2000.jpg (37895 bytes)Thursday, 08-10-2000 ~ Overcast skies this morning. Yesterday's weather started foggy at the coast with a partial late afternoon burn-off. I spent the day at Norma's office at Battle Rock Park and shot several photos throughout the day to illustrate the changing look of Battle Rock Beach. We were planning to finish-up a feature from our Monday night Hike on the Heads but thought it would be best to post these shots while they're still fresh.

The pictures above right and first one below have a trio riding two horses on a foggy Battle Rock Beach. The next image was shot in the early afternoon and shows the beach with a layer of fog hovering above. The last pic shows the beach now in sunshine with just wisps of fog obscuring China Mountain above.

Horses on a foggy Battle Rock Beach.jpg (47724 bytes)Fog above Battle Rock Beach 08-09-2000.jpg (49451 bytes)Battle Rock Beach as fog is lifting 08-09-2000.jpg (51745 bytes)

The last set of images are action shots from my yesterday stay at Battle Rock Park. The first photo has a dad and his daughters taking pictures with a gentlemen feeding seagulls in the background. I zoomed in and took this next image showing him tossing treats to the birds. Our last picture has a couple of ladies walking near the interpretive section with wild sweet peas growing in the foreground.

Dad and daughters with seagull feeder in background.jpg (80939 bytes)Seagull fun at Battle Rock Park 08-09-2000.jpg (71644 bytes)Women at interpretive spot at Battle Rock Park.jpg (127625 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll finish our Hike on the Heads feature. After that I plan to post photos from my Wednesday night visit to Paradise Point with Jerry Lee.

Watchtower location at Heads.jpg (77780 bytes)Wednesday, 08-09-2000 ~ Overcast skies again this morning. Yesterday's weather turned out to be real nice, sunny with very light winds. Today's update is going to have to be quick, Norma's traveling to Brookings this morning to show some property and I'm covering the office. Today we start our Port Orford Heads State Park feature with a shot of the west endpoint of the Nellie's Cove trail (site of the old Coast Guard watch tower) with the Southern Oregon Coast in the background.

We start our feature with a set of photos shot from the Nellie's Cove trail overlook. Hubbards Beach seen from Nellie Cove overlook.jpg (58400 bytes)The image on the right is a view of Mill Rocks with Hubbards Creek Beach in the background. The first photo below is an Osprey that we saw flying over Nellie's Cove. This bird had a wing span of almost 6'. The next photo is a view of the Hubbards Creek outlet with Battle Rock Beach on the left and Hubbards Beach on the right. The large seastack in front of Battle Rock Beach is Monkey Rock, China Mountain is seen in the background. The last image is a zoomed shot of Rocky Point. Sometimes during negative tides we will hunt for clams just south of this point. Shellfish harvesting is temporarily prohibited now because of an algae bloom that is causing the shellfish to become toxic.

Osprey over Nellies Cove.jpg (45912 bytes)Hubbards Creek from Nellies Cove overlook.jpg (57846 bytes)Rocky Point from Nellies Cove Overlook.jpg (57726 bytes)

We walked further down the trail and came to an overlook with views towards Humbug Mountain and the Southern Oregon Coastline. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Gold Beach north jetty. The photos below start with a wide angle view looking south at Humbug with a commercial fishing boat in the foreground. The next picture shows the boat in close-up. Our last image today is a zoomed view of Humbug Mountain with some seastacks at Red Fish Rocks in the foreground right.

Commercial boat with Humbug in distance, Heads.jpg (46513 bytes)Close-up of fishing boat, Heads.jpg (88849 bytes)Humbug Mountain shot from Port Orford Heads State Park.jpg (41213 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll continue with our Monday evening Hike on the Heads.

Driftwood stump with Humbug and Heads.jpg (79646 bytes)Tuesday, 08-08-2000 ~ Overcast skies this morning. We continue today our Cape Blanco feature with a walk on Cape Blanco Beach. Our first set of pictures are scenes from the south side of the beach. The photo on the left is a wide angle view of the beach with Humbug Mountain and the Port Orford west coastline and headland in the distance. The pics below are action shots starting with Norma and Jacob looking for beach goodies, next is the two walking along the surfline, and our last photo is zoomed shot of a beach walker with the Port Orford Headland in the background.

Norma and Jacob looking for driftwood, Cape Blanco Beach.jpg (68666 bytes)Norma and Jerry walking along surf, Cape Blanco Beach.jpg (60966 bytes)Beach walker with Heads in background.jpg (41725 bytes)

The set of photos below are scenic shots of Cape Blanco Beach. The first is a view looking south towards Port Orford with Humbug Mountain in the background, next is a wide angle view looking south, and our last photo shows the sand cliffs at Cape Blanco Beach.

Humbug as viewed from Cape Blanco Beach, 07-26-2000.jpg (43966 bytes)Wide angle southern view at Cape Blanco Beach.jpg (65187 bytes)Sand cliffs at Cape Blanco Beach, 07-26-2000.jpg (86877 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll post pics from our Hike at the Port Orford Heads State Park.

Agate Beach shot from the Heads, 08-06-2000.jpg (74158 bytes)Monday, 08-07-2000 ~ Sunny inland and foggy on the coast this morning. Last night Norma and I took a hike on the Port Orford Heads State Park (click here to see our last Hike on the Heads feature). The picture on the right shows the view looking at Agate Beach and Lake Garrison from the north point of the Heads. We will post more pics from last night's hike on a future update. Today's update will feature a few pics from our July 26 walk on Cape Blanco Beach and action shots from yesterday's busy day at Battle Rock Park.

Zoomed view of Heads from Cape Blanco overlook.jpg (44903 bytes)We arrived at a sunny and calm Cape Blanco Beach at 7:00 PM. Our first set of images were shot from just below the beach parking lot. The first pic from the set below has Norma and our son Jacob walking down the beach access path. The second image is a zoomed view of the beach with the Elk River outlet and Humbug Mountain in the distance. The third photo is a wide angle view of Cape Blanco Beach with the Port Orford headland in the background. Our first photo today was shot from the headland seen in this image and the zoomed view on the left.

Wide angle view of Cape Blanco Beach from below parking area.jpg (72988 bytes)Cape Blanco beach and Humbug 07-26-2000.jpg (40607 bytes)Cape Blanco beach with Heads in distance.jpg (50861 bytes)

Portrait shot Battle Rock Beach, 08-06-2000.jpg (64242 bytes)Tomorrow we'll post photos shot from Cape Blanco Beach. Our next set of images were shot yesterday afternoon at a very busy Battle Rock Park. The nice weather attracted so many visitors that every parking spot was taken when I returned to the office at 2:00 PM. I looked down at the beach and it was bustling with activity too (photo on left). People were flying kites, sunbathing, climbing Battle Rock, playing in the ocean, and walking the surfline. The photos below start with a view of the packed parking lot at Battle Rock Park. The final two pics are view shots of Battle Rock Beach as seen from outside Norma's office at Battle Rock Park.

Packed parking lot at Battle Rock Park.jpg (82635 bytes)Battle Rock Beach 08-06-2000.jpg (65550 bytes)Wide angle shot Battle Rock Beach 08-06-2000.jpg (70693 bytes)

We visit the beach at Cape Blanco tomorrow and maybe post some action shots from today's activities.

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