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Past Pic of the Day's May 15 - May 21

Setting the last hoisting arm, 05-20-2000.jpg (27284 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 05-21-2000. Clear skies with moderate winds from the northwest. Today's Pic of the Day was shot yesterday at the Port of Port Orford reconstruction project. I visited the construction site at 4:00 and snapped several dozen pictures to include on our site. This image shows a large lattice crane setting the last hoisting arm for our new port.

Wide angle view of the port project, 05-20-2000.jpg (27217 bytes)This picture is a wide angle view of the project. The 2 yellow hoists will eventually handle commercial and sport boat hoisting chores. Several of the foundations for the new storefronts are also in place with utility stub-outs installed. All of the fill is in place and the concrete parapet walls are formed and poured.

Port with Coast Guard Cutter.jpg (48410 bytes)Dan and Mary Lou Hill did it again! They sent us three more pictures to post on our site. The first one shows the Port with a Coast Guard Cutter in the cove. 

Dan wrote me the following messages about these pictures:

Coast Guard Cutter at Port Orford Port.jpg (30149 bytes)
The Coast Guard cutter picture I sent you is a 110 foot Patrol boat.  Used in fisheries, drug busts, Haitian and Cuban operations and other things.  It is a rough riding boat and has a crew of 15-18.
73,  Dan.

Second hoist arm in place.jpg (40659 bytes)Second hoist arm in place at 11:00 a.m., 20 May 2000.  73, Dan

Thanks for the fantastic pics Dan and Mary Lou! Dan's new to computers and digital imagining. His skills are progressing quite nicely as you can see. Keep up the good work!

Do you have an interesting Oregon Coast picture that you'd like to see on our Pic of the Day page? Just click here and attach you .jpg image for consideration.

Deer at the Hill home.jpg (51919 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 05-20-2000. Clear and sunny again today. Our Pic of the Day is another image submitted from Dan and Mary Lou Hill. They took a ride south to Gold Beach yesterday and shot several pictures along the way. Battle Rock Park from south of town.jpg (24772 bytes)When they returned home this deer was there to greet them.

At the beginning of their trip, Dan pulled off Highway 101 and snapped this picture of Battle Rock Park viewed from just south of town. Battle Rock viewed from the south.jpg (20476 bytes)He shot this image using his zoom option. 

This last photo is another from the same collection but viewed from a wider angle. In this image you can see part of Historic Battle Rock on the left, Battle Rock Park and beach in the center, and Monkey Rock on the far right. 

Thank you Dan and Mary Lou for sending us these great pictures! 

Enlarged_port_photo_05-18-2000.jpg (44550 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 05-19-2000.  Beautiful weather this morning! Today's Pic of the Day shows progress on the Port Orford Port reconstruction project. Dan Hill shot this picture of the hoisting towers (the 2 tall yellow pipe-like structures) after installation. The hoisting towers will eventually have hoisting arms installed on these supports. 

Setting_the_hoist_supports_05-18-2000.jpg (41765 bytes)Dan's second photo shows the same action but enlarged to show more detail. Hoisting chores for our local commercial fishing fleet is currently being handled by the red lattice crane seen at the left hand portion of the photo above. 

The corrugated steel side panels are finished and the back-fill is completed. Our new Port should be ready in time for Port Orford's Fourth of July Jubilee Days celebration. 

Happy Birthday Norma, 05-18-2000.jpg (20612 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 05-18-2000.  Happy Birthday Norma!
Clear and sunny again this morning. Today's Pic of the Day features our birthday girl Norma and her beach companion Jerry Lee enjoying one of her favorite spots, Battle Rock Park. I'm hoping to pull her away from the office this afternoon for a trip up the Elk River for some food, fun, and relaxation. 

Clear skies at Paradise Point.jpg (20789 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 05-17-2000. Clear and sunny this morning with more of the same expected thru the weekend. Today's Pic of the Day was shot at the Paradise Point parking area. Norma took this photo looking north towards Cape Blanco.
You can walk all the way to the Cape Blanco headland during the summer months when the Elk River water flow is low. Norma agate spotting, Battle Rock.jpg (37545 bytes)The Perch fishing is excellent at this time of year if you walk about 2 miles north of the parking area and fish the high tide.

Our second photo was shot at Battle Rock beach. In this image Norma is using her special technique for spotting agates. If you stay low and look towards the sun, the sunlight will shine thru the agates and appear as glowing stones. The sun needs to be low on the horizon for this trick to work. A low tide during the late afternoon is the perfect time for agate hunting.

Kass and Krasher with a stormy Siskiyou Coast range in the background.jpg (31137 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 05-16-2000. Overcast skies this morning with an afternoon clearing. Today's Pic of the Day features Norma's rock hunting buddy Kass and her dog Krasher with a stormy Siskiyou Coast
Normas_agate_candle.jpg (35075 bytes)Range in the background. 

Norma took Kass agate hunting with her one day and created an agate hunting fiend. Often she can be seen digging in the surf risking her life for agates. 

Norma and Kass take their polished stones and epoxy them to the outside of a votive candle holder. The candle flame back-lights the translucent agates. Their handcrafted candles make prized gifts for family and friends.

Jerry running along the surfline, Battle Rock Beach.jpg (28072 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 05-15-2000. Sunny with clear skies today. Yesterday's weather was funky; thunder and rain one minute, sunny and calm the next. Today's Pic of the day was shot at Battle Rock Beach. We've been using this photo as our desktop wallpaper for the last week or so and figured we should share it with our visitors. 

Paradise Point parking lot looking south towards Coast Guard Hill.jpg (19277 bytes)Our second image was shot at the Paradise Point parking area looking south towards Coast Guard Hill. We came up with a solution for our dogs or no dogs controversy. Every time we feature an image with one of our dogs in the picture we'll include one with a scenic image from the surrounding area. That way we can keep everyone happy and still show-off some of our favorite photos.

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