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Pics of the Day for July 30 - August 1 ~ Fort Point Beach

Kayaker with trawler and jetty in the background.jpg (78950 bytes)Tuesday, 08-01-2000 ~ Sunny and windy again with clear skies. Our update is late today because I opened up Norma's office and didn't get a chance to get online until after 6:30 PM. I probably would've just skipped today but I missed Sunday's update and promised our regular visitors that I would try to not miss a day for awhile. So better late than never. Kayaker with Port in the background.jpg (58609 bytes)We continue today with our Sunday visit to Fort Point Beach. I took Jerry down to the beach to let him burn off some energy while I took photos of the activities. Our first photo has a fellow in a kayak with a commercial trawler and Port jetty in the background. The picture on the right shows the same kayak with the Port of Port Orford behind him.

The set of pics below starts with the Port and bluff reflecting in the sand, and some boats anchored in the harbor.

Port with Bluff in reflection.jpg (46314 bytes)2 boats anchored in the harbor.jpg (71104 bytes)Aluminum boat anchored in the harbor.jpg (68758 bytes)

After visiting Fort Point Beach we moved to the Port of Port Orford Sport hoist in portrait 07-30-2000.jpg (56036 bytes) to examine progress in the reconstruction project. The project looks nearly complete now that the asphalt is covering the surfaces. All the utilities appear to be in and soon storefronts and buyer shacks will be constructed. The Port walls have all their bumpers installed and the equipment and pots hoist is operable.

The image on the left shows the sport hoist with a man standing underneath to give it scale. The set of photos below are scenes from the Port of Port Orford. The first one has a crab boat loaded with crab traps getting ready to offload with the smaller equipment hoist, the middle photo is a view of the port as seen from the southwest corner. I turned to the west and shot this last pic showing the view looking towards the Port Orford headland. Several times in the past I've seen several whales in this cove. Some were quite close (within 100'). Unfortunately I didn't see any this day.

Crab boat with pots 07-30-2000.jpg (73677 bytes)Looking back at the Port from the southwest corner.jpg (57147 bytes)Looking west at the headland from the port.jpg (64857 bytes)

The photos below feature local commercial fishing boats parked at the port. The white small lighthouse looking structures are power stations for the boat. I understand that they will be charged a $150 a month fee for parking and hoisting privileges. It looks like the contractors have yet to finish their final layer of asphalt, the drain channels are still elevated above the surfacing.

Boat 1.jpg (57058 bytes)Boat 2.jpg (68720 bytes)Boats parked on their new pads.jpg (58235 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll have pics showing a boat being lifted with our new commercial

Humbug in reflection 07-31-2000.jpg (54916 bytes)Norma, Jerry, and I visited Hubbards Creek Beach last night and took several great pics that we'll post on our site soon. We also saw some whales about a quarter mile off shore. Here's a teaser pic from yesterday evening's walk on Hubbards Creek Beach. The photo shows Rocky Point and her reflection with Humbug Mountain looming behind her. 

After tomorrow's update we'll visit Face Rock Beach and the Coquille River Lighthouse. Then we'll have a feature from Cape Blanco Beach unless something exciting happens and throws off our schedule (which will probably happen). 

Jerry and the Kiyaker on Fort Point Beach.jpg (82007 bytes)Monday, 07-31-2000 ~ Sunny and windy with clear skies. Today's feature will be extra long to make up for missing yesterday's update. Our Face Rock feature is postponed so we can put fresh photos from yesterday's activities. Jerry Lee and I went out snapping new pics yesterday morning for Norma's property listings. It wasn't all work though, we stopped at the 5th Street Overlook, Fort Point Beach, and the new Port of Port Orford. Our first photo has Jerry Lee greeting a kayaker on Fort Point Beach with some rip-rap from the Port in the background.

Fort Point Beach and Port.jpg (72608 bytes)The set of images on the left and below were shot from the 5th Street Overlook, adjacent to the Castaway Hotel. This location is great for shooting panoramic photos of the Port Orford Cove, Fort Point Beach, and the newly reconstructed Port of Port Orford. The adjacent picture is a wide angle view of the Port and beach. The photos below show the Port with it's new asphalt surfacing, a full shot of the reconstructed part of the Port facilities, and a slightly zoomed image of the Port with the Pacific Ocean falling off into the horizon. The old wooden piers and decking was removed and replaced with this steel panel and fill structure.

Port as viewed from the Castaway.jpg (75898 bytes)Port of Port Orford 07-30-2000.jpg (72078 bytes)Port with ocean to the horizon 07-30-2000.jpg (73305 bytes)

Zoomed view of boats in their new stalls.jpg (90565 bytes)The next set of images are zoomed views of the Port activities. The photo on the right has some commercial trawlers parked in their new stalls with the floating dock walkway in the foreground. Their new stalls come equipped with power, water, and tie-downs. The set of pictures below show the new floating dock and walkway (currently tied up high for adjustments), a couple of boats anchored behind the jetty, and a group of commercial trawlers with the fish processing buildings in the foreground.

New floating dock and walkway 07-30-2000.jpg (99163 bytes)Boat at anchor behind jetty 07-30-2000.jpg (89998 bytes)Boats parked by processing plants.jpg (97071 bytes)

Tomorrow we stop at the beach located to the west of Fort Point and east of the Port. Sport hoist as viewed from Fort Point Beach 07-30-2000.jpg (57736 bytes)This beach is pictured in the wide angle views in our previous photos. I shot several nice images looking back at the port and some of a fellow in a kayak (pictured above with Jerry). I snapped several photos of him paddling his kayak with different scenes in the background. The photo on the left shows the sport hoist and floating dock as viewed from Fort Point Beach.

Here's a bonus set of wild animal pics that I took yesterday while visiting the different property listings. The first is a chipmunk on a bleached-out firewood pile, the next is a 4 point buck with his antlers still in velvet, and finally the same buck taking one last look before darting off and over the hill.

Chipmunk 07-30-2000.jpg (89852 bytes)Buck in the grass 07-30-2000.jpg (128321 bytes)Buck taking one last look.jpg (82610 bytes)

Here's another extra set of pics to make up for missing yesterday's feature. The first photo is a view looking north at Highway 101 and the town from Norma's 7+ Acre Commercial listing located just north of the Castaway Hotel, next photo is the Castaway Hotel as viewed from our yesterday walk on Fort Point Beach (today's photos of the Port were shot from the gravel part to the right of the hotel), and finally a shot of a pond and cute dog on some local property.

Looking north at Highway 101 from 7 acre commercial listing.jpg (86214 bytes)Castaway Hotel as viewed from Fort Point Beach.jpg (92493 bytes)Hogards_Dog_by_pond_2.jpg (110518 bytes)

Tomorrow, great pics from Fort Point Beach and the Port of Port Orford! 

Jerry on Fort Point Beach with the Port in the background.jpg (56229 bytes)Sunday, 07-30-2000 ~ Sunny and windy with scattered clouds. No update today. Jerry and I were out snapping pics for upcoming features and new property listings! I apologize to our regular visitors who look forward to our daily updates. These Pic of the Day features with their stories and photos, site updates, and added pages, take several hours each morning. I was called away and never found time during our busy day. Sorry!

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