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More of the Moore Mill Building

Webers pier with Moore Mill in back.jpg (82057 bytes)Thursday, 12-21-2000 ~ Stormy today with high winds.

Below is a special warning from the NWS




Boat launch, Webers Pier, Moore Mill.jpg (78257 bytes)Webers Pier and Moore Mill viewed from Bandon boat launch.jpg (78312 bytes)Seagull with Moore Mill in background.jpg (75866 bytes)

Click here to visit the official City of Bandon web site.

Moore Mill building, portrait format.jpg (44933 bytes)Moore Mill Building, Port of Bandon

Tuesday, 12-19-2000 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds today. Sunday morning I made a quick stop at the Port of Bandon to take some pics of the Moore Mill Building. The building is scheduled for demolition and I wanted to take some photos of the old place while it's still standing. The port originally planned to burn the structure down, but environmental concerns is causing them to dismantle and recycle the beams and planking. The set of photos below were taken southeast of building. The original north/south and east/west pier pilings can be seen in these photos.

Wide angle view Moore Mill.jpg (51544 bytes)Moore Mill and old pier pilings, east side.jpg (55889 bytes)Moore Mill, pilings running north south.jpg (60947 bytes)

The photos below were shot looking north at the Moore Mill Building. 

Moore Mill and port in reflection.jpg (47585 bytes)Carriage, port, and Moore Mill building.jpg (72457 bytes)Moore Mill in relection.jpg (53720 bytes)

Below are shots of the Port of Bandon, located just southwest of the Moore Mill Building. In the first two images you can see the Coquille River Lighthouse (located at the Bandon Jetty) in the distance. Our last photo today is a wide angle view of the Port as seen from the southeast.

Looking east Bandon Port.jpg (66524 bytes)Bandon Port with lighthouse in distance.jpg (56831 bytes)Bandon Port, 12-17-2000.jpg (54225 bytes)

The Moore Mill Building was one of just a few structures to survive the historic 1936 Bandon Fire. I'll try to post some links for articles about this historic building in the near future.

Battle Rock Park with mist in the hills, 12-6-2000.jpg (65452 bytes)Battle Rock Park, Miscellaneous Pics

Saturday, 12-09-2000 ~ Overcast skies this morning. I took a few pictures the last few days when visiting Battle Rock Park. The pic on the left I took Wednesday in the late morning. Some folks were having coffee on a park bench and enjoying our beautiful scenery. The hills across the Port Orford cove had developed light, low clouds and the image was especially spectacular.

Battle Rock Beach as seen from Battle Rock Park, 12-6-2000.jpg (61761 bytes)Port Orford Cove as seen from Battle Rock Park.jpg (68322 bytes)I returned a little later in the day and shot these adjacent pics. The image on the right was taken with a little wider lenses angle to capture Red Fish Rocks and Nesika Beach (barely visible thru the haze). The ocean has been depositing quite a bit of kelp upon the beach, you can see some of the piles scattered on the sands in these two photos.

Battle Rock Park in the late summer.jpg (71737 bytes)This next pic was shot in the late summer. I took the two photos above from the area where the couple is standing on the left side of this image on the right. It's interesting to see how Battle Rock Park changes with the seasons. We have quite a few Battle Rock Park and Beach photos catalogued on our Past Oregon Pics page.

Jerry Lee in the Elk River by the Hatchery.jpg (134457 bytes)The first photo below of the Cape Blanco Headland and Lighthouse was shot from the new Paradise Terrace subdivision.  The middle image of the Port Orford Reef was taken from Paradise Terrace too (click here to see a past Oregon Pics feature about Paradise Terrace). The last photo of the sun setting behind the Port Orford Reef was taken from Paradise Point State Park (click here to see a past Oregon Pics feature about Paradise Point). I included the photo on the left of Jerry Lee at the Elk River just because I haven't had any dog pics lately and thought this one was pretty neat.

Cape Blanco as seen from Paradise Terrace.jpg (62859 bytes)Port Orford Reef as seen from Paradise Terrace subdivision.jpg (86515 bytes)Sun setting behind Port Orford Reef.jpg (34188 bytes)

Back Again ~ Sunset walk on Battle Rock Beach!

Battle Rock overview, 12-4-2000.jpg (62612 bytes)Thursday, 12-07-2000 ~ Scattered sunshine here in Port Orford today, the weather the last few days has been sunny, clear, and chilly. Today's new Oregon Pics were taken Monday 12-4-2000 between 3:30 and 4:30 PM.

Webmaster Note ~ I'm back! Special thanks to those whose sent encouraging messages during my absence! I hope to post more features and fun stuff when opportunity or moods permits.

I took a late afternoon walk on Battle Rock Beach Monday. The weather was especially nice; sunny with clear skies and no wind. The first photo below has historic Battle Rock with a misty Humbug Point in the distance. I shot the last two pictures below from halfway between Battle Rock and Cabbage Rock.

Battle Rock, 12-4-2000.jpg (56132 bytes)Battle Rock Beach looking southeast,12-4-2000.jpg (49028 bytes)Battle Rock Beach action, 12-4-2000.jpg (49036 bytes)

The photos below start with a foamy surf washing upon Battle Rock Beach with a rock hound and beach walker in the background. Our next two pics show Norma surveying some freshly uncovered beach stones.

Foamy surf on Battle Rock Beach, 12-4-2000.jpg (62295 bytes)Rock are back on Battle Rock Beach, 12-4-2000.jpg (112802 bytes)Norma rock hunting on BRB, 12-4-2000.jpg (92771 bytes)

Norma and Cabbage Rock, 12-4-2000.jpg (90307 bytes)The winter tides are slowly removing the sand that accumulates during the summer. Soon this beach will be covered with Jasper, Agates, and other beach stones. In the picture on the right and middle photo below you can see the summer sand line on Cabbage Rock (about even with the woman's shoulders in the photo below). It's interesting to compare this set of pics with the late summer photos shot on this beautiful beach. Click here to see our late summer, morning walk on Battle Rock Beach. Our last photo from yesterday's walk has a seastack reflecting on the sand with Humbug Mountain in the distance.

Rocks are back on Battle Rock Beach, 12-4-2000.jpg (101706 bytes)Norma by Cabbage Rock, 12-4-2000.jpg (69320 bytes)Seastack reflection on BRB, 12-4-2000.jpg (52378 bytes)

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