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Pics of the Day for July 11-15 ~ Humbug Mountain Park

Port progress 7-15-2000.jpg (28144 bytes)Port construction in close-up.jpg (31898 bytes)Saturday, 07-15-2000. Sunny and clear this morning. Our Pic of the Day will feature Port of Port Orford shots from the 5th street overlook that I took last Wednesday  afternoon. The first photo shows the Port facilities with heavy

The set of photos below show some boats anchored at the port. The first image is a wide angle view of the beach, boats, and jetty, and the next two are close-up shots of a cruiser and some commercial trawlers seen in the first wide angle photo.

Boats in the harbor wide angle view.jpg (21376 bytes)Cruiser at the port.jpg (23606 bytes)Boats in the harbor 2.jpg (36148 bytes)

The next set of images are from left to right the Port in wide angle view with some wildflowers growing on the hillside in the foreground, a complete view of the Port, and lastly some boats parked outside the Port and next to the fish processing plant.

Port in wide angle view.jpg (33138 bytes)Port of Port Orford 7-12-2000.jpg (29347 bytes)Boats parked outside the port.jpg (48740 bytes)

Tomorrow's Pic of the Day depends on what images I take today. Probably some Cape Blanco Beach pics! Dan Hill is letting me use his Sony Mavica with the 14x zoom lenses so tomorrow's photos should be spectacular.

Cabana at the group day-use park.jpg (69608 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 07-14-2000. Sunny with high scattered clouds and light wind this morning. Today we finish our visit to Humbug Mountain State Park with a stop at the day-use park located approximately a half mile south from the campground entrance.

Cabana in closeup.jpg (62966 bytes)The day-use park is one of our favorite family spots to spend a sunny afternoon with the dogs, a barbeque, and cooler. The park is tucked behind some hills and large trees so it's protected from the summer wind and has a good southern sun exposure. The rear section (group area) has a large open meadow the size of a football field that's perfect for playing Frisbee with Jerry Lee or baseball with the kids. In addition, the group area has a large cabana that can be reserved for weddings or group picnics (see photos above).

The set of images below were shot from the group area and show (from left to right) the bridge over Brush Creek that leads to the group area, some picnic tables adjacent Brush Creek, and the large meadow that's next to the cabana.

Bridge over Brush Creek leading to group park.jpg (74714 bytes)Humbug day-use picnic tables.jpg (76550 bytes)Football sized meadow at day-use area.jpg (49338 bytes)

I left the group area and walked a trail that leads towards Highway 101 where the front picnic area is located. Humbug Mountain State Park has a large, well maintained trail system that hooks the different attractions together. Tail leading to front picinic section from the group area.jpg (74647 bytes)Campers can walk from their campsite to the Humbug Mountain trail, Humbug Beach, or the Humbug day-use area that we're visiting today. The picture on the right shows the day-use trail winding thru some Alder trees and leading to the front picnic section.

The front section has a different feel from the group area with it's large Myrtlewood trees scattered throughout the property. The first two images below show a wide angle and close-up view of the front picnic tables and Myrtlewood trees, and the last image is a portrait shot of one of the day-use area's Myrtlewood trees.

Front picnic section at Humbug State Park.jpg (71430 bytes)Front picnic section in closeup.jpg (69002 bytes)Myrtlewood at the front picnic area.jpg (67672 bytes)

Bathrooms and showers at west campground.jpg (43550 bytes)Thursday, 07-13-2000. Sunny and clear with light wind this morning. We continue our visit to Humbug Mountain State Park with a second stop at the campground. We left-off at the west campground near the large meadow situated in the center of the west camp complex. The west campground was constructed after the east campground so the trees are smaller and the facilities are newer. The photo above shows the bathroom and shower building at the west campground.

I walked around the camp spots and shot the photos below of scenes from the west campground. The photos show (from left to right) some campers with a tent trailer from Canada preparing lunch, a little boy with his inner tube getting ready for some fun, and a couple of trailers viewed from across the large meadow located in the center of the west campground.

Tent trailer campers from canada at west campground.jpg (63231 bytes)Little boy with his inner tube at west campground.jpg (60039 bytes)Trailers across the meadow at west campground.jpg (46029 bytes)

Now we visit the east campground (my favorite). The campground is more established Tall trees surrounding a east camp spot.jpg (63794 bytes)with large Myrtle, Tanoak, Maple, Fir, Spruce, and Port Orford Cedar trees and bigger camp spots. The bathrooms and showers are not as nice as the west campground but the grounds and setting makes up for the difference (see photo on the right). The images below show scenes from the east campground. The first photo shows several of the empty camp spots on the inner loop next to the bathrooms, the second pic is a camp spot located adjacent Brush Creek, and the last is the showers and bathrooms for the east campground.

Empty camp spots at the east campground.jpg (60346 bytes)Camp spot at the east campground adjacent to Brush Creek.jpg (62473 bytes)East campground bathrooms and showers.jpg (62079 bytes)

Brush Creek flowing into the pool with Humbug in the background.jpg (63247 bytes)After shooting the photos above I walked east to the entry area where Brush Creek flows along the park roadway and empties into a slow moving pool. I saw several small trout swimming in the pool with wildflowers covering the banks. The photo on the left shows Brush Creek with some Foxgloves in the foreground and Humbug Mountain in the background. The images below are (from left to right) a motor home on the entry with Brush Creek on the right, Brush Creek as viewed from east to west, and finally a friendly Blue Jay that greeted me when arriving at Humbug Park.

Motorhome on enty roadway adjacent Brush Creek.jpg (59853 bytes)Brush Creek near the entry looking east to west.jpg (63231 bytes)Blue Jay at Humbug Park.jpg (79532 bytes)

Tomorrow we visit the day use picnic park at Humbug Mountain State Park!

Wide angle view of the campground at Humbug Mountain State Park.jpg (54675 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 07-12-2000. Sunny, clear, and breezy this morning. We continue our visit to Humbug Mountain State Park with a stop at the campground located adjacent to the beach shown in yesterday's Pic of the Day. The image on the right is a wide angle view of the west campground shot from a hill above the park with part of Humbug Mountain on the right.

Brush Creek Bridge.jpg (35334 bytes)After shooting the photo above I turned to the west and shot this next image showing the new Highway 101 Brush Creek Bridge located adjacent to the campground with Humbug Mountain on the left. The beach access trail from the campground runs under this bridge and follows the north side of Brush Creek.

I worked my way down from the hill to an area just above where the fellow is walking in the previous photo and shot this next set of images showing from left to right the Brush Creek Bridge and Humbug Beach in the background, a zoomed image of the bridge above and beach and ocean beyond, and finally a close-up shot of the Humbug Beach, rocks, and Pacific Ocean.

Brush Creek bridge and Humbug Beach beyond.jpg (34230 bytes)View thru Brush Creek Bridge to the beach and ocean.jpg (42785 bytes)Close-up shot of Humbug Beach as viewed thru the bridge.jpg (37074 bytes)

After I shot the photos above I walked back where the truck was parked and the beach trail West end of campground at Humbug Mountain State Park.jpg (38849 bytes)begins and shot the photo on the right showing the west end of the campground shown in our first photo. The west campground has a large meadow perfect for softball, football, badminton, volleyball, or just laying in the sun. The meadow was deserted even though this was a sunny Sunday afternoon during the start of the summer vacation period. The west campground only had about 6 or 7 camp groups utilizing the facilities.

Tomorrow's feature will have photos, maps, and information about the campground at Humbug Mountain State Park.

Humbug Beach in portrait.jpg (37291 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 07-11-2000. Sunny and breezy with scattered clouds this morning. Today we start our Humbug Mountain State Park feature. I left Port Orford at 1:00 PM Sunday and drove 5 miles south and stopped at the Humbug Beach overlook on Highway 101 to snap these pics of the beach and seastacks that sit just offshore. The photo on the left shows the beach and the western tip of Humbug. The photos below from left to right show Humbug Beach looking north to south, a zoomed image of the same beach with Brush Creek flowing to the ocean, and the view looking south to north from the overlook with Red Fish Rocks in the background.

Humbug beach in wide angle.jpg (32530 bytes)Humbug beach in closeup.jpg (36801 bytes)Looking south to north from the Humbug overlook.jpg (37778 bytes)

The images below are 2 zoomed images of the seastacks at Red Fish Rocks and some tide pools at the north end of Humbug Beach as seen from the Humbug overlook on Highway 101.

Red Fish Rocks from Humbug overlook.jpg (28602 bytes)Southern seastack at Red Fish Rocks.jpg (23139 bytes)Tidepools at the north end of Humbug Beach.jpg (60111 bytes)

Tomorrow we visit the campground at Humbug Mountain State Park!

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