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June 21-July 2 ~ Bandon and Coos Bay town pics

Monday, 07-02-2001 ~ Clear and sunny this morning. I checked the extended weather forecast and it looks good for the upcoming 4th of July Jubilee Days Celebration. Below are a couple of links Jubilee visitors might like.

bandon00037.jpg (92515 bytes)Wednesday, 06-27-2001 ~ Heavy storm winds from the south this morning. We continue today with my May 16th Bandon/Coos Bay trip, first some Old Town Bandon pics.

bandon00053.jpg (78928 bytes)I walked from Weber's Pier to the Coquille River Boat Basin and shot this first set of images showing some commercial businesses located along this strip (north end of Old Town). The photo on the left and first one below features the Port-O-Call. The Port-O-Call sells colorful wind catchers, fishing supplies, and tourist gifts. They also rent crab rings on an hourly basis. The middle photo below shows the Old Town Mall. Located inside are several shops and a restaurant/bar. The last image views the Canoe shop and Bistro located adjacent to the boat basin (photo above right).

bandon00035.jpg (75682 bytes)bandon00038.jpg (53085 bytes)bandon00042.jpg (62725 bytes)

The pictures below are scenes from the Coquille River Boat Basin.

bandon00044.jpg (72031 bytes)bandon00047.jpg (95481 bytes)bandon00052.jpg (82074 bytes)

Our next stop is at the Oregon State Forest Service's Coos Bay headquarters. This property is located on a hill at the south end of Coos Bay. The first two images show some forest service office buildings. The last photo features a cute boxer that greeted me as I roamed the grounds.

cb00065.jpg (66269 bytes)cb00058.jpg (74004 bytes)cb00063.jpg (109440 bytes)

I shot the first two photos below from the forest service property. First is a view looking southwest at Coos Bay. The middle image shows the view looking east at a saw mill located on the Coos River. I moved to a spot just below the forest service property and took the last wide angle pic of downtown Coos Bay.

cb00064.jpg (79723 bytes)cb00061.jpg (83681 bytes)cb00068.jpg (102936 bytes)

Below are more views of downtown Coos Bay from different zoom settings. The last photo shows the Coos Bay Boardwalk, click here to see a past pics feature from the Coos Bay Boardwalk.

cb00071.jpg (93901 bytes)cb00070.jpg (71368 bytes)cb00072.jpg (63236 bytes)

Next stop is at the Mill Casino, located near the Coos Bay/North Bend border. You can see the Mill Casino in the middle image above. The first photo below is a view shot looking south (my previous view pics were shot from the hill seen in the left hand portion of this photo). The last two images are west to east, wide angle views of the Coos River.

cb00074.jpg (67072 bytes)cb00076.jpg (71204 bytes)cb00077.jpg (67565 bytes)

On the way home I took this last set of pics from Bandon's Bullards Beach State Park. The first two photos show the Coquille River/Highway 101 Bridge. Last is a Bullards Beach shot looking south with Bandon in the distance.

Dsc00429.jpg (46881 bytes)Dsc00430.jpg (67268 bytes)Dsc00433.jpg (66604 bytes)

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bandon00013.jpg (82627 bytes)Thursday, 06-21-2001 ~ Sunny and clear this morning. Today we finally get to the pics from my May 16th visit to Bandon and Coos Bay that I keep saying I'm going to post. We concentrate on Bandon's Weber's Pier in this update. Weber's Pier is located on the northwestern end of Old Town. A free, paved boat launch is available here for crafts wanting to cruise on the Coquille River or cross the bar for Ocean access. The newly constructed pier is often used by smelt and crab fishermen. The photos below were shot from the southwest end of the facility.

bandon00011.jpg (69992 bytes)bandon00008.jpg (80265 bytes)bandon00005.jpg (85402 bytes)

The pics below start with a family walking the plank down to the pier with the Coquille River in the background. Next is a view of the family preparing their crab basket with the Moore Mill building in the background. I walked out to the west end of the pier and took this last image of a seagull taking flight.

bandon00010.jpg (75992 bytes)bandon00015.jpg (86155 bytes)bandon00023.jpg (75962 bytes)

The set of pictures below were shot from the west end of the pier looking across the Coquille River to Bullards Beach State Park property. The photos are wide angle views looking northwest to northeast.

bandon00020.jpg (67058 bytes)bandon00021.jpg (67061 bytes)bandon00022.jpg (67761 bytes)

Below are views from the pier looking west to the mouth of the Coquille River.

bandon00016.jpg (59011 bytes)bandon00019.jpg (51938 bytes)bandon00018.jpg (37814 bytes)

The first photo below is a view looking south towards Old Town. The lattice crane in this picture was there to pound new pilings. The middle image is a view looking east at the soon to be demolished Moore Mill building. I zoomed-in across the river and took this image of the Coquille River Bridge, barely visible thru the haze.

bandon00024.jpg (87733 bytes)bandon00025.jpg (85004 bytes)bandon00026.jpg (48256 bytes)

This next set of pics was shot just west of the pier's entrance.

bandon00030.jpg (92969 bytes)bandon00033.jpg (50818 bytes)

In our next update we'll visit Old Town Bandon, the Coquille River Boat Basin, Coos Bay (biggest city on the Oregon Coast), and end with a walk on Bandon's Bullards Beach.

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