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Past Pic of the Day's May 22 - May 27

Battle Rock beach 2 hours later.jpg (28111 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 05-27-2000. It's raining fairly hard this morning and last night. Today's Pics of the Day feature the changing faces of Battle Rock beach 2 hours earlier.jpg (27420 bytes) Battle Rock Beach. Our first photo was shot at 2:30 PM from Battle Rock Park. The water and sky are blue and the colors vibrant.

Our second pic was taken 2 hours earlier this same day. What a difference a couple of hours make! This image is dull and the colors are flat. The cloud cover mask the reflection of the blue skies, thus no blue water and colorful hillsides. It's hard to tire of this view when it's constantly changing.

Battle Rock, 05-25-2000.jpg (36359 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 05-26-2000. Overcast skies with light rain and mist this morning and last night. Today's Pics of the Day are from a collection I shot at Battle Rock Park yesterday. Our first image shows Historic Battle Rock with the Port of Port Orford in the background.

Battle Rock Visitor Center 1.jpg (31777 bytes)Our next two photos feature the Battle Rock Park Visitor Center. There currently is a controversy about management duties involving the Visitor Center. Our local Chamber of Commerce remodeled and expanded the Visitor Center a few years back with mainly volunteer labor contributed by local members.

Controversy at the Visitor Center.jpg (29840 bytes)Our current batch of supervisors are mostly anti-business and anti-growth and want to take control away from the Chamber (the organization that helped rebuild the Visitor Center with volunteer money and labor) and have city employees operate and maintain the Center (some say so the city supervisors can control hand-outs and literature).

In addition they doubled the business license fees, assessed signage fees, and plan to use our tourist generated Bed Tax Fees for local police funding. Bed Tax Fees are collected by the hotels and are supposed to be used for tourist related activities (park funding, visitor centers, tourist attraction advertising, clean-up programs etc.) They claim police funding falls into this category and not Visitor Center funding. Go figure.

Beach fun on Battle Rock beach, 05-25-2000.jpg (33325 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 05-25-2000. Cloudy and calm this morning. Our Pics of the Day feature beach fun from local Port Orford area locations. We've been posting mainly Port of Port Orford pictures lately and figured it was time for some beach-fun action shots. Our first image was shot at Battle Rock Beach. Norma is scouting for agates while Jerry checks out the activities.

Jerry in silouette at Cape Blanco.jpg (21245 bytes)Our second picture was snapped at Cape Blanco beach. We shot this pic at sunset during low tide with the Cape Blanco headland in the background.

Jerry with the Paradise Point bluff in the background.jpg (33698 bytes)I shot this last photo at Paradise Point. The sunlight reflecting off the 30' sand bluffs created this interesting color scheme that closely matches the color markings on Jerry Lee's coat. The Paradise Point bluffs mark the beginning of the elevated marine terrace that the Port Orford area sits on.

Beach adjacent to Port Orford Port.jpg (23381 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 05-24-2000. Scattered clouds and windy this morning. Today's Pic of the Day shows the beach adjacent to the Port Orford Port. This image was shot at the beginning of the Port looking east. The south tip of Battle Rock is at the middle of this picture (to the left of the sea-stack and behind the peninsula).

Port with JD350 in the foreground.jpg (34159 bytes)This picture is another one from my visit to the Port Orford Port reconstruction project. In this image you can see the John Deere 350 that the contractor is using to handle finish grading before forming and pouring. This small crawler can adjust it's blade in 6 directions (up, down, tilt right, tilt left, angle right, angle left) for exact blade position when grading. The Siskiyou Coast Range and Port Orford Cove is pictured in the background.

Battle Rock Park, 05-21-2000.jpg (25158 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 05-23-2000. Sunny and a little windy this morning. Today's Pic of the Day was shot at Battle Rock Park last Sunday. This picture shows the view from the upper parking area at Battle Rock Park looking south towards Gold Beach and Brookings.

The old Dock Tackle shop.jpg (36182 bytes)These pictures are from the batch that I took Saturday at the Port of Port Orford. Here we have the old Dock Tackle shop located just adjacent to the new construction phase. This shop was the only retail market located at the Port. Soon multiple storefronts will be available for lease.

Looking towards Battle Rock from the Port.jpg (26658 bytes)I snapped this picture from the Port looking towards Historic Battle Rock (center of pic) and Battle Rock beach in the background. Many of the Dan Hill pictures are shot from the hill seen in the background of this image.

Lots of equipment at the new Port.jpg (30294 bytes)This image shows some of the equipment being used during construction. The large crawler dozer on the right is a D8 Cat. In the background you can see a hydraulic all-terrain crane, a man-lift and the upper booms from the 2 lattice cranes on the right.

View from Dan Hill home of Port.jpg (40626 bytes)Our last picture was sent by Dan Hill. He shot this image from his home using a Sony Mavica with a zoom lenses. Here we see the two hoist with the crane support gone and hoisting arms installed. The shadows on the steel retaining walls highlight the scalloping feature to the new panel system. The scalloped pattern supposedly will help reduce sand buildup and reduce wave action during hoisting.

Workers installing second hoist arm.jpg (30381 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 05-22-2000. Sunny and hazy this morning. Today's Pic of the Day is some more shots from my visit to the Port of Port Orford reconstruction project. In this picture workers are attaching the boom arm to the hoist tower.

Crane setting last hoist arm.jpg (33672 bytes)The image on the right shows the lattice crane supporting the hoist arm during installation to the tower support. The small man lift under the boom is providing a work platform for the ironworkers while they hook up the mechanisms.

Wide angle of construction activities on Port.jpg (26319 bytes)This picture shows a wide angle view of the construction activities. The hoist on the left is complete and the hoist on the right is the one shown in the photos above. The concrete pads for the storefronts are on the right. Humbug Mountain can be seen in the background behind the lattice crane.

Fishing boats waiting for hoisting.jpg (25518 bytes)This photo show commercial fishing boats anchored and waiting for hoisting. The small lattice crane in the photo above is handling the hoisting chores during construction. Sport boat hoisting is currently unavailable.

Boats parked on tow dollies.jpg (28014 bytes)Our last photo features some of our local fishing boats parked on their tow dollies. The Port re-construction process has been hard on our local fishermen, hoisting is often limited or disallowed during construction. A fishermen's year is ruined if he loses a day or two during the peak of the season.

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