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Monkey Rock, Hike on Hubbards Beach.jpg (52897 bytes)Pics of the Day for July 28, 29 ~ Hubbards Creek Beach

Saturday, 07-29-2000 ~ Sunny and warm again this morning. Today's update will have to be quick, we're scheduled to look at a new listing in Cedar Terrace at 10:00 AM. We finish up our hike on Hubbards Creek Beach today with some photos taken from the south side of the Battle Rock Beach seastacks and near the north end of Hubbards Creek Beach. The photo on the right is Monkey Rock, photos below show two of the seastacks at Red Fish Rocks, and Monkey Rock again in landscape format.

Seastack with rocks off humbug in the background.jpg (68510 bytes)Seastack off Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (66822 bytes)Monkey Rock in landscape format.jpg (63845 bytes)

Our next set of pictures showcase how the sand and beach patterns can dramatically alter the look of similar images. The first pic was shot near the surfline looking back at Hubbards Creek Beach with the colors of the hillsides reflecting on the undulating shoreline, next is Humbug Mountain casting it's reflection upon the sand, and our last pic features some interesting sand patterns with Hubbards Creek Beach in the background.

Reflections on the undulating sands at Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (70314 bytes)Humbug reflecting on undulating sand.jpg (51141 bytes)Patterns in the sand - Hike on Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (52306 bytes)

Our last set of photos show a dramatic shot of beach walkers with the Siskiyou Coast Range in the background, a friendly gull with some unusual plumage, and finally some golden bluffs reflecting on the sand at Hubbards Creek Beach.

Beach walkers with Siskiyou Coast range in background at Hubbards Beach.jpg (71727 bytes)Gull at Hubbards Beach.jpg (60019 bytes)Golden bluffs reflecting in the sand at Hubbards Beach.jpg (62526 bytes)

Wide angle beach south of Face Rock.jpg (71266 bytes)This concludes are Hike on Hubbards Creek Beach. Tomorrow's feature will include some excellent photos from our last night visit to Bandon. We stopped at the Face Rock Beach overlook and the Bandon Jetty with the Coquille River Lighthouse just over the river. Here's a preview of what's on tap for tomorrow, a photo of the beach south of Face Rock as seen from Face Rock Park (and this photo isn't even one of our best pics, I'm saving them for our feature).

Cape Blanco Beach 07-25-2000.jpg (69939 bytes)Friday, 07-28-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds and light winds. Today we continue with our visit to Hubbard's Creek Beach. I started this feature last week but was sidetracked by daily events. After all this is a daily update about life here on the Siskiyou Coast and sometimes events (new happenings and life changes) overtake your plans. For example we've been trying to get to Cape Blanco Beach for fun and pictures for over a week but the weather and work obligations kept overtaking our plans. We finally made it out there last TuesdayNorma and Jacob walking on Cape Blanco beach.jpg (60966 bytes) evening. Now I have all these great pictures (like the ones adjacent to this paragraph) but will have to wait until another day for publication because I promised a continuation of our Hubbards Creek story. Click here to visit last week's feature about Hubbards Creek Beach

Looking back at Hubbards Creek Beach from Battle Rock Beach.jpg (70162 bytes)We left our Hubbards Creek feature with me working my way towards Battle Rock Beach (her neighbor to the north). I walked along the surfline and turned back towards Hubbards Creek Beach and shot the photo on the left. If you open the photo you'll see at the middle left the kids playing from last week's story). The set of photos below were shot from this location and show a seagull coming in for landing, trees and cliffs reflecting in the sand, and some gulls relaxing on the beach.

Seagull coming in for landing Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (57003 bytes)Zoomed image looking back at Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (63089 bytes)Seagulls at the north end of Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (76105 bytes)

Wide angle view looking back at Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (42166 bytes)People walking the south end of Battle Rock Beach.jpg (61488 bytes)Humbug Mountain with waves breaking in the foreground.jpg (54728 bytes)

We'll try to continue our walk on Hubbards Creek Beach tomorrow (depends on what happens today). I'll intermix some preview photos from tomorrow's feature while you read the update below.Cliffs along south end Battle Rock Beach.jpg (70480 bytes) The first image shows the cliffs at the south end of Battle Rock Beach, then a seastack located off the shoreline, and finally a view of Humbug Mountain with Monkey Rock on the right and an undulating and reflecting shoreline in the foreground.

Yesterday Kim (a producer for ZDTV) interviewed me by phone for our upcoming feature on their ZDTV's Internet Tonight show. They will intermix voice segments from our interview with some pics from our pages, Thank you ZDTVThe Kim Komando Show is also considering us for inclusion on their Cool Sites list. Super Cool!

Seastack off south end Battle Rock Beach.jpg (67888 bytes)These friendly producers interact with their viewers, listeners, and site visitors and appreciate hearing about your favorite websites. Tell them you saw us at iLoveOregon.com, our favorite webname (everyone loves this domain name)!

Monkey Rock on the right and Humbug in the distance.jpg (50771 bytes)iLoveOregon.com was our first website, and the name is easy to remember and is universally loved by all who hear it (especially producers and Internet publishers). Visit their websites and give them an email with your thoughts about iLoveOregon.com, maybe they'll use them in upcoming features. We've received hundreds of beautiful emails from you stating your feelings about or site. Tell them too, they love to hear from their viewers and we always appreciate a plug. More visitors means more site improvements. It pushes us in our effort to be the premier Southern Oregon Coast website for pictures, information, and fun stuff.

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