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Past Pic of the Day's June 2 - 6

Coquille River Lighthouse, 06-05-2000.jpg (26498 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 06-06-2000. Light rain this morning and last night. Today's Pics of the Day are from yesterday's stopover in Bandon on our way home from visiting Coos Bay. Our first image is the Coquille River Lighthouse. We shot this picture from Bullards Beach State Park.

Norma on driftwood stumps, Bullards Beach.jpg (36047 bytes)After I snapped the picture above I turned around to see Norma sitting on some driftwood stumps that had washed ashore during a strong storm. Our Cape Blanco beach used to be covered with stumps like these until the driftwood thieves made off with them all. They are currently selling the stumps at a roadside market south of Bandon, but now they're cut into lumber or fashioned into benches.

Coquille River Bridge, 06-05-2000.jpg (29627 bytes)I took our next pic of the Highway 101 Coquille River Bridge from the roadway in Bullards Beach State Park that leads to the lighthouse and beach. The entrance to the park is just north of the bridge (north is left in this picture). There is a free public boat launching area just east of where I shot this image and pictured on the left side portion of this photo (where the pilings are located).

Busy days at Battle Rock Park.jpg (38544 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 06-05-2000. More fog again this morning. Yesterday's weather turned out to be pretty nice, scattered clouds with light wind. Our Pics of the Day feature shots from Battle Rock Park. You can tell it's getting close to summer by the amount of traffic visiting Battle Rock Park. The RV'ers are making their annual trek up the Oregon Coast and of course Battle Rock Park ranks high on the must visit list.

Visitors at Historic Battle Rock.jpg (34048 bytes)The parking lot starts filling up in the morning and stays busy till almost 4 or 5:00 PM daily. It's fun to look out of Norma's office and watch the Battle Rock Park visitors. The jump out of their vehicles with camera in hand and a smile from ear to ear. The kids all want to climb Historic Battle Rock and grab a cone from Bonnie's Ice Cream Shoppe.

Port Orford cove, shot 2 miles south of Port Orford.jpg (34965 bytes)Highway 101 runs mainly inland from Florence till Port Orford. You can see glimpses of the ocean but there is no real beach stop along the highway until hitting Battle Rock Park. The highway follows the coastline until Brookings then your inland again until Crescent City. The photo on the left was shot at the Port Orford cove overlook just south of town. The Port Orford headland is pictured in the background.

Jerry on Battle Rock Beach, 06-01-2000.jpg (21092 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 06-04-2000. Foggy again this morning with an afternoon burn-off looking likely. Our Pics of the Day feature more photos from my Thursday afternoon with Dan Hill's Mavica. 

Battle Rock Beach, 06-01-2000.jpg (27670 bytes)I shot the pic above at low tide near Historic Battle Rock looking south/east towards Battle Rock Beach. We have several Kodak shots like this one with Jerry in the reflections but none are quite as clear and rich as this one.

Jerry having fun with seagulls.jpg (20687 bytes)I shot this photo of kids playing in the sand at Battle Rock Beach from Norma's office at Battle Rock Park.

Our last picture shows Jerry having fun with some seagulls. If you look closely you'll see several in flight. There used to be a pier running from Hubbard's Creek out to Mill Rock (the sea-stacks in the background). Their tops were leveled during construction in the late 1880's.

Seagulls on Battle Rock beach, 06-01-2000.jpg (29512 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 06-03-2000. Foggy this morning. Our photos are from a collection I shot Thursday with Dan Hill's Sony Mavica. This camera is super cool! It has a 14X Zoom lenses so I can get right there in the action. His camera gives a better feel for what it's really like here; the mountains are more majestic, the beaches wider, the sea-stacks taller, and the colors richer.

Beachcombers on Battle Rock, 06-01-2000.jpg (37776 bytes)These images were shot on Battle Rock beach. The photo above shows some seagulls congregating on the beach with Monkey Rock in the background. The pic on the right was shot next to Battle Rock looking south/east towards a mom and her kids enjoying a walk on the beach. They just disturbed a flock of seagulls that can be seen if you look carefully.

Seagulls in flight, 06-01-2000.jpg (32319 bytes)Our last picture was shot from the same location as the one right above. In this photo a different group of seagulls is just taking flight while the flock in the picture above are still along the surf.

Thank you Dan and Mary Lou Hill for letting us use your new digital camera. It sure puts our Kodak DC210 images to shame!

View from bluff, Face Rock Park, Bandon.jpg (24831 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 06-02-2000. Sunny with scattered clouds this morning. Our Pics of the Day feature more images from my trip to Bandon. Our first picture was shot from the bluff that overlooks Face Rock Beach looking south towards Port Orford. 

View looking North from Face Rock Park.jpg (22293 bytes)Our next pic was snapped from the same location but looking North towards the Jetty and Coquille River. The lighter sand areas on the left are sand clouds rolling along the beach.

The Bandon Port with the east end of Old Town in the background.jpg (34392 bytes)The photo on the left was shot at the Port of Bandon with the east end of Old Town in the background. Bandon prides itself on it's Port facilities and it shows. The Port is attractive with newer docks and walkways everywhere. Bandon is one of our favorite spots along the Southern Oregon Coast to visit and spend a day.

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