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Pics of the Day for August 23-26 ~ Coos Bay Boardwalk

Looing north at Interpretive centers and walkway.jpg (62231 bytes)Saturday, 08-26-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds. We continue today our Coos Bay Boardwalk feature with visits to the interpretive centers located just north of the Boardwalk and adjacent to the sidewalk seen in the previous features. Our first stop is at the Bay Area interpretive building (photo bottom left). Here you'll find placards with information about the Coos Bay wetland and tidal environment, local wildlife, history of the area, and timberland information. The building has a plank floor with a diagram of the Coos Bay waterways cut-out of the flooring (bottom right photo). There are also a dozen or so wood post from the different native species that are on display (one is seen to the left of the fellow with the bike in the bottom right photo). The middle photo below is the harbor tour boat the Rendezvous. The Rendezvous provides dinner tours of the Coos Bay waterways.

Vicinity interpretive center, Coos Bay.jpg (67143 bytes)Cruiser Rendevous, Coos Bay 08-22-2000.jpg (65304 bytes)Bay system plank flooring, Coos Bay.jpg (68295 bytes)

Our next stop is at the tug boat and shipping interpretive center. Coos Bay has a deep water port that services several wood product shippers. There are several informational placards as well as the old tug the Koos No. 2 on display (photos below).

Tug boat interpretive center, Coos Bay.jpg (85474 bytes)Tug as seen from bay interpretive center.jpg (69329 bytes)Visitors looking at tug Koos 2, Coos Bay.jpg (72996 bytes)

Mvc-891x.jpg (60623 bytes)The interpretive buildings are built over the bay with views of the north and south waterway. The first two images below and adjacent left are view shots to the north showing the Sause Brothers tugs docked at their pier with the Coos Bay waterways and the communities of Glascow and Cooston in the background. Glascow is separated from Cooston by the Kentucky Inlet and Slough. The picture on the left and bottom left is the tug boat Cochise. The second photo has the push tug Apache. Our final pic of the day is a view to the south and the Boardwalk boat dock and Marshfield Channel seen in the previous updates. 

Looking south from tug center, Coos Bay.jpg (60665 bytes)Tug apache, Coos Bay.jpg (63805 bytes)Looking south from tug building, Coos Bay.jpg (67265 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll visit the Port of Bandon (unless something exciting happens today).

Norma_and_Jerry_at_Battle_Rock_beach_2, 08-24-2000.jpg (71998 bytes)Friday, 08-25-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds. Yesterday's weather started foggy and cleared in the early afternoon. Norma, Jerry Lee, and I took advantage of the extremely nice afternoon weather by taking a walk on Battle Rock Beach. Since the ODOT Battle Rock webcam is temporarily down, I'll post some pics today from our beach walk. We'll continue with our Coos Bay Boardwalk feature tomorrow. Our Pic of the Day has Norma and Jerry Norma_and_Jerry_at_Battle_Rock_beach_3.jpg (59360 bytes)Lee walking along the surfline with Hubbards Creek Beach in the background. The image on the left was shot just south of Cabbage Rock.

By the time we closed up shop and hit the beach it was approximately 6:00 PM. The Port Orford Cove was smooth as a lake and the water was bluer than blue. The ocean was so blue that Humbug Mountain had a blue tone because of the reflective colors (first photo below). The next two pictures below were shot from Battle Rock Park. The first one has a family walking on the beach and the final pic is a wide angle view of the Battle Rock Beach and the Port Orford Cove.

Humbug in Blue, 08-24-2000.jpg (49600 bytes)Family walking on Battle Rock Beach viewed from the park, 08-24-2000.jpg (69585 bytes)Wide angle view of Battle Rock Beach, 08-24-2000.jpg (85918 bytes)

The next set of pictures were shot near the Gold Run Creek outflow. The first two photos have a family walking near Cabbage Rock. You don't realize how huge these seastacks are until your on the beach and right up next to them. Our final pic of the day shows a Mom, Dad, and kids enjoying our beautiful beach.

Family by Cabbage Rock, 08-24-2000.jpg (69156 bytes)People by Cabbage Rock, 08-24-2000.jpg (81019 bytes)Mom, Dad, and kids on Battle Rock Beach, 08-24-2000.jpg (66708 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll probably continue with our Coos Bay Boardwalk feature, but that is subject to change depending on what happens today!

Coos Bay Boardwalk entrance, 08-22-2000.jpg (79519 bytes)Thursday, 08-24-2000 ~ Foggy this morning. Yesterday's weather was sunny inland with constant fog along the coast. We continue today with our visit to the Coos Bay Boardwalk. Coos Bay is the largest city on the Oregon Coast and located an hour drive from Port Orford. Our first pic today is a shot of Tugs docked near the Boardwalk, 08-22-2000.jpg (66044 bytes) the entrance to the Boardwalk. The photo on the left shows some tugs docked just north of the entrance.

We start today's update at the beginning of the south Boardwalk with a view looking towards Highway 101 and downtown Coos Bay with the lumber railway, sidewalk, and boardwalk on the right. The next picture was taken at the beginning of the south end of the Boardwalk looking north. I zoomed in and shot this last image of a cute couple strolling the Boardwalk with some freeway action behind them.

Looking towards highway and town from south sidewalk, Coos Bay.jpg (74710 bytes)Looking north from the south end Coos Bay Boardwalk.jpg (65003 bytes)Cute couple walking on Boardwalk, 08-22-2000.jpg (89571 bytes)

The first two pics below are views looking north from the ramp leading down to the south harbor. The last image was shot from the Boardwalk.

View looking north from south gangplank, Coos Bay.jpg (72104 bytes)Zoomed view looking north from gangplank, Coos Bay.jpg (78589 bytes)Looking north at boats docked at middle harbor, Coos Bay.jpg (61623 bytes)

The first picture below shows a cabin cruiser docked at the south harbor and a lumber mill located across the bay in the distance. The final two images show some more of the boats at the south harbor with a large island that's situated at the middle of the bay in the background.

Cabin Cruiser with mill in background, Coos Bay.jpg (68329 bytes)Old trawler docked at wharf, Coos Bay.jpg (55159 bytes)Boats docked at the Boardwalk, 08-22-2000.jpg (60459 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll visit the north end of the Coos Bay Boardwalk.

Couple walking on the Coos Bay Boardwalk, 08-23-2000.jpg (75250 bytes)Wednesday, 08-23-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered cloud cover. I went to Coos Bay yesterday to do some shopping and take care of some business. Coos Bay is where we buy most of our household and small office supply products. We will be buying even more stuff there now that our local market changed ownership. The old Buck's Sentry is now Ray's Food Place. The locals are calling it 'Raise', for raise all the prices! Mis-Chief_with_Moore_Mill_in_back, Bandon.jpg (84968 bytes)It seems that they want to pay-off their new store on the backs of the local shoppers. They moved in and raised prices 10% or more on most items. In addition they are trying to pull marketing stunts like raising meat prices 125% and offering the second pack free when you buy two! Some locals are boycotting the store in an attempt to force them to lower their prices. Most are doing all their major food shopping in Bandon, Coos Bay, or Gold Beach. Even our local convenience store 'Circle K' is almost cheaper than 'Raise' now.

Coos Bay Boardwalk entrance, 08-23-2000.jpg (73218 bytes)Well enough of my griping about 'Raise', let's get to the pics! The first two photos today are previews of what's on tap for the next few days. The image on the upper left is from my walk on the Coos Bay Boardwalk and shows a couple strolling the Boardwalk. The second picture is from my stop at the Port of Bandon and has a charter fishing boat coming into Port with some logs at Moore Milling in the background. The photo at the adjacent left is the Boardwalk entrance with some lumber railroad tracks in the foreground.

Wide angle view of walkway along Boardwalk, 08-23-2000.jpg (71965 bytes)The Coos Bay Boardwalk is a neat place to stop and stretch your legs when traveling on Highway 101. The Boardwalk is adjacent to the northbound Highway and has parking spots that line the roadway. There's plenty of attractions and interpretive centers to learn more Portrait view of the sidewalk leading to the south Boardwalk.jpg (58783 bytes)about the local area and it's tidal environment. The photo on the adjacent right and left is a view looking north shot from the sidewalk adjacent the Highway and Boardwalk. The set of photos below were taken from the south end of the Harbor. I shot the first one from the same spot as the photo above but looking towards the south wharf. The next image is a zoomed view of some boats docked at the south wharf with the surrounding hills in the background. I moved to the south Boardwalk entrance and took this last picture of the flags that line the walkway with the harbor and interpretive centers in the distance.

Looking towards wharf from sidewalk, 08-23-2000.jpg (88024 bytes)Boats at the south harbor, 08-23-2000.jpg (74967 bytes)Sidewalk alongside highway and boardwalk, 08-23-2000.jpg (65364 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll continue with my walk on the Coos Bay Boardwalk.

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