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Pics of the Day for August 2-4 ~ Face Rock/Bandon Jetty

Wide view north Face Rock Beach.jpg (60020 bytes)Friday, 08-04-2000 ~ Foggy on the coast this morning. We continue our Face Rock/Bandon Jetty feature today with pics of the views looking north from the Face Rock State Park overlook. The picture on the left is a wide angle view of Face Rock Beach. The set of photos below are scenes from the same beach shot at different zoom setting. The first picture shows the seastacks located just off the surfline, next is the seastacks that line the shoreline, last picture is a zoomed view thru the rocks of people walking the beach.

Seastacks at Face Rock Beach north.jpg (55010 bytes)Seastacks lining Face Rock Beach north.jpg (80781 bytes)Zoomed view thru the rocks, Face Rock beach.jpg (82772 bytes)

The next group of photos were shot from the same point. First photo shows the homes that sit above the beach, then a zoomed view of the two large seastacks shown in the previous photo. I turned to the south and took this last image of some waves rolling thru the rocks shown in yesterday's update.

North Face Rock Beach with homes above.jpg (82508 bytes)Zoomed view of large seastacks on Face Rock Beach.jpg (69727 bytes)View south Face Rock Beach from the point.jpg (66894 bytes)

AAA_Coquille_lighthouse.jpg (37727 bytes)We leave Face Rock and travel to the Bandon Jetty. There's a nice restaurant there that has excellent views of the Coquille River Lighthouse and Bullards Beach beyond. After dinner we usually take a stroll on the beach that sits to the south of the Jetty. The beach has a large bathroom complex that is well maintained and a parking area with views of the beach and sunset. The set of photos below feature views from the Bandon Jetty. The Coquille River Lighthouse is seen in the first two pics. Bullards Beach is located next to and north of the lighthouse. Our last photo shows the view looking towards the east and Old Town Bandon, old Moore Mill building, and Port of Bandon.

lighthouse__water_view.jpg (66716 bytes)lighthouse__water_view_2.jpg (59385 bytes)old_town as viewed from the jetty.jpg (52104 bytes)

This concludes our Face Rock and Bandon Jetty feature. Tomorrow we'll post pics from our Monday evening Hike on Hubbards Creek Beach (unless something happens to throw off our schedule).

Cliff_with_house, Face Rock.jpg (74883 bytes)Thursday, 08-03-2000 ~ Sunny with clear skies and cloudy on the coast this morning. Today we start our Face Rock and Bandon Jetty feature. Our first stop is at Face Rock State Park located on Beach Loop Road.

We visited Bandon (our neighbor 30 minutes to the north) last Friday evening (07-28-2000) to look at some property, have some dinner, and visit her beaches. face_rock_resampled.jpg (32298 bytes)Our first photo is a view looking south from the Face Rock State Park overlook.

We didn't have time to walk down to the beach but we did walk along the bluff pathway that wraps around the point just east of famous Face Rock. The sun was in our face when shooting this pic of Face Rock so the quality isn't great but you can still clearly see the outline of her face. The little bumps lining the top of her profile are hundreds of birds roosting on the rock.

Beach south of Face Rock 1.jpg (70739 bytes)The picture on the right shows the view looking south from the Face Rock overlook with homes dotting the coastline. The set of photos below are zoomed shots of the activities seen on the photo at the right. The first two pictures show some kids playing boogie board while their family looks on. They would wait till a wave came in, then as the wave was receding they would Frisbee toss their boards then jump on and hydroplane over the sand. The last image is a mom and her kids playing in the sand alongside the cliff. This cove has a headland protecting it from the prevailing summer winds that comes from the northwest.

kids playing boogie board south of Face Rock.jpg (42084 bytes)boogie_boarding.jpg (61225 bytes)kids_playing_in_the_sand_by_cliff.jpg (63151 bytes)

The next set of pictures feature view shots looking south from the Face Rock overlook taken with different zoom settings.

Wide angle view looking towards Port Orford from Face Rock overlook.jpg (61865 bytes)Zoomed view of seastacks south of Face Rock.jpg (72454 bytes)Seastacks south of Face Rock.jpg (69169 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll post pics of the north side of Face Rock Beach, then visit the Bandon Jetty where we took shots of the Coquille River Lighthouse and Old Town.

Offloading traps with the equipment hoist.jpg (42786 bytes)Wednesday, 08-02-2000 ~ Sunny and breezy with clear skies. Today we finish with my Sunday visit to the Port of Port Orford. I left Jerry in the truck and wandered around the Port snapping pics of different activities. The crab boat 'Moxie' pulled along side the Port wall and started offloading crab traps. The photo on the left shows the pots being hoisted from the boat. Wider angle shot of hoist and crab boat Moxie.jpg (67464 bytes) The photo on the right is a wider angle view of the Port with it's newly installed bumpers and some spectators watching the action.

I moved to a spot between the crab boat and a smaller pleasure boat so I could get some photos of the craft being hoisted from the water. I turned towards the crab boat Moxie and took the first photo of pots being lifted and some deck action. The next 4 photos show the crew preparing the ropes for hoisting and the craft being lifted from the sea while the skipper tries to keep his boat's side clear of the bumpers.

Mvc-410x.jpg (111095 bytes)Preparing ropes for hoisting.jpg (87836 bytes)Mvc-409x.jpg (87773 bytes)Boat leaving the water 07-30-2000.jpg (83564 bytes)Boat lifted halfway 07-30-2000.jpg (86587 bytes)

I next moved to a spot to watch action from the hoist landing zone. The first photo shows the skipper talking with the Fish and Game warden stationed at the Port with Fort Point and beach in the background. The second pic has the warden checking his catch with Battle Rock and beach in the distance. The last picture has him steadying the craft while it's being hoisted over the rails.

Skipper conversing with Fish and Game warden.jpg (87463 bytes)Warden checking the catch.jpg (69038 bytes)Boat being hoisted over the rails.jpg (64917 bytes)

Our final set of photos feature views from the Port. Our first photo has a commercial trawler with Battle Rock Beach and the Seacrest Motel in the background. Next is Tichenor Rock, the seastack seen in the wide angle pic on yesterday's update. Finally there is a view of Tichenor Cove with the Port rocks in the foreground. Tichenor Cove is an excellent spot for diving and fishing.

Boat with Battle Rock beach in the distance 07-30-2000.jpg (91212 bytes)Tichenor Rock.jpg (53606 bytes)Tichenor Cove 07-30-2000.jpg (90651 bytes)

This concludes our Fort Point Beach and Port of Port Orford feature.

Walkers on Battle Rock Beach 08-01-2000.jpg (67654 bytes)Yesterday Jerry Lee and I visited Battle Rock Beach after closing up Norma's office. Here's a bonus photo of some people enjoying our beautiful Battle Rock beach with some seastacks in the background. I took this photo yesterday at 6:00 PM.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to start our Face Rock and Bandon Jetty feature (unless something else happens today).

Webmaster notes ~ I received an email from Kim, a producer for ZDTV, she says our iLoveOregon.comCoquille River lighthouse 07-28-2000.jpg (39221 bytes) feature will be viewed next week on either Tuesday or Thursday at 8:00 PM and 4 times during the next day. I will get exact dates and times and post them on our site.

Send some emails to your friends and let them know about our site. Here's a preview of tomorrow's Face Rock and Bandon Jetty feature to give you encouragement! It's the Coquille River Lighthouse with a sunset glow on her walls.

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