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Past Pics for Sept 12-15 ~ Berlin Friends, Battle Rock

Sometimes this Internet thing is so frustrating!!Sheep by Bandon Airport, 09-14-2000.jpg (61855 bytes)Friday, 09-15-2000 ~ I didn't forget to update our Pic of the Day page yesterday, my server wouldn't let me publish to our site. Sometimes this Internet thing can be so frustrating. Webmasters are at the mercy of their hosting company unless they own their own servers. When problems arise (like what happened yesterday) you have to write tech support and wait to publish till the problems are corrected. I apologize to our daily visitors who await each new update. We're adding extra pics this morning to make up for missing yesterday's feature! The photos adjacent and below were shot yesterday during a stop near the Bandon Airport. I think Our Pic of the Day on the left is an especially interesting photo with the contrasting image layers of golden fields and sheep, dark green Gorse in back of a wire fence, small red field house, tower, Spruce and Fir trees next, finished off with clouds colored in various shades of gray.

Sheep by airport 1, 09-14-2000.jpg (54901 bytes)Birds by the bandon airport, 09-14-2000.jpg (45384 bytes)Sheep by the bandon airport 2, 09-14-2000.jpg (47981 bytes)

Here is the feature I couldn't upload yesterday!

Visitors from Berlin-Germany, 09-12-2000.jpg (84458 bytes)Thursday, 9-13-2000 ~ Dark clouds with rain looking likely this morning. I met an interesting couple from Germany this last Tuesday. They were in their final month of a 3 month auto tour of our beautiful country. I first met them in the morning when they came into the office to inquiry about our area's scenic locations and property prices. I fixed them up with a map and directions for two of my favorite State Parks, Cape Blanco and the Port Orford Heads. German friends next to van used for their vacation, 09-12-2000.jpg (121960 bytes)The pair returned later in the day with huge smiles pasted on their faces. They saw Whales and Seals at the Heads while walking the trails and enjoyed their visit to Cape Blanco immensely. After thanking me profusely, I grabbed the digital camera and snapped some images of our happy tourist. We hooked onto the Internet and sent some images to their families back home with a message to check out our site in the upcoming days. I'm posting the set of pics adjacent and below as a special favor for our new friends from Berlin, now all their friends and family can enjoy their stop at Battle Rock Park.

Visitors from Berlin and Battle Rock Beach, 09-12-2000.jpg (81320 bytes)Visitors from Berlin and Humbug Mountain, 09-12-2000.jpg (76977 bytes)Friends from Berlin and Port Orford Cove, 09-12-2000.jpg (74927 bytes)

I ended up spending all Tuesday at Battle Rock Park, taking pictures throughout the day. Be sure to see the Tuesday update at the bottom of the page to get a good feel for how the day progressed. The set of images below are from my morning stop at an overlook by Fort Point.

Port reflecting in harbor, Tichenor Rock in distance, 09-12-2000.jpg (66595 bytes)Lady walking dogs on Dock beach, 09-12-2000.jpg (55767 bytes)Boat heading out to fish by south end of Port, 09-12-2000.jpg (84403 bytes)

I shot this next set of images after arriving at Battle Rock Park. The first photo is a view looking back towards the Siskiyou Coast Realty office from the east end of Battle Rock Park. The next photo is a zoomed view of Tichenor Rock and the south end of the Port as seen from Battle Rock Park- click for 1024x768. Our last pic has a pair heading south out of town on their tandem bicycle.

Looking back at Siskiyou Coast office from east end Battle Rock Park, 09-12-2000.jpg (85821 bytes)Zoomed view of Tichenor Rock from Battle Rock Park, 09-12-2000.jpg (57130 bytes)Bicyclist heading south out of town, 09-12-2000.jpg (89577 bytes)

Tomorrow we'll conclude my photo day at Battle Rock Park.

Webmaster notes ~ Is the new larger format pics something that you visitors will use and enjoy? I posted a note on our message board where you can comment on this new feature. 

Surfers in Battle Rock shadow, 09-12-2000.jpg (61016 bytes)Our new Oregon Postcards page programming should be finished soon. This page requires many hours of script programming, image manipulations, and tune selections. I'm almost done but wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about it. I will let you know when it's complete!

One last note, we are now offering 2 new Free Oregon Email addresses, YourName@OregonDude.com and AnyName@OregonLady.com! Dark morning at Battle Rock Park, 09-14-2000.jpg (50010 bytes)These new sites aren't complete, but we thought we might as well offer addresses with these neat domains as a box name while we're undergoing design and publication. Click here to visit our email page and sign up!

The photo on the above right was shot this morning at 10:00 AM from outside the Siskiyou Coast Realty office. Just thought you might like to see what today's dark weather is looking like.

Man and his dog near seastacks Battle Rock Beach, 09-12-2000.jpg (64170 bytes)Wednesday, 9-13-2000 ~ Wow is it warm and muggy today here in Port Orford! The winds are real light and the temperatures are high (at least for normally cool Port Orford standards).

We're going to start something new today for our visitors who set their display and screen settings for higher resolutions. Occasionally we take some photos that we feel are especially spectacular (like today's Pic of the Day on the left), and we thought it might be cool to post them on a separate page with pics still at their full resolution value of 1024x768. Battle Rock Beach in the afternoon, 09-12-2000.jpg (59108 bytes)I always reduce our photo size down to 640x480 so our thumbnails and pages will load in a reasonable download time for the normal 56k modem user. I think this special resolution page will become a popular feature for our visitors. I will post a little click for 1024x768 link at the end of the description to indicate that this link leads to a full-size image of this just described picture. The thumbnails posted on this page we will still lead to a normal 640x480 sized image, just the link will lead to the larger sized image.

The first photo today has a man and his dog checking out a tide pool during yesterday afternoon's low tide at Battle Rock Park- click for 1024x768. The picture at the above right is a wider angle view of the beach shot at the same time (about 6:00 PM) as our first one- click for 1024x768.

I'm off to Coos Bay today so more will have to wait until tomorrow. I spent the day in Norma's office at Battle Rock Park and took several discs full of photos like today's pics, I'll post more in tomorrow's update!

Don't forget to sign up for your favorite Free Oregon Email name as soon as possible, the better short names are going quick, i.e. Sandy@iLoveOregon.com or Dan@PortOrford-Oregon.com.

Mvc-570x2.jpg (62112 bytes)Tuesday, 09-12-2000 ~ Beautiful weather in Port Orford today! I'm watching Norma's office this morning while she shows some property in Brookings, so today's update is originating from Battle Rock Park. I took the photo on the right of Battle Rock Beach at 12:30 PM , right Lattice Crane is back at the Port, 09-12-2000.jpg (55387 bytes)before uploading today's update to our server . 

Before arriving at the office I stopped at the dock boneyard near Fort Point and shot the set of images adjacent and below. The pic on the left shows the lattice crane back at the port while adjustments are made to the new commercial hoist. The images below start with a wide angle view of the Port and beach. My last Port feature had an interesting picture of the seastack seen in this photo. The middle photo has a boat leaving port after being dropped into the sea. The last picture shows a lady walking on the beach while her dogs play along the surfline.

Wide angle Port and Beach, 09-12-2000.jpg (44928 bytes)Boat leaving Port, 09-12-2000.jpg (91673 bytes)Lady walking, dogs playing Port beach, 09-12-2000.jpg (63920 bytes)

Below are more photos from my morning stop at Fort Point. The first image is a zoomed view of some commercial boats parked at the port with Tichenor Rock in the background. The second photo is a wide angle view of the port and beach with Graveyard Point on the right. The last image has our boat from the previous set passing alongside a Seagull dotted jetty.

Boats at the Port with Tichenor Rock in background, 09-12-2000.jpg (64832 bytes)Port, beach, Graveyard Point, 09-12-2000.jpg (53743 bytes)Boat heading out with bird covered jetty behind, 09-12-2000.jpg (56844 bytes)

I shot the next set of images this morning from the east end of Battle Rock Park, next to the Visitor Center and where the kids were feeding the Seagulls in yesterday's update. The first photo shows Historic Battle Rock with the port in the distance. I zoomed in and took this next picture of the seastack seen in the first set of images with the port and Hell's Gate in the background. I next turned towards Norma's office and took this last picture of Battle Rock Park looking east to west.

Battle Rock with Port in distance, 09-12-2000.jpg (75167 bytes)Looking towards Port from Battle Rock park.jpg (69235 bytes)Looking back at office from picture point, 09-12-2000.jpg (70991 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will feature more photos from today's stay at Battle Rock Park.

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