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Pics of the Day for July 26 and 27 ~ Trip to Brookings

Rainbow Rock Beach in portrait format.jpg (32599 bytes)Pic of the Day  Click on images to enlarge
Thursday, 07-27-2000. Sunny and clear with light wind this morning. Yesterday's weather was especially nice, sunny with very light wind. The Port Orford Cove was so calm that it looked like a lake. We are finishing-up our trip to the Chetco River with a final stop at Rainbow Rock Beach just north of Brookings. This beach (like the majority of the beaches between Gold Beach and Brookings) is quite spectacular. Rainbow Rock.jpg (54968 bytes)There are several large seastacks that sit just offshore, large rocks that dot the shoreline, and a nice level beach that's easy to walk on. In addition the weather in Brookings is usually warmer than it's neighbors to the north. The photo on the left has Rainbow Rock Beach in portrait format. Rainbow Rock is pictured on the right.

The first photo in the set below shows a view of Rainbow Rock Beach as seen from the Highway 101 viewpoint, a lady in reflection strolling the surfline, and some seastacks located just offshore.

Rainbow Rock Beach 1.jpg (65445 bytes)Lady in reflection walking on Rainbow Rock Beach.jpg (54973 bytes)Seastacks off Rainbow Rock Beach.jpg (56195 bytes)

Our last set of photos starts with a wide angle view of Rainbow Rock Beach with Rainbow Rock at the upper right, then some folks playing with their dog on the beach, and finally a zoomed image of the south end of Rainbow Rock Beach.

Wide angle view of beach with Rainbow Rock on the right.jpg (65988 bytes)People and dog in the surf, Rainbow Rock Beach.jpg (68118 bytes)South end of Rainbow Rock Beach.jpg (73907 bytes)

Rainbow Rock Beach in wide angle portrait format.jpg (83088 bytes)This concludes our journey to the Chetco River. We will visit the Samuel H. Boardman State Park region again in the future. The parks in this area require a whole day for picture taking and visiting. Viewpoints line the highway in half to 1 mile increments and the beautiful parks and beaches pull you in and won't let you go without spending an hour plus at each location. Oregon is proud of their park system and it shows. The grounds and trails are constantly improved and meticulously maintained. The park service personnel are extremely friendly and appreciate their positions as stewards for the Southern Oregon Coast.

Roxie in the Elk River, 07-26-2000.jpg (95616 bytes)We took Roxie and Jerry to the Elk River yesterday afternoon. Putting her down was one of the hardest things we've had to do, but seeing her enjoy the things she loved best (swimming in the river and spending time with the family) made it somewhat easier to take. She grew up with our kids and was an important fixture in our family. Roxie was extremely sweet, gentle, and loving. Often we would see her laying on her bed with our kitty Cleo snuggled up on her belly. She had a huge heart and always wanted to accompany the family on outings even though she could hardly walk and would suffer terribly when returning home. We'll miss her more than I can possibly relate. The set of photos above and below are scenes from her yesterday visit to the Elk River.

Roxie, Norma, Jacob, and Jerry 07-26-2000.jpg (104137 bytes)Roxie doing what she like best.jpg (94668 bytes)Jacob and Roxie, 07-26-2000.jpg (113441 bytes)

ZDTV will be interviewing me at 4:00 today for a segment on their show. I'll keep you informed of air times.

South end Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (60727 bytes)Pic of the Day  Click on images to enlarge
Wednesday, 07-26-2000. Sunny with scattered clouds. Hey iLoveOregon regulars, we've got great news! I received an email from a producer at ZDTV, a 24 hour cable and satellite channel about computers and the Internet airing globally to 17 million viewers. This station is owned by the Ziff Davis Group, publishers of several excellent computer and Internet magazines like Yahoo! Internet Life. They want to interview me for a short feature about our site! They will edit the interview, include pics from our website, then show it on their television program. Groovy! 

I also received a nice message from Weststar, the producers for several popular websites and The Kim Komado Show, the most listened to radio show about computers and the Internet. They reviewed our site and are considering us for inclusion on their cool sites page. Thanks Kim Komando Show! 

Roxie_at_Cape_Blanco.jpg (31961 bytes)These contacts are coming at a good time, we can sure use some cheering-up. Today is our 12 year old Roxie's last day with us. Her health has been deteriorating rapidly and she is scheduled for euthanasia at 5:00 PM. Roxie is so sweet and we'll miss her greatly. She's been a member of our family since a puppy and this is hurting us deeply. We will be closing the office at noon so we can take her to several of Roxie and Jerry in the Elk River.jpg (66259 bytes)her favorite locations. First we'll take her to Battle Rock Park and then to the Elk River for a swim (if she can). Then we'll come home so she can have some steak and rice (her favorite dinner) and wait for our vet to arrive. We'll have a service for her, then lay her to rest next to her sister Scooter who passed away over a year ago. I'm glad that there's not a web cam here watching me blubber away while I try to type with tears streaming down my cheeks. This is going to be difficult for all of us, especially Norma. Roxie has always been her dog. The adjacent photos show Roxie at Cape Blanco Beach, and Jerry and Roxie playing in the Elk River.

Wide angle view of Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (74369 bytes)Now back to our trip to the Chetco River and our stop at Lone Ranch Beach. We dropped the car off at our favorite mechanic's shop, Precision Performance in Gold Beach, and drove south about 20 minutes to Lone Ranch Beach. The first photo at the top of today's update shows the south end of this beautiful beach. The pic on the left is a wide angle view of the park. 

There were several groups of people enjoying the beach. The first two photos below show some girls playing in the surf while their parents watch and enjoy, the last image is a zoomed view of some rocks on the south end framing a seastack in the distance.

Girls splashing in the surf - Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (63284 bytes)Seastacks off the coast at Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (57053 bytes)Seastach thru the rocks, Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (60108 bytes)

This next set of pictures feature a dad and his boys playing kite on the beach and a view shot of Lone Ranch Beach.

Boy helping dad with his kite, Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (65225 bytes)Kite fun at Lone Ranch Beach.jpg (59456 bytes)Lone Ranch Beach north of Brookings.jpg (65586 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will showcase Rainbow Rock Beach, just north of Brookings. I have some fantastic photos shot from the Highway 101 viewpoint. In addition, I might include pictures from our Elk River activities today. That depends on how our day goes, wish us strength and maybe say a prayer for our sweet Roxie.

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