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Pics of the Day for July 20-23

Garrison Lake and Port Orford Reef.jpg (61561 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 07-23-2000. Sunny and clear this morning. I was called away on a heavy equipment project and wasn't able to publish our Pic of the Day yesterday (click here to read full story below). We're publishing late today because I was out taking some images of the town from various locations.Trawler off Agate Beach with Garrison Lake in the foreground.jpg (69064 bytes) I was planning to continue with the feature on my Thursday night walk on Hubbard's Creek Beach, but that will have to wait. These photos I took this morning are so nice that I had to get them online as soon as possible. I had Dan Hill's Mavica so all the photos are of excellent quality. Today's feature will be extra long to make up for missing yesterday's update.

I started off by driving to the top of Deady Street and took the photo above showing Garrison Lake Cape Blanco headland as seen from Deady Street.jpg (53800 bytes)with the Port Orford Reef in the background. Garrison Lake is our freshwater lake that is separated from the Pacific Ocean by a thin sand burm. The next picture shows a commercial trawler working right off Agate Beach with the south end off Garrison Lake in the foreground. Our last pic from Deady Street shows the Cape Blanco headland and lighthouse with part of Knapp Ranch in the foreground.

5th Street Overlook with wild Sweet Peas on the hillside.jpg (106395 bytes)I next drove to the 5th Street Port Overlook and snapped this next set of images. The photo on the left is a shot I took of the Overlook from the Port access road below with wild Sweet Peas growing on the hillside. The 5th Street Overlook is adjacent to the Castaway Hotel and an excellent spot to park and watch the Port activities. Boats anchored behind the Jetty.jpg (49615 bytes)The picture on the right shows the Port Jetty, boats from the pics below, and the beach that's between Fort Point and the Port that's featured in our final set of photos. The first 2 photos below shows the boats in close-up that are anchored behind the Jetty. I'm not sure why the ocean looks different in these two pictures, I shot them one after another. The last one shows a boat being hoisted by our new commercial hoist that is now operational. The boat was raised up to the Port platform and it's catch was off-loaded then dropped back into the sea.

Boat anchored behind Jetty 1.jpg (82720 bytes)Boat anchored behind Jetty 2.jpg (80777 bytes)Boat hoisted and off-loading catch.jpg (78682 bytes)

Boat beginning its hoisting trip.jpg (80141 bytes)The set of photos below are some action shots from the beach adjacent to the Port. Before talking about the beach here's a shot of the boat in the pic above beginning it's hoisting trip. Now back to Fort Point beach. This beach is only about 1000 feet long or so and runs between Fort Point to the east and the Port to the west. The first photo has a man and his dog running with some seastacks in the background. If you look close you'll see a gull on the top of the rock. The next pic has some folks sitting amongst the driftwood that lines the upper beach. The last photo shows the people playing with their dog in the surf.

Man running with his dog on Fort Point beach.jpg (48726 bytes)People and dog amongst the driftwood.jpg (91820 bytes)People on Fort Point beach.jpg (43263 bytes)

Port, beach, and sweet peas.jpg (88857 bytes)Norma and I are going to Brookings today to install signs on her new Chetco River listing. The weather today is beautiful so we should have some great pics to publish on our site. Watch for them in the upcoming week. Don't forget, if we get 100,000 hits this month I'll put-on an extra Oregon Postcards page with new pics and tunes. We're only at 60,000 hits so far, so if you want another page you better get busy and tell your friends. Here's an extra pic for encouragement. It shows the Port and beach featured above with Wild Sweet Peas growing in the foreground.

Backhoe with Humbug in the background.jpg (90140 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 07-22-2000. Sunny and clear. There was no update Saturday because I was working on a project with our backhoe and had gravel deliveries at 8:00 AM and throughout the day. Sorry, did anyone miss it? Here's a photo of our backhoe taken on another project. It shows our equipment with Humbug Mountain, Sisters, and Nesika Beach in the background.

Seagulls with Redfish rocks in the background.jpg (49826 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 07-21-2000. Overcast skies this morning. I still couldn't make it out to Cape Blanco yesterday, the point was fogged-in most of the day. But I did make it out to Hubbards Creek Beach (located about a half mile south of Port Orford) last night. The town and west coastline (Agate Beach, Paradise Beach, and Cape Blanco) was foggy and windy, but Hubbards Creek beach is tucked behind the Port Orford Heads and several large seastacks so it was sunny and warm with just light wind. The photo above shows some seagulls at Hubbards Creek beach with Red Fish Rocks in the background.

Family enjoying some warm weather at Hubbard Creek beach.jpg (78274 bytes)One of the nice things about living in Port Orford is that you can usually find a nice place to escape poor weather. Our topography consist of headlands, coves, and large tree covered coastal mountains with good exposure to all directions. If Paradise Point beach is foggy with wind coming from the northwest, than Battle Rock or Hubbards Creek beach is the place to be. If the wind is coming from the southwest than Agate beach or the north side of Cape Blanco is where we visit. If the Kids playing at the Hubbard Creek outflow.jpg (77277 bytes)entire coastline is foggy, than we travel up the Elk River where it's usually sunny and warm with very light wind. The photos on the left, right, and below show a family playing in the Hubbards Creek outflow. These pics were shot late yesterday afternoon (after 7:30 PM), nobody looks very cold in these shots even though the town and north coast was cold and foggy. The little girl was so warm than she didn't even have clothes on. I painted a purple suit bottom on her so I could post the above shot. The first two photos below are more action shots with the kids playing in Hubbards Creek. The last picture shows them playing on a bluff above the beach.

Brother and sister playing at Hubbard Creek outflow.jpg (71958 bytes)Kids playing with seagulls in the foreground.jpg (48364 bytes)Kids playing on the Hubbard Creek beach bluff.jpg (83630 bytes)

Hubbards Creek outflow with Humbug Mountain in the background.jpg (58362 bytes)Tomorrow's update will feature more pics from my walk on Hubbards Creek Beach. I walked north towards Battle Rock Beach and shot several discs full of great photos like the one on the left. This image shows the Hubbards Creek outflow with Humbug Mountain in the background. Wild sweet pea flowers for our visitors.jpg (154097 bytes) This photo makes a nice desktop wallpaper for your computer. The blue sky is a good place for putting your icons. Click here for instructions.

Webmaster note ~ We had a good hit count yesterday. Thank you for replying to my yesterday request for help in promoting our site! As a special thank you, here an extra pic from last evening's walk on Hubbards Creek Beach, wild sweet pea flowers growing on the bluff above the beach.

Visitors from Canada 1.jpg (69553 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 07-20-2000. Foggy on the coast and clear and sunny inland this morning. We never made it to Cape Blanco again last night but I did take some nice shots of the action at Battle Rock Park yesterday morning. The weather was great, sunny and warm, so the park was crowded with visitors.

Pete and Connie getting ready for the road.jpg (71843 bytes)I met a couple from Canada that were on their return leg home from a visit to the California Redwoods. The said that they drove thru our town 24 years ago and couldn't drive by again without stopping and enjoying our beautiful park. I grabbed Dan's Mavica and shot this set of pics with promises to email them copies and feature them on our sites. Our first photo shows Pete and Connie (I think her name is Connie, Norma thought it was Louise) next to their Harley Davidson with part of Battle Rock and the Pacific Ocean in the background. Smiling Pete and Connie back on the saddle.jpg (66976 bytes)The photo on the right shows them getting ready to hit the road with Battle Rock Beach in the background. The picture on the left shows a smiling Pete and Connie right before returning to their journey. I had to lighten the portrait shots so their faces could be seen, therefore the background is a little washed out.

Norma and I used to own several antique Harleys ('46 Knuckle, '55 Panhead, '52 Flathead Meter Maid Trike, etc.) but had to sell most of them so we could afford to move to the Southern Oregon Coast several years ago. We still have a warm place in our heart for bikes and visitors like these bring back fond memories.

Pete and Connies scooter with Battle Rock Beach in the background.jpg (76911 bytes)Visitors from Canada 2.jpg (78171 bytes)Pete and Connies scooter with Humbug in the background.jpg (78170 bytes)

I took some other pics from Battle Rock Park yesterday morning too. The first photo shows a commercial trawler and sport boat anchored inside the Port Jetty. The middle photo has a dad teaching his son to surf. Our last photo shows several groups of people enjoying Battle Rock Beach. 

Boats inside the Jetty.jpg (61034 bytes)Dad teaching son to surf.jpg (77455 bytes)Groups on Battle Rock Beach.jpg (63537 bytes)

We keep hoping to visit Cape Blanco Beach but work keeps getting in the way. We're going to try for a Cape Blanco visit tonight so hopefully tomorrow's feature will have pics from this fantastic beach.

Webmaster notes ~ Have you tried our new and improved Oregon Postcards page yet? Let me know what you think about it. Your comments and suggestions spurred our last improvements.

Our site surpassed another web traffic milestone yesterday. We just passed the quarter million hit mark (250,865). Wow, thank you for returning regularly and telling your friends! The more hits we get, the harder I work on improving our site. Every day I spend several hours designing and publishing our pages and photos. We receive no outside advertiser support so your participation is our only reward! Do your friends and me a favor, send them some Free Oregon Postcards and tell them about us. Soon they will save iLoveOregon too.

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