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Pics of the Day for Sept 10-11 ~ Port Orford, Bandon

Kids playing with Seagulls, 09-11-2000.jpg (95347 bytes)Monday, 09-11-2000 ~ Today's weather started foggy on the coast with an afternoon burn-off. I opened up Norma's office this morning so today's update is late. The pictures below were shot late in the morning and early in the afternoon. The fog was pretty heavy when I first arrived and couldn't take the first picture below until after 11:00 AM. An hour later I shot the next photo of Humbug Mountain with just a wisp of fog still lingering. I took the last image below of Battle Rock Beach at 1:00 PM. Our Pic of the Day above was also shot this afternoon, it has some kids playing with Seagulls at Battle Rock Park.

Fog over the Port Orford Cove, 09-11-2000.jpg (56686 bytes)Humbug with fog burning off, 09-11-2000.jpg (48685 bytes)Battle Rock beach after burn-off, 09-11-2000.jpg (58945 bytes)

A dad and his kids were feeding some Gulls this morning and I shot this sequence below. If you look closely at the first and third image you'll see several birds in flight.

Dad and kids feeding Seagulls, 09-11-2000.jpg (103775 bytes)Little girl feeding Seagulls, 09-11-2000.jpg (114580 bytes)Birds flying over family, 09-11-2000.jpg (103804 bytes)

Looking southeast from end of Garrison Lake Road.jpg (59362 bytes)Yesterday my son Jacob and I took a drive out to Garrison Lake (Port Orford's coastal lake) at about 2:00 PM and shot this next set of pictures. We took these photos at the boat launching ramp at the south end of Garrison Lake Road. These images were shot looking southeast towards Humbug Mountain. There was a layer of fog over the Port Orford Cove when we took these photos but you can still see the big mountain headland (Humbug) in the distance.

Home on the Lake with Humbug in background, 09-10-2000.jpg (66529 bytes)Garrison lake with Humbug Mountain in distance, 09-10-2000.jpg (74683 bytes)Home on Garrison Lake with fog above, 09-11-2000.jpg (82913 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will depend on where I go for pics tonight.

Cass and Jerry at Butler Bar.jpg (144535 bytes)Sunday, 09-10-2000 ~ Overcast skies this afternoon. Today's update will be quick, chores are calling. Yesterday, we took a ride up the Elk River, then visited the Bandon Cranberry Festival. The first two pictures are from our Elk River stop at the 3 mile mark past the Fish Hatchery. The last image below and our photo on the left of Norma's friend Kass and our boxer Jerry Lee were shot at Butler Bar. Butler Bar Park is a free camping site with about a half dozen improved camping spots with fire rings and picnic tables. There are also several nice pools for swimming. Butler Bar is located a good half hour drive up Elk River Road from the Highway 101 turnoff.

Dogs checking out the smells, Elk River 09-09-2000.jpg (124290 bytes)Jerry at the Elk River, 09-09-2000.jpg (106396 bytes)Butler Bar, 09-09-2000.jpg (123746 bytes)

I took the pictures below at yesterday's Bandon Cranberry Festival. We didn't arrive until after 6:00 PM so the sun wasn't the best for photo taking. The first two images below show some of the vendors hawking their wares at the Festival. The last photo below caught my eye mainly because the color schemes and setting was interesting.

Cranberry Festival in Bandon, 09-09-2000.jpg (74281 bytes)Bandon Cranberry Festival, 09-09-2000.jpg (75227 bytes)Neat storefront in Bandon, 09-09-2000.jpg (73194 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will depend on what happens with our weather today.

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