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Hubbards Beach, Paradise Point, Agate Beach, Battle Rock Park

Welcome to Port Orford-Oregon.jpg (45405 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 06-26-2000. Beautiful weather again today! To our morning visitors I apologize for publicizing late, I had to run to Gold Beach this morning but I stopped by Hubbards Creek Beach on my way Jerry drinking from Hubbards Creek with Humbug in the background.jpg (25320 bytes)home and took some great pics!

I know that I promised we'd have pictures and stories from yesterday's trip to Brookings, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Today you'll visit Hubbards Creek Beach with me and Jerry Lee!

Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (21526 bytes)We arrived at the beach at 12:00 noon. The parking area for accessing Hubbards Creek Beach is just south of our new Welcome to Port Orford sign (pictured above). Hubbards Creek is a popular surfing spot, so this turnout is often crowded at high tide with their vehicles. No surfers today so Jerry and I had the area for Zoomed view of the Port from Hubbards Creek Beach.jpg (30720 bytes)ourselves until some visitors from Nevada showed up to soak in some sun. 

The views at Hubbards Creek Beach are quite spectacular. The Port of Port Orford and Headland is right across the cove. The photo on the left is a zoomed image of the Port with Coast Guard Hill in Monkey Rock with Coast Guard Hill in the background.jpg (34481 bytes)the background.

Battle Rock Beach and her seastacks is it's neighbor to the north and to the south sits the towering Humbug Mountain. Redfish Rocks and Mill People on Hubbards Creek Beach with Mill Rock in the background.jpg (30517 bytes)Rock sit offshore to the west and the magnificent Siskiyou Coast Range is her neighbor to the east.

The photo above shows Monkey Rock with Coast Guard Hill in the background and some Seagulls in the foreground.

The photo on the left shows the couple from Nevada enjoying Hubbards Creek Beach with Mill Rock in the background. 

Looking south to Agate Beach from Paradise Point.jpg (32373 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 06-25-2000. Beautiful weather again this morning. Our Pic of the Day will have to be quick this morning because we're heading south to Brookings to look at some property Norma's going to be listing soon on the Chetco River. 

Agate Beach.jpg (23585 bytes)Today's pics feature shots of Agate Beach and Paradise Point. These beaches face due west and run between the Heads to the south and Cape Blanco beach to the north. The photo above shows the view to Agate Beach from the Paradise Point parking area. The picture on the left is a complete view of Agate Beach with the North Heads in the background.

The large rock marks the end of Agate Beach.jpg (23144 bytes)Agate Beach is adjacent to Lake Garrison and accessible by traveling west on 12th Street till you end up at the Agate Beach Trailer Park. Parking is provided and there is a 50 cents per person charge to use their beach access path. Zoomed image of the north Heads.jpg (20647 bytes)Agate hunting is excellent during the late fall and winter months. The photo on the right shows some seagulls congregating on the large rock that marks the south end of Agate Beach. The photo on the left is a zoomed image of the north Heads where some photos were shot during my Hike on the Heads story.

Sunset from Paradise Point.jpg (24332 bytes)Paradise Point Road is located north of town just over the Highway 101/Lake Garrison bridge. Follow the road all the way to the end and you end up at Paradise Point State Park. The parking area at Paradise Point is an excellent place to park and watch the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. There is easy free beach access too. The photo on the right was shot at Paradise Point and shows the sun preparing to set over the Pacific Ocean with the Port Orford Reef in the foreground.

Tomorrow, pics from our trip to Brookings and the Chetco River!

Photographers at Battle Rock Park.jpg (33519 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 06-24-2000. Sunny and clear this morning. Our Pics of the Day feature Battle Rock Beach images taken from outside Norma's office at Battle Rock Park. Battle Rock Beach could be one of the prettiest and most photographed locations along the Oregon Coast. People enjoying a beautiful day on Battle Rock Beach.jpg (37579 bytes)The weathered seastacks, tree covered mountains, and clean uncrowded beaches offer a photo backdrop that's truly unique. Often we'll thumb through magazines and recognize photographs featuring our magnificent beach. 

Our first image shows Battle Rock Park with The next set of images show beach walkers enjoying a relaxed stroll along the surf line. It's fun to sit on a bench at the park and watch people enjoying a beach that we are fortunate enough to visit or see daily.

Battle Rock beach from outside Norma's office.jpg (28126 bytes)Kids running along Battle Rock beach.jpg (21924 bytes)Giant seastacks at Battle Rock Beach.jpg (36846 bytes)

Our last photos illustrates how much different Battle Rock Beach will look from day to day or even hour to hour. Some play, some watch, some just enjoy.jpg (35725 bytes)The sunlight, clouds, and ocean tides create a constantly changing image. The photos above were shot in the late afternoon with a medium tide. The images adjacent to this paragraph were shot in the morning during a low tide. The ocean has a different coloring, the seastacks are in shadow, and the beach looks completely changed with the shoreline rocks now exposed by the receding tide. In the photo above a group of kids and adults are examining Battle Rock beach on a morning low tide.jpg (22670 bytes)some remnants from a past shipwreck that is sometimes visible during low tides. The picture on the right shows Battle Rock Beach in a wide angle view for comparison with the photos above. If you look closely you'll see a kite flying with the Siskiyou Coast Range in background. 

Tomorrow pics of Paradise Point and Agate Beach.

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