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Past Pic of the Day's May 4 - May 14

On a clear day you can see to Nesika Beach.jpg (27095 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 05-14-2000. We awoke to sunny skies but that has quickly changed to dark and cloudy by this writing (11:00 AM). Today's Pic of the Day shows the view of the Port Orford Cove, Humbug Mountain, and Nesika Beach in the distance. On a clear day you can stand at Battle Rock Park and see almost to Gold Beach just beyond the farthest point on the right of this image.

Heavy logging up Grassy Knobb, 05-12-2000.jpg (34921 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 05-13-2000. Weird weather yesterday, cloudy and windy one minute, then beautiful a short time later. Today's Pic of the Day was shot by Norma during her trip up Grassy Knob to check on some acreage. She stopped along the way and snapped this picture of some property after undergoing a logging operation.

Logged Grass Knob area.jpg (21111 bytes)Most of the standing timber that remains on private land is mostly second and third re-growth from past harvesting. These trees were probably less than 40 years old and only 16-20" maximum at the butt. In the past loggers wouldn't bother with trees this size but the high price of Douglas Fir, scarcity of federal lands, and improvements in milling (most of the smaller trees are peeled and used for plywood) has made these trees a valuable commodity. The Elk River Valley, Port Orford Heads, and the Pacific shoreline can be seen (barely, the skies were overcast when these pics were shot) in these photos.

Battle Rock Park, 05-05-2000.jpg (30002 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 05-12-2000. Our weather's been fairly dry but cloudy lately and yesterday's Pic of the Day made me think about why we love to live on the Southern Oregon Coast. Yesterday's picture was shot on 05-09-2000, this production company looks like they wanted a shot with their vehicle climbing up from the beach with our dramatic Port Orford Cove and Siskiyou Coast Range in the background.

Battle Rock with Humbug in the background, 05-05-2000.jpg (32943 bytes)If only they were here when these photos were shot, 05-05-2000. What a difference a day (or even a couple of hours) can make! Living on the coast allows us to take advantage of the pockets of sunshine that we receive in scattered chunks during our late Winter and early Spring months. It's easy to miss these pockets when only visiting for a short stay. Our Oregon Coast weather can be nasty at times (storms are fun too), it would be a shame to just miss a day like today's Pics of the Day.

 Yesterday was an Internet milestone for us. Our web site iLoveOregon.com, in just 3 and a half months of operation, reached the 100,000 hit total! Wow! Thank you for visiting and telling your friends! We have an exciting new feature coming soon too; we can't divulge at this time what's in the works, but I can say it will be great! Thank you again!

Ford television commercial at Battle Rock Park, 05-09-2000.jpg (33699 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 05-11-2000. Rain again this morning and last night. Today's Pic of the Day shows some action from the Ford television commercial filming at Battle Rock Park last Tuesday. Norma didn't get any information about the shoot but did snap this picture of the activities with Battle Rock beach Coast Guard chopper hovering near the port, Dan Hill, 05-09-2000.jpg (25849 bytes) and Humbug Mountain in the background. 

Our second picture was submitted by Dan Hill (Norma's volunteer assistant. He shot this image of the Coast Guard helicopter (see story below) hovering over the Port from his home that overlooks the Port, Battle Rock, and the Port Orford Cove. Dan snapped this picture with his Sony Mavica using it's zoom feature.

Coast Guard chopper at Battle Rock Park.jpg (38434 bytes)Wednesday's Pic of the Day
Wednesday, 05-10-2000. Looks like more scattered showers for today. Today' Pic(s) of the Day are from yesterday morning's Coast Guard demonstration and preparedness training program. This Coast Guard helicopter flew-out from it's base in Coos Bay (our largest Southern Oregon Coast city, 50 miles to our north) and landed at Battle Rock Park at about 10:00 AM.

Coast Guard chopper and Battle Rock Beach.jpg (24247 bytes)Norma grabbed her Kodak digital camera and snapped these photos of our Port Orford Volunteer Fire Department and Community Ambulance members congregating around the Coast Guard chopper. Port Orford is fortunate to have several local men and women who donate their time and energy for emergency response help for our local community. Chopper taking-off, 05-09-2000.jpg (24016 bytes)Often these volunteers will be called to action in the middle of the night (usually during poor weather conditions too).

This last picture was shot from Battle Rock Park. Norma heard the chopper's turbines winding up and took this image of the helicopter ascending with the Port Orford Fire Department and Community Ambulance equipment in the foreground. Highway 101 can also be seen climbing south out of town (between the equipment and helicopter).

Cape Blanco reflections, pic of the day 05-09-2000.jpg (21334 bytes)Tuesday's Pic of the Day
Tuesday, 05-09-2000. More rain last night but slacking off some this morning. Today's Pic of the Day features Cape Blanco beach. We put this picture as Pic of the Day to illustrate a discussion we've been having lately among ourselves and our guest. Seems we have two visitor factions. One wants to see people, animals, and wildlife enjoying the Oregon Coast and they other wants mainly scenic pics from throughout the area with fewer dog pics. What side of this argument are you on? Would the photo above be more interesting without the dogs? I think not but value our visitor's opinions.

Nesika Beach, 05-05-2000.jpg (32415 bytes)Monday's Pic of the Day
Monday, 05-08-2000. Rained last night and this morning. Today's Pic of the Day is another from our trip to Gold Beach collection. This picture was shot at Nesika Beach near the rest station. We stopped and walked down to the ocean and spent some time enjoying the warm weather and sights. In this image you can see the 3 Sisters and Humbug Mountain in the distance. Nesika Beach is located about 10 minutes north of Gold Beach.

Port Orford Cove, 05-05-2000.jpg (32745 bytes)Sunday's Pic of the Day
Sunday, 05-07-2000. Cloudy again this morning. Yesterday's weather turned out to be pretty nice (warm with light winds) except for a fairly constant light cloud cover. Today's Pic of the Day was shot during our trip to Gold Beach. On our way out of town we stopped at the turn-out on Highway 101 that overlooks the Port Orford cove. We snapped this picture of the Port Orford cove with the town and headlands (Coast Guard Hill) in the background.

Near 3 Sisters, 05-05-2000.jpg (32482 bytes)Saturday's Pic of the Day
Saturday, 05-06-2000. Sunny skies this morning with a light cloud haze. Today's Pic of the Day was shot yesterday during our trip to Gold Beach. We left Port Orford at about 1:00 PM to drive south to Gold Beach to handle some business at Ocean Title Company. We stopped at several spots along the way to snap some pictures and enjoy the sunny and warm weather. We shot this photo about 15 minutes south of Port Orford. There's a large ocean front home under construction at the right hand portion of this image.

Bandon Port, 05-03-2000.jpg (36338 bytes)Friday's Pic of the Day
Friday, 05-05-2000. The skies are mostly cloudy with intermittent light rain and sunshine this morning. Today's Pic of the Day was shot at the Bandon wharf last Wednesday evening. We strolled the wharf after having dinner on the Bandon Jetty. There's a restaurant at the mouth of the Coquille River called 'The Boathouse' that serves decent food with a great view of the Bandon lighthouse and Bullard's Beach located just across the river. 

Looking at Humbug south of 3 Sisters.jpg (27509 bytes)Thursday's Pic of the Day
Thursday, 05-04-2000. It rained last night and some this morning but by afternoon the weather was sunny and warm. Today's Pic of the Day was shot during a trip to Gold Beach (our neighbor 30 minutes south of Port Orford). This photo is looking north at Humbug Mountain near the 3 Sisters. The drive to Gold Beach has several pull-outs for picture taking and coastline access. Our Curry County government offices are located in Gold Beach too.

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