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April 11-16 ~ Paradise Point, Cape Blanco State Parks

Mvc-510x.jpg (30606 bytes)Monday, 04-16-2001 ~ Strong winds from the south today. On Friday, April 6, 2001 (at about 5:00 PM) we took the dogs to Cape Blanco State Park. First we stopped at the Headland and shot several pics (photos left and bottom). Mvc-539x.jpg (66270 bytes) Then we parked at the south beach parking area and walked south to the mouth of the Elk River (photo right). 

The images below were shot at the north beach parking area. From this location you can view the north and south coastline. This spot also has a east to west view of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse and headland. The first two pictures below are wide angle and zoom views of the headland and lighthouse. The last image is a view of the the north coastline and Sixes River outlet.

Mvc-508x.jpg (36587 bytes)Mvc-509x.jpg (34245 bytes)Mvc-512x.jpg (67404 bytes)

The first two images below are views from the beach looking back at the south beach parking area. The last photo was shot from the same spot looking north at the headland.

Mvc-515x.jpg (69459 bytes)Mvc-516x.jpg (90603 bytes)Mvc-517x.jpg (36726 bytes)

The next set of pics were shot during our walk to the mouth of the Elk River.

Mvc-523x.jpg (70018 bytes)Mvc-518x.jpg (47597 bytes)Mvc-522x.jpg (73771 bytes)

Below are pics of some sheep we spotted grazing on the bluff's side.

Mvc-525x.jpg (78162 bytes)Mvc-524x.jpg (72128 bytes)Mvc-538x.jpg (94730 bytes)

The first image below is a wide angle view looking south from the beach. The next two photos show the Port Orford Heads (middle pic) and Humbug Mountain in the distance.

Mvc-527x.jpg (29650 bytes)Mvc-531x.jpg (37232 bytes)Mvc-528x.jpg (36181 bytes)

Our final set of images were shot at the mouth of the Elk River.

Mvc-530x.jpg (68907 bytes)Mvc-535x.jpg (76214 bytes)Mvc-537x.jpg (76472 bytes)

Mvc-231x.jpg (72699 bytes)Wednesday, 04-11-2001 ~ Scattered clouds and moderate wind. Last Sunday evening (4-08-2001) we took the dogs and ATV out to Paradise Point State Park. The morning started with rain, then a late afternoon pocket of clear skies enveloped our city. One of the best things about living here is our ability to take advantage of these pockets of sunshine and calm that often occur during light coastal storms. Here it was late Sunday and we are enjoying a deserted, sunny beach when most folks would be heading home from their weekend visit. The set of pics below are views from the Paradise Point parking area taken with different zoom settings looking north towards Cape Blanco. The image (above left) looking south towards Agate Beach was shot a few weeks earlier right before sunset.

Mvc-550x.jpg (75587 bytes)Mvc-551x.jpg (49549 bytes)Mvc-553x.jpg (40326 bytes)

I walked to the south and stood on some dunes that overlook Garrison Lake. The set of wide angle photos below show the Lake panning northwest to southwest.

Mvc-557x.jpg (52439 bytes)Mvc-558x.jpg (58307 bytes)Mvc-559x.jpg (68710 bytes)

The first image is a view looking north towards Cape Blanco. The next image is a zoomed shot looking directly across the lake. You can see a large China Mountain range clear cut in the distance. The last picture shows some fishermen trying their luck on the south end of Garrison Lake.

Mvc-561x.jpg (74846 bytes)Mvc-555x.jpg (62499 bytes)Mvc-568x.jpg (83010 bytes)

The setting sun cleared some clouds long enough for me to shoot this next set of pics below. The first image looks across the lake at some homes located on Garrison Lake Road. Next is a zoomed view across the lake. The last picture is a southwest view with the dunes in the foreground and lake and Coast Guard Hill behind.

Mvc-575x.jpg (80831 bytes)Mvc-581x.jpg (75540 bytes)Mvc-576x.jpg (60960 bytes)

I turned to the south towards Agate Beach and shot this next set of pics showing Norma riding her ATV with the dogs.

Mvc-566x.jpg (43763 bytes)Mvc-567x.jpg (49812 bytes)Mvc-569x.jpg (46587 bytes)

More Agate Beach action pics with the north point of the Heads seen in the distance.

Mvc-571x.jpg (51516 bytes)Mvc-570x.jpg (61815 bytes)Mvc-572x.jpg (66685 bytes)

Port_Orford_map_Paradise_Point.jpg (133114 bytes)The first image below has our pup Angel running in Dune Grass and driftwood. Our final two sunset pics were shot from the Paradise Point parking area. The last sunset image shows the Orford Reef rocks on the right. The Paradise Point Parking area is a relaxing spot to sit and watch the sun set into the Pacific from the comfort of your automobile.

Click on the thumbnail on the left for a scanned map of Port Orford showing the location of Paradise Point State Park.

Click here for the Oregon State Parks Paradise Point web page.
Click her to see a past visit to Paradise Point Park.

Mvc-573x.jpg (85354 bytes)Mvc-582x.jpg (53218 bytes)Mvc-583x.jpg (52295 bytes)

We have dozens of pictures from a recent visit to the mouth of the Elk River that I'll post in an upcoming feature. The first image below shows the river with a Cape Blanco beach bluff on the left and Humbug Mountain in the distance. We also have several real nice shots from a low tide, evening walk on Battle Rock Beach (last two photos below).

Mvc-539x.jpg (66270 bytes)Mvc-497x.jpg (75099 bytes)Mvc-492x.jpg (54453 bytes)

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