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Past Pics for Sept 16-18 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach

Norma and Angel at second stack, 09-16-2000.jpg (75345 bytes)Monday, 09-18-2000 ~ Sunny and clear this morning with high winds expected. Yesterday weather was sunny, warm, and windy. I shot quite a few pictures the last few days from Battle Rock Park looking down on Battle Rock Beach. I tried to take these photos at different time intervals as to compare the changing scenery, shadows, and happenings. I thought it might be fun to take some of our overhead beach pictures and mix them with our Poorly framed seastack shot, Battle Rock 09-16-2000.jpg (67302 bytes) Saturday Battle Rock Beach walk with the dogs pics and gauge the scale differences up close and personal. Our Pics of the Day on the left and right is Norma and her new puppy next to second from the front, and darker seastack seen in the first photo in the set below. I took the first photo below from Battle Rock Park Afternoon Battle Rock hikers, 09-17-2000.jpg (61847 bytes)yesterday afternoon at 5:30 (click here for 1024x768 image). In the second image below Norma is standing behind the front, quartz veined seastack shown in the previous photo. Both of the up-close seastack beach pics were shot looking back at Battle Rock Park during a morning sun and low tide. If you time the tide right you can take some exceptional reflection images. Our first two photos with Norma and Angel next to the seastacks would have been greatly improved if they were properly framed as to capture the complete rock and it's reflection. I took the last image below from just west of the rock seen in the previous photo looking back at Battle Rock. The photo on the left shows a couple of hikers on Battle Rock with Red Fish Rocks and a misty Nesika Beach in the background. I shot this image from Battle Rock Park.

Seastacks and surf Battle Rock Beach, 09-17-2000.jpg (80814 bytes)Norma by quartz lined seastack, 09-16-2000.jpg (70825 bytes)Battle Rock as seen from the east, 09-16-2000.jpg (65589 bytes)

Our photo of Battle Rock above and first one below is a good example of scale differences. Most Battle Rock pictures are shot from Battle Rock Park (like the second photo below) so the seastack looks much smaller than it really is. Our last image is a zoomed view of a couple of hikers on the rock, this pic is a zoomed view of the previous image.

Battle Rock with north port in background, 09-16-2000.jpg (46437 bytes)Battle Rock at 5pm, 09-17-2000.jpg (91739 bytes)Hikers on Battle Rock with seastack behind, 09-17-2000.jpg (74553 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will have more contrasting scale images shot from different Battle Rock viewpoints.

Man walking his dog with Battle Rock seastack behind, 09-16-2000.jpg (88867 bytes)Sunday, 09-17-2000 ~ Sunny with clear skies. Yesterday's weather was fantastic with more of the same expected the next few days. Norma, the dogs, and myself took an early afternoon walk on Battle Rock Beach yesterday. I took several discs full of great pics for upcoming features. Work is calling so this morning's update is a little skimpy, I'll try to post extra pics tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here is a little taste of what's on deck for the next few days. The photoNorma and dogs by huge seastack on Battle Rock beach, 09-16-2000.jpg (73316 bytes) at the above right has a man walking his dog with a Battle Rock beach seastack as a background. The picture on the left has Norma and the dogs strolling in front of the seastack seen in the previous image with a huge seastack behind it. This large stack is the one seen in my previous photos shot from Battle Rock Park. You don't get the true feel for how large this rock is until your standing next to it.

 The photos below start with a wet suited surfer (the water is cold here) walking back from Hubbards Creek Beach with the north tip of Battle Rock on the left. The next image is a wide angle view of the first scene, Battle Rock is seen on the left with Fort Point behind. You have to look closely to see Battle Rock as it blends in with the upper part of Fort Point. Our final photo shows a roiling Battle Rock surf with the Port of Port Orford in the distance.

Surfer walking near Battle Rock, 09-16-2000.jpg (77367 bytes)Wide angle surfer and Battle Rock, 09-16-2000.jpg (63217 bytes)Port with boiling Battle Rock surf in the foreground, 09-16-2000.jpg (81427 bytes)

Tomorrow, more pics from our late morning walk on Battle Rock Beach!

Portrait shot bicyclist and Humbug, 09-15-2000.jpg (56986 bytes)Saturday, 09-16-2000 ~ Sunny with just a few scattered clouds. I spent a couple hours at Battle Rock Park yesterday afternoon (between 3:00-5:00) and Seastacks and Kelp on Battle Rock Beach, 09-15-2000.jpg (72255 bytes)took the pictures adjacent and below of a group of bicyclist taking a break during their trip. As they were riding in I could hear one saying "Now aren't you glad we stopped here" followed by a chorus of oohs and aahs from his fellow riders. It's fun to watch how visitors react the first time they see this fantastic vista, the view is almost overwhelming. The photo on the left is a portrait shot of a couple of riders with Humbug Mountain as a backdrop. The picture on the right shows what are bicyclist are seeing as they rest. The images below are action shots of our bicycle visitors with Battle Rock Beach and the Port Orford Cove in the background.

Bicycle pack with Port Orford Cove behind, 09-15-2000.jpg (65241 bytes)Bicylist resting with Battle Rock Beach behind, 09-15-2000.jpg (78573 bytes)Local pointing out attractions, 09-15-2000.jpg (75640 bytes)

 This next set of photos feature some vintage Mustangs that stopped at the park yesterday afternoon. Interesting vehicles are always stopping to enjoy this wonderful spot.

Orange GT500 at Battle Rock Park, 09-15-2000.jpg (82020 bytes)Silver-blue GT500 with more ponies behind, 09-15-2000.jpg (80956 bytes)Mustangs at Battle Rock Park, 09-15-2000.jpg (80961 bytes)

Our last set of pics feature beach scenes shot yesterday from beautiful Battle Rock Park.

Wide angle view of Port Orford Cove, 09-15-2000.jpg (59781 bytes)Couple walking near Battle Rock beach hillside, 09-15-2000.jpg (81262 bytes)Walkers on a frothy Battle Rock Beach, 09-15-2000,.jpg (73333 bytes)

 I'm off to the beach this morning to walk the dogs and snap some pics so tomorrow's update will probably include shots from our stroll.

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