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April 1, 2001 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach Walk

Mvc-127x.jpg (91817 bytes)Sunday, 04-01-2001 ~ Overcast and dry today. We took a morning walk on Battle Rock beach a few weeks back. Below are some pics from our excursion.

Mvc-051x.jpg (65880 bytes)The photo on the left is a east to west view of the large seastack seen in our second set of pics. The pic on the right was shot later in the afternoon from Battle Rock Park (more afternoon shots at the bottom of today's update).

The first image below is a wide angle view looking across Orford Cove with the Port and Coast Guard Hill behind. The next two pictures are zoomed views of the port and beach wave action in the foreground.. Graveyard point stands above the port (adjacent right).

Mvc-107x.jpg (45861 bytes)Mvc-100x.jpg (78743 bytes)Mvc-102x.jpg (70349 bytes)

This next set shows south to north views of the group of stacks located in the middle of Battle Rock Beach.

Mvc-105x.jpg (49530 bytes)Mvc-109x.jpg (56833 bytes)Mvc-115x.jpg (75398 bytes)

The next set of images are cove/port views from just south of the above seastacks.

Mvc-110x.jpg (78254 bytes)Mvc-135x.jpg (72431 bytes)Mvc-134x.jpg (72005 bytes)

Next are views looking towards Battle Rock Park from just north of the large stacks seen in our second set. Norma is standing next to Cabbage Rock in the first image.

Mvc-137x.jpg (88656 bytes)Mvc-130x.jpg (90028 bytes)Mvc-128x.jpg (76315 bytes)

This next set was shot just north of Cabbage Rock looking west. The first pic has Battle Rock. Next is a view looking at the north tip of Battle Rock and some homes on Fort Point above. The last photo has a surfer preparing to head out with Battle Rock as a backdrop.

Mvc-153x.jpg (63342 bytes)Mvc-150x.jpg (78653 bytes)Mvc-154x.jpg (108023 bytes)

The first image below has a surfer paddling with Tichenor Rock and Port jetty behind. The next photo shows him trying to catch a wave with Battle Rock in the background. This last pic is a pretty good surfing shot with the south tip of the port and headland cliffs in the distance.

Mvc-146x.jpg (48783 bytes)Mvc-158x.jpg (70852 bytes)Mvc-156x.jpg (70305 bytes)

I shot this last set of images this same day but later in the afternoon. The first is a view of Battle Rock Beach and Orford Cove looking down from Battle Rock Park. Next is a zoomed view of Red Fish Rocks with hills above Nesika Beach in the distance and surfers below. The last image shows some surfers working some waves near Battle Rock.

Mvc-047x.jpg (78201 bytes)Mvc-086x.jpg (40741 bytes)Mvc-048x.jpg (67190 bytes)

Our last set of photos start with a view looking at Cabbage Rock and large seastack seen from the opposite direction in our earlier pics. Next is a beach walker with Monkey Rock and Hubbards Beach in the background. The last image has House Rock and huge Humbug in the distance.

Mvc-056x.jpg (63283 bytes)Mvc-049x.jpg (73393 bytes)Mvc-087x.jpg (60043 bytes)

I made today's feature extra long for two reasons. First, I haven't updated for awhile.  Second, our site stats are in for March; we received 90,000 hits last month on this, our iLoveOregon.com site. Most impressive! Thank you for visiting and telling your friends!

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