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Past Pic of the Days for July 16-19

It's Here! Our new and improved Free Oregon Postcards page is up and running, click here to visit!Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 07-19-2000. Cloudy with an afternoon clearing expected. Good news! Our new Free Oregon Postcards page is up and running! This page has new and improved photos from the Southern Oregon Coast region. In addition all the images were shot with Dan Hill's Sony Mavica so the quality is top-rate. Check it out! Click here to visit our new and improved Free Oregon Postcards page.

Horses in the morning on Battle Rock Beach.jpg (34206 bytes)We didn't get a chance to visit any beaches yesterday so our Pic of the Day photos are from last week and feature morning shots of Battle Rock Beach taken from outside Norma's office at Battle Rock Park. Our first photo shows a couple riding their horses on Battle Rock beach with some seastacks and ocean in the background.

Mornings are an excellent time to visit our local beaches. The wind is normally light and the beach goodies (agates, driftwood, glass floats, etc.) are untouched. The set of photos below were all shot within a few minutes and show beach scenes from our beautiful Battle Rock Beach.

Battle Rock morning 1.jpg (67685 bytes)Battle Rock morning 2.jpg (68136 bytes)Battle Rock morning 3.jpg (66928 bytes)

Chetco River acreage.jpg (86528 bytes) Norma's new Chetco River listing is ready for review. This property has fantastic views of the Chetco River and valley. There are 3 homesites roughed-in on this 15+ acres. The property contains three distinct tax lots and can be purchased in it's entirety or as separate parcels. The acreage has an excellent sunny southern exposure perfect for your dream home and gardens. In addition it's located just minutes from Harbor, Brookings, and the ocean beaches.

Don't forget to try out our new and improved Free Oregon Postcards page!

Seagulls on a foggy Battle Rock Beach.jpg (45521 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 07-18-2000. Foggy and overcast again this morning. Our Pic of the Day features photos from yesterday evening's walk on Battle Rock Beach. The weather started foggy and overcast and stayed that way throughout the day. We closed up shop at 7:00 PM, grabbed Dan Hill's Mavica and walked Seagulls taking flight with a foggy Humbug in the background.jpg (26113 bytes) down to the beach below her office. The temperature was mild with no wind. Our first image shows a group of seagulls with some fog covered seastacks in the background. The image on the left has some gulls taking flight with a cloud covered Humbug Mountain in the distance.

The first two images below show some seagulls on the surfline with a foggy Siskiyou Coast range in the background. The last image was shot with Historic Battle Rock in the background.

Seagulls on a foggy Battle Rock 1.jpg (38943 bytes)Seagull on a foggy Battle Rock 2.jpg (47888 bytes)

The set of images below are Port of Port Orford action shots of boats being hoisted. All these photos were taken from Battle Rock Beach. Our first photo was shot near historic Battle Rock, the middle one was viewed thru some seastacks half way between Battle Rock and Hubbards Creek Beach, and the last is a zoomed image shot from the same location.

Hoisting boats shot from Battle Rock Beach.jpg (44007 bytes)Hoisting boats viewed from thru the seastacks.jpg (62946 bytes)Zoomed view of boat hoisting from seastacks at Battle Rock.jpg (37357 bytes)

Tomorrow's Pic of the Day depends on what beach we visit this evening. We still haven't made it out to Cape Blanco Beach yet, maybe tonight if the weather breaks up.

Deer at Pats place.jpg (49071 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 07-17-2000. Foggy this morning. No update yesterday because we awoke early and hit the road with the idea of visiting Norma's new listing on the Chetco River. We got as far as Gold Beach before she was called back to attend to business. So no update, no trip to Brookings, and no new pics! We couldn't even snap photos on the way back to town because the coast was fogged in. So today we dip into the archive and feature a hodgepodge of animal pics. Our first photo and the collection below show a deer that watched me as I was clearing some land a couple of weeks back. 

Deer at pats 2.jpg (58873 bytes)Deer at pats 3.jpg (55911 bytes)Deer at pats 4.jpg (58767 bytes)

The first two photos below show a cute baby cow and his buddy that we saw on a visit to Cape Blanco last month, and the last pic is a view shot from our home of the Elk River with some cows and gorse in the background.

Cute baby cow and his buddy at Cape Blanco.jpg (34458 bytes)Cute baby cow at Cape Blanco.jpg (36709 bytes)Cows by the Elk River.jpg (44611 bytes)

The set of images below were shot at Paradise Point and feature our boxer Jerry Lee. The first image has a smiling Jerry with the Paradise Point bluffs in the background, the next one has the beach with Coast Guard Hill in the background, and finally Jerry with his stick on a golden Paradise Point beach and bluffs colored by the setting sun.

Jerry at Paradise Point 1.jpg (29841 bytes)Jerry at Paradise Point 2.jpg (27920 bytes)Jerry at Paradise Point 3.jpg (36155 bytes)

Tomorrow's Pic of the Day will depend on what happens with today's weather. We haven't visited Cape Blanco lately and hope to get out there tonight if the weather cooperates.

Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 07-16-2000. Cloudy and foggy. Sorry, no update today. 

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