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Pics of the Day for September 2-9 ~ Humbug Beach

Portrait shot of Humbug Beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (69996 bytes)Saturday, 09-09-2000 ~ Sunny, clear, and windy this morning. I took a drive south Thursday to work on some listings by Humbug Mountain Park and stopped to snap pics at a couple of turn-outs on the western side of Highway 101. This first set of images were shot at the north end of Humbug Beach. The photo on the left is a portrait view of Humbug Beach with Humbug Mountain above. The first photo below shows the same beach and mountain but this time in landscape format for your desktop wallpaper. I zoomed in and took the next picture of a lady walking along Brush Creek flowing into the Pacific. The last picture of the set is a view of Humbug Mountain Point. Humbug Mountain has a distinctive ring around it's cliffs that separates rock from foliage.

Humbug Mountain point and beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (58088 bytes)Brush Creek flowing into Pacific, 09-07-2000.jpg (49871 bytes)Humbug Point, 09-07-2000.jpg (43858 bytes)

The next set of images were shot from the north end of the Brush Creek/Highway 101 Bridge, located just east of Humbug Beach. The sand and sky in these pics have interesting textures and colors.

Humbug Mountain and Beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (51525 bytes)Humbug Beach viewed from north bridge turnout, 09-07-2000.jpg (67349 bytes)Beachcombers on Humbug Beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (70790 bytes)

Here's a set of images from last Sunday's activities. The first photo is from our early evening walk on Paradise Point Beach. The middle picture has some kids playing on the stone wall at Battle Rock Park with the Visitor Center on the left. Our last pic of the day shows a small buck amongst Scotch Broom (left), Shore Pine (right), and ferns (below). He was with a real large buck (probably a 12 pointer or more) but I couldn't get a photo of him, I figured he didn't get this big by posing while people point things at him.

Jerry playing with Angel on Paradise Beach, 09-03-2000.jpg (71305 bytes)Kids playing on Battle Rock Park wall, 09-07-2000.jpg (92532 bytes)Small Buck amongst Scotch Broom and ferns, 09-03-2000.jpg (114894 bytes)

We might head north to Coos Bay this afternoon so maybe tomorrow's update will feature pics from our trip.

Happy lady with her Glass Float, 09-07-2000.jpg (40209 bytes)Friday, 09-08-2000 ~ Overcast skies today. I was at Battle Rock Park yesterday and ran into a couple who found a large Glass Float (a real nice one too). This happy lady was part of a group traveling south along the Southern Oregon Coast. Our Pic of the Day has our lucky beachcomber with her new prize from the sea, a large Glass Float fresh from a voyage across the Pacific Ocean. We've found several Glass Floats before but none quite like this! Japanese fishing floats are often considered the top prize one can find when cruising the surf. Luck float finder and Port Orford Cove, 09-07-2000.jpg (78183 bytes)All of the floats that we have found are clear in color and are about the size of a baseball with the exception of one that is the size of a softball. The adjacent photos were shot at the south end of Battle Rock Park. The picture on the left has Battle Rock Beach and the Port Orford Cove with Humbug Mountain as a backdrop for our lucky lady.

Horse rider and crashing wave at Battle Rock 09-07-2000.jpg (57153 bytes)I took several pictures yesterday from Battle Rock Park. I took the first two photos below of a horse rider on Battle Rock Beach with some crashing waves behind her. I couldn't make up my mind which Horse rider on Battle Rock beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (60884 bytes)web server space is expensive and images use up disk space real quick! I was fortunate enough to find a new site partner for our 'sister sites', BizLand.com. BizLand.com provides 35MB of server space plus the most responsive tech support that I've encountered. The best part is that they offer this service for free! These good folks have enabled me to get our Free Seastacks at Battle Rock Beach, 09-07-2000.jpg (78382 bytes)Oregon Email sites back online. In addition the 35MB of extra disk space per site allows me to publish pages and pages full of images onto their server. I will soon be publishing pages with my best images all at larger resolutions (1024 x 768). This will enable our visitors with their screen resolutions set at higher values to use our images as a full sized desktop wallpaper. I will still use a 640 x 480 screen resolution for our standard image size and programming setting, this size allows our images and pages to load in reasonable download times.

The first photo below is an example of an 1024 x 768 image resolution before I resample it down to my website standard 640 x 480. I will also post some pages with pics resized for a 800 x 600  resolution (middle photo below). The last image is another Battle Rock Beach pic from yesterday but this time resampled to 640 x 480.

Lady with Battle Rock Beach in background, 1024x768.jpg (153698 bytes)Battle Rock Beach 800x600, 09-07-2000.jpg (93371 bytes)Battle Rock Beach 640x480, 09-07-2000.jpg (62877 bytes)

The next set of images feature quilts from the Quilt Show at the Port Orford Art and Seafood Festival.

Humingbird quilt.jpg (25521 bytes)Birds on a branch quilt.jpg (57681 bytes)Love Bird quilt.jpg (48925 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will feature photos from my yesterday evening trip to south to Humbug Mountain.

Happy Jerry with his new sister, Paradise Point 09-06-2000.jpg (114705 bytes)Thursday, 09-07-2000 ~ Sunny inland and cloudy along the coast. I want to start by apologizing to our regular visitors for missing our usual daily updates these last few days! Between family and work obligations added on top of server problems for our websites, I just couldn't get a decent feature online. Thank you for your patience and understanding! I'll begin today with pictures from our last night visit to Paradise Point and end Sunset at Paradise Point, 09-03-2000.jpg (38403 bytes)with pics from the Port Orford Art and Seafood Festival held this previous weekend. Our first picture has a happy Jerry Lee with his new sister Angel. Jerry has been adapting real well with the newest addition to our family. The image on the left shows a fiery sunset at Paradise Point. The photos below start with a view looking south towards the Port Orford headland from the trail leading down to the beach at Paradise Point. Next image has the two rascals with Coast Guard Hill in the distance. The final photo below shows a house on the sand bluffs at Paradise Point with dune grass growing in the foreground.

Looking south from the Paradise Point trail, 09-06-2000.jpg (74104 bytes)Jerry and Angel playing at Paradise Point, 09-06-2000.jpg (88237 bytes)Home with sand cliffs at Paradise Point, 09-06-2000.jpg (64817 bytes)

The pictures below start with some homes on Coast Guard Hill framed with some driftwood at Paradise Point. I call the next pic 'Who's walking who', here a sheared English Sheepdog is taking her friend on a beach walk with a colorful Dune Grass and Shore Pine covered sand bluff in the background. Our last picture shows Norma's new puppy resting in front of a sunset colored driftwood log at Paradise Point.

Driftwood framing some homes at Coast Guard hill, 09-06-2000.jpg (58741 bytes)Whos walking who, Paradise Point 09-06-2000.jpg (69952 bytes)Angel and a sunset colored driftwood, Paradise Point 09-06-2000.jpg (78378 bytes)

I shot the first two images at the Art Show during the Port Orford Art and Seafood Festival. The first photo is a handmade basket demonstration and sale booth. The middle picture has a table filled with different types of organic honey on display. Our last pic of the day shows some ladies working on quilts at the Quilt Show.

Baskets at the art show, 09-02-2000.jpg (50089 bytes)Organic honey display at the art and craft show, 09-02-2000.jpg (64291 bytes)Women quilting a the quilt show, 09-02-2000.jpg (78452 bytes)

Tomorrow's update will have photos from the Port of Port Orford, Battle Rock Park, and the Quilt Show at the Art and Seafood Festival.

Webmaster notes ~ Our server problems on our iLoveOregon.com site are fixed and the transfers for our sister sites are done! By tomorrow evening we should have all our Free Oregon Email sites back online with Brian at Paradise Point, 09-06-2000.jpg (58765 bytes)additional services for Bandon-Oregon.com, Brookings-Oregon.com, CoosBay-Oregon.com, GoldBeach-Oregon.com, GrantsPass-Oregon.com, Medford-Oregon.com, and SixesRiver.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period! Our new web host partners (BizLand.com) are top notch folks. Our email services should now be dependable with this company as our providers! In addition, our new Oregon Postcards page programming should be accomplished within the next few days. This page will be loaded with new pics and tunes, I'll let you know when it's up and running.

Sun setting behind clouds Paradise Point, 09-03-2000.jpg (63640 bytes)Wednesday, 09-06-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds. I haven't been able to update the site due to server problems that are out of my control. I'll publish a good feature tomorrow morning to make-up for missing the last few days! Here is a sample of what's Wood crafts from the Art fair, 09-02-2000.jpg (72053 bytes)on deck. We visited several locations this weekend during the Port Orford Arts and Seafood Festival. We also made a sunset visit to Paradise Point on Sunday evening. In addition I have several dozen photos still on hand from our Wednesday stop at the Port of Port Orford. So in short, I have lots of pics and haven't forgotten about you, but just haven't been able to publish our site. Here's a sample photo from our Sunday sunset visit to Paradise Point and one pic taken Saturday from the Arts festival. More to come tomorrow (Wednesday) morning!

Norma hugging her new puppy Angel, 09-01-2000.jpg (63854 bytes)Saturday, 09-02-2000 ~ Overcast skies today. It rained some last night and early this morning. The weather people say that the rain should continue off and on for the next few days. Figures, it hasn't rained here in the last few months but starts the day of Port Angel with her stick on Battle Rock Beach, 09-01-2000.jpg (67842 bytes)Orford's Art and Seafood Festival.

I'm off this morning to visit the Festival with the family so today's update is kinda skimpy. We added a new member to the iLoveOregon.com team, Norma's new Rottweiler and Beagle mix puppy Angel. We've been looking for a poochie to help fill the void created after loosing our two BlackNorma and Angel with an overcast Battle Rock Beach in the background, 09-01-2000.jpg (60556 bytes) Labradors Scooter and Roxie. Angel is super sweet and we all love her greatly (except for Jerry, he's not quite sure what to think about his new sister)! Our last photo shows Norma and Angel with an overcast Battle Rock Beach in the background.

Tomorrow's update will feature pics and stories from today's Port Orford Art and Seafood Festival.

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