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February 17 ~ Pics from my drive around Port Orford

Mvc-709x_1.jpg (50243 bytes)Saturday, 02-17-2001 ~ It's raining this morning so I figured today would be a good time to post some pics (19 to be exact) from my jaunt around Port Orford last week. The picture on the right shows a commercial fishing boat being hoisted by a lattice crane that is handling hoisting duties while the new hoist are undergoing repairs (there's more port pics at the end of our feature).

The photos below are from the Elk River. The first two shots show a home with a meandering Elk River alongside her (sorry this home isn't for sale). The last image is a view of the river from a home I visited during my trip. 

Mvc-557x_1.jpg (124429 bytes)Mvc-558x_1.jpg (126513 bytes)Mvc-556x_1.jpg (145065 bytes)

The photos below were shot at Hubbards Creek Beach. The first two pics show the Hubbards Creek outlet and beach with Humbug Mountain looming in the background.  Click here to view photos from a Past Oregon Pics feature about Hubbards Creek Beach.

Mvc-575x_1.jpg (54819 bytes)Mvc-576x_1.jpg (65925 bytes)Mvc-574x_1.jpg (99373 bytes)

Next stop is at the new Paradise Terrace subdivision. The first photo shows a zoomed view of Lake Garrison and Pacific Ocean as seen from the upper lots. The middle image is a wide angle view shot from the same location. All of the Paradise Terrace lots front this just completed paved city road and utilities. The last photo is a partially zoomed view of the Port Orford Reef.

Mvc-563x_1.jpg (74397 bytes)Mvc-562x_1.jpg (97240 bytes)Mvc-568x_1.jpg (69068 bytes)

More pics from Paradise Terrace - The first image is a zoomed view of the Cape Blanco headland and lighthouse. Next is a couple of large seastacks at the Port Orford Reef. Our last photo shows the town, lake, and ocean as seen from Paradise Terrace.

Mvc-567x_1.jpg (61551 bytes)Mvc-565x_1.jpg (54557 bytes)Mvc-569x_1.jpg (91943 bytes)

I stopped on Highway 101 on my way back to town and shot this next sequence of photos. First is some seastacks at Battle Rock Beach (click here to see pics of this beach as seen from Battle Rock Park). The next two images show the Port of Port Orford as seen from my highway stop.

Mvc-704x_1.jpg (54567 bytes)Mvc-705x_1.jpg (105904 bytes)Mvc-706x_1.jpg (89059 bytes)

The first two photos below were shot from the same location as above. We begin with Tichenor Rock. Next is a zoomed view of a boat starting it's rise from the water with Tichenor Cove in the background. I moved to a spot above the port and shot this last pic of the trawler getting ready to drop on it's trailer. You can see the bumpers and steel panels of the port clearly in this image.

Mvc-707x_1.jpg (42311 bytes)Mvc-708x_1.jpg (77154 bytes)Mvc-710x_1.jpg (82642 bytes)

A hand-bound book creation by Karen  We have a new link on our Oregon Coast Links page, BooksUnique.com! Local Port Orford artist/bookbinder Karen Butts, creates new book designs, based on century old principles. She uses a variety of natural and man made materials for her custom made books, such as cedar (Port Orford white cedar), silks and other high quality cloths, handmade papers, etc. Karen Butts has a new website that showcases her unique talents, click here to visit BooksUnique.com. Click here to see her new link on our Oregon Coast Links page.

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