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Past Pic of the Day's May 28 - June 1

Jerry having fun at Face Rock beach, Bandon.jpg (20635 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 06-01-2000. Sunny and warm today with moderate winds. Our Pics of the Day are from my trip to Bandon yesterday. The main purpose of my trip was to visit the new Bandon Dunes Golf Course. I went to the head office to check in and let them know I was going to do a story about them. I was told that picture taking was forbidden without permission from the General Manager. No problem I thought, who doesn't want free promotion for their new multi-hundred million dollar project, right? Wrong. Over and hour later the receptionist walked out and told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures and they didn't want a feature story on our website.

Their loss! I guess they have enough customers already. You would never know it by the looks of their parking lots. I've been out there twice and both times there couldn't of been more than a dozen or so cars total in the lots. In addition, nobody checked in or out during the hour plus I was waiting in the lobby. This was in the middle of the afternoon during a beautiful day too! Most be because of their friendly attitude and promotional skills I guess.

Moore Mill building in Bandon.jpg (28030 bytes)The Port of Bandon with the old Moore Lumber building in the background.jpg (36037 bytes)Jerry dipping his toes into the water with the Coquille River Lighthouse in the background.jpg (34982 bytes)

Face Rock beach with Jerry in the sand clouds.jpg (20463 bytes)Face Rock, Bandon, 05-31-2000.jpg (35419 bytes)Fortunately my trip wasn't wasted, Bandon has plenty of attractions for the visitor. First I visited the Wharf and shot some pics of the old Moore Lumber building in Old Town (pics above). Then I went to the Bandon Jetty and snapped some images of the Coquille River Lighthouse and Jetty area. And finally, we stopped at Face Rock State Park (pictured on the left, can you see her profile) so Jerry could stretch burn-off some energy. It was windy there so the sand clouds were out; the picture on the right shows Jerry with sand clouds rolling along the beach.

Fishing boats by the Port, 05-29-2000.jpg (34081 bytes)boat3.jpg (28574 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 05-31-2000. Last day of May. Overcast skies this morning. Today's Pics of the day feature the boats of Port Orford. These pictures are from my Memorial Day visit to the Port of Port Orford. Our first photo was shot at the south end of the Port looking east. In this photo you see a partially logged China Mountain and Battle Rock Beach.

boat2.jpg (29384 bytes)boat5.jpg (30389 bytes)Our next group of photos show several of our local commercial trawlers that are scattered throughout the Port property. Commercial fishing has continued sporadically during re-construction but only when construction activities and tides permit.

The 2 boats above are aluminum hulled craft. All the boats are on the trailers that are used for cartage to and from the hoist (see story below).

boat1.jpg (34623 bytes)boat4.jpg (31355 bytes)boat6.jpg (33810 bytes)

I checked the ODOT Battle Rock Park webcam and it worked today! Way to go ODOT! This camera has been out of action for over a month and it's good to see it back online. ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) recently started a new and more polished web called TripCheck.com. There you will find text links to road cams, Special Bulletins, and ODOT/OSP Road and Weather reports.

Sport hoist finished, 05-29-2000.jpg (27979 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 05-30-2000. Scattered clouds, sunshine, and rain this morning. Today's Pics of the Day are from my visit yesterday to the Port of Port Orford reconstruction project. These pictures show the 15 ton capacity sport boat hoist on the left and the 25 ton capacity commercial hoist on the right. Both hoists are approximately 40' tall.

Our next picture shows the two new hoists, new light poles (laying between the concrete pads), and new storefront building pads (on the bottom center and right). Our Port commissioners will set Both hoist and new storefront pads, 05-29-2000.jpg (27494 bytes)the leasing rates for the storefronts soon.

Lattice crane handling boat hoisting chores, 05-29-2000.jpg (29360 bytes)Our last picture shows the lattice crane that is temporarily handling the commercial boat hoisting chores. Hoisting for sport boats is still unavailable. Humbug Mountain (on the right), China Mountain (on the left), the Port Orford Cove, and Battle Rock beach can be seen in the background.

Glenn and Molly from Bellingham, WashingtonMonday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 05-29-2000, Memorial Day. Sun's out this morning and the rain has stopped. Today's Pics of the Day features photos of Norma's visitors from Bellingham, Washington.

Glenn, Coral, and their bird Molly from Bellingham, Washington.jpg (41629 bytes)Coral, Glenn, and their bird Molly made a special trip down to Port Orford to see if the area was as beautiful as our photos. Coral's first comment to Norma was "It's even prettier than the pictures". Yes it is prettier here than our pictures can possibly depict. The mountains are taller, the sea-stacks bigger, and the ocean more spectacular.

Glenn and Molly with a washed out Humbug in the background.jpg (20742 bytes)Coral is one of our original web visitors. She is recovering from a stroke and is partially disabled. She told Norma that our pictures and stories bring happiness to her daily. Right now, she can't walk on the beach and collect agates, but following our site inspires her during difficult therapy sessions. She plans to move to our area soon and vows to be one of our daily beach walkers and agate collectors someday. Thank you Coral, Glenn, and Molly for your nice visit!

Jerry next to lupin, Battle Rock.jpg (64101 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 05-28-2000. It rained lightly again last night and this morning. Today's Pics of the Day are from our Thursday (05-25-2000) early evening stroll on Battle Rock Beach. Here Jerry Lee is shown smiling with flowering wild Lupine in the background.

Wild Lupine covering the hillsides at Battle Rock.jpg (70897 bytes)Our next pic is a full-screen image of a patch of Lupine. This picture looks cool as a desktop wallpaper or background image.

Cabbage Rock with Jerry walking beside it, Battle Rock.jpg (36372 bytes)Our last picture shows Cabbage Rock with Jerry walking along side to give it scale. Cabbage Rock is the sea-stack farthest to the left in the photo below.

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