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Bullards Beach, Coquille River Lighthouse, Paradise Terrace

Coquille River Lighthouse and sign.jpg (33954 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 06-12-2000. Showers this morning and last night. Our Pics of the Day feature more shots from our June 5th visit to Bullards Beach in Bandon. Our first picture shows the Coquille River Lighthouse and informational sign. You can also see a Seagull flying above the Lighthouse if you look closely.

Coquille River Lighthouse in landscape format for desktop wallpaper.jpg (24503 bytes)Our next image shows the Lighthouse in a landscape format so our lighthouse lovers can use it as their desktop wallpaper. We noticed earlier in the day that tours were being conducted with visitors allowed access to the upper portions of the tower and lenses housing. 

Shore Pine with Coquille River Bridge in the background.jpg (30984 bytes)I posted this last picture mainly because I think it looks cool and has a certain flair with the squat Shore Pine in the foreground, the Coquille River Bridge in the background, and the cloud formations above.

All these pictures originate from Bullards Beach State Park. The park entrance is about 3 miles north of Bandon on Highway 101 and just over the Coquille River Bridge shown in the photo above.

Norma at Paradise Point with bluff in background.jpg (33219 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 06-11-2000. Heavy cloud cover this morning. Our Pics of the Day feature shots from our visit to Paradise Point yesterday. We arrived at the beach at about 7:00 PM. The wind was calm, skies partly cloudy, and the ocean was roaring. 

Jerry at Paradise Point with the Heads in the distance.jpg (27920 bytes)Our first picture shows Norma enjoying the scenery with the Paradise Point bluff in the background. These sand and gravel bluffs are approximately 30' in height. Jerry likes to run up to the top of the bluff and slide back down on his haunches. Sunset at Paradise Point, 06-10-2000.jpg (24672 bytes)This picture shows Jerry on Paradise Point beach with the Port Orford Heads in the background.

The cloud patterns were quite spectacular, especially when the sun was setting and casting it's rays thru the clouds. We snapped several pics but none really give a true impression of what it was like, but this one gives you a general idea how beautiful our evening was. I shot this image of the Port Orford Reef from just above the surf.

Yellow Iris, submitted by Dan Hill.jpg (59106 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 06-10-2000. Overcast but dry this morning. We had rain most of the day yesterday. Our Pics of the Day were submitted by Dan Hill and feature flower shots from around his home.

Our first picture shows a yellow Iris in bloom. Rhodies starting to bloom, Dan Hill.jpg (45180 bytes)The Irises are usually one of the first flowers to emerge after our rainy winters and are a sign that warmer and drier days are here.

Dan's next image shows one of our native Rhododendrons starting to bloom. You can usually see these wild flowers lining our highways and local driveways with some reaching 30' in height. The Rhodie's bloom is a short-lived one but always spectacular with their bright pink clusters contrasting with the various shades of green from the fir, spruce, and cedar trees.

Sunset from Paradise Terrace.jpg (21661 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 06-09-2000. Light drizzles this morning. Yesterday's weather changed for the better with light wind and scattered clouds. Today's Pics of the Day were shot at sunset from the top of the new Paradise Terrace Subdivision. 

Cape Blanco at Sunset from Paradise Terrace.jpg (20788 bytes)Our first picture shows the sun setting behind the clouds on the horizon. The weather was perfect, warm with very light wind. The Pacific Ocean looked like a giant lake with the water being so calm. 

Norma snapped our next picture exactly when the Cape Blanco Lighthouse beacon was illuminating the hillside. The light is so powerful that when the sun sets you can see the light reflecting off the walls when inside a dark hillside home. Click on the thumbnail for a better view of the beacon.

Garrison Lake from Paradise Terrace.jpg (31331 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 06-08-2000. Cloudy this morning, but dry for now. Our Pics of the Day feature views of Port Orford shot from the new Paradise Terrace subdivision. 

View from  Phase 1, Paradise Terrace.jpg (28351 bytes)Paradise Terrace is a 50 Acre Ocean and Cape Blanco view parcel located in the city limits and on a hill just above town. Our first picture shows the view of Garrison Lake (our freshwater coastal lake) and the Pacific Ocean just over the sand dune. This picture was shot from the upper level of their hill.

Parradise Terrace is ready for reservations.jpg (30438 bytes)Our second pic is a wide angle view shot from the lower Phase 1 portion of their project. The roads are in and paved with city utilities stubbed-out for each lot. Phase 1 will contain 16 oversized lots with most sized between a half acre to one acre.

Paradise Terrace entrance.jpg (46166 bytes)The developers have carefully laid out the lots with consideration to topography and the panoramic views. In addition, most of the mature trees on each lot were left untouched!

This is what the Pacific Coast has been waiting for, a place to build or place a home without having to do all the extensive preparation work! Norma will soon be taking reservations on the Phase 1 portion of Paradise Terrace. Act fast so you can have first choice!

Coquille River and Lighthouse, 06-05-2000.jpg (30658 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 06-07-2000. Rain this morning and last night. Our Pics of the Day feature more shots from our Monday visit to Bandon. I snapped this picture from the South Jetty looking north towards the Coquille River, Lighthouse, and Bullards Beach.

Rock Hunting on Bullards Beach, 06-05-2000.jpg (27657 bytes)We visited Bullards Beach State Park later in the day and walked along the surf-line to hunt for rocks. Bullards Beach usually has quite a bit of Jasper and Petrified Wood. Norma found several nice chunks of each and a couple of fossils too. In this picture Norma just found a nice piece of Jasper with Bullards Beach in the background.

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