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Feb 20-23 ~ Cape Blanco, Battle Rock Park, Port Pics

Mvc-709x_1.jpg (50316 bytes)Friday, 02-23-2001 ~ No rain today! This week our normal Southern Oregon Coast winter weather returned and blessed us with some much needed rain (and some pretty strong winds and surf too).

Mvc-811x_1.jpg (69551 bytes)At 10:00 the sun came out so I walked across the highway and took some pics and video for today's update. The first two photos of Battle Rock below were shot from just above the Battle Rock Park Visitor Center. I zoomed-in and took the picture on the left of the cove that sits between Battle Rock and Fort Point. I walked up the highway about 100 feet and took the image on the lower right showing the Port and Fort Point Rock. The picture above right is from a February 13 photo session and shows a trawler being hoisted by the lattice crane that's handling the chores while the new hoist undergo repairs (there's more photos from this shoot at the end of today's update).

Mvc-796x_1.jpg (76029 bytes)Mvc-797x_1.jpg (68686 bytes)Mvc-801x_1.jpg (67379 bytes)

The photos below start with another view of Battle Rock with the Port in the background. Next is a the Visitor Center and parking area at Battle Rock Park with Fort Point in the background. The last image shows the Highway and Old Town Port Orford on the right.

Click here to see Battle Rock video!I took some video with sound after shooting the first photo of Battle Rock below.  Click here to see 15 seconds of Battle Rock video!

Mvc-800x_1.jpg (67405 bytes)Mvc-806x_1.jpg (75631 bytes)Mvc-807x_1.jpg (84015 bytes)

The photos below were shot from the same location as above. The first pic shows a surfer working a wave at Battle Rock Beach. Next is a zoomed view of some Port action. I turned to the north and took the picture of our Agate Realty office (the recent rains have slowed-up our remodeling project).

Click here to see cool surfing video!I took some cool surfing video with sound after shooting the first photo below. Click here to see 15 seconds of some Battle Rock surfing video!

MVC-815X.JPG (64693 bytes)Mvc-818x_1.jpg (62604 bytes)Mvc-814x_1.jpg (78444 bytes)

Below are Port pics from my February 13 photo session at Fort Point. First image shows the north end of the Port and access road with Graveyard Point in the background. Next is a zoomed view of Port a Graveyard Point with Hell's Gate in the background (located to the right of Tichenor Rock). The last image below shows Tichenor Rock with a commercial boat and Port below.

Mvc-722x_1.jpg (82680 bytes)Mvc-715x_1.jpg (52825 bytes)Mvc-718x_1.jpg (74990 bytes)

The first photo below shows the Port at low tide. Next is the beach located between the Port and Fort Point (this beach is a popular dog walking spot). Our last image of the day shows a commercial boat getting ready to be dropped on it's trailer.

Mvc-714x_1.jpg (47755 bytes)Mvc-713x_1.jpg (50193 bytes)Mvc-711x_1.jpg (54428 bytes)

MVC-753X.JPG (52787 bytes)Tuesday, 02-20-2001 ~ Stormy weather this morning. We took the dogs to Cape Blanco late yesterday afternoon. The temperature was mild with light wind, perfect for a beach walk. The only problem was that the setting sun was obscured by clouds in the horizon, so today's pics are a little below our usual standards, but I figured our regular visitors would like to see them anyway. The photo on the right is a portrait view looking back at the beach parking area with a bluff and driftwood below. Mvc-767x_1.jpg (37425 bytes)The image on the left has Norma and the dogs in silhouette with a setting sun reflecting off the Cape Blanco surf.

The pics below start with Jerry Lee and Angel strolling the beach with a seal in the background. The next two photos are sad, this seal looked like it wasn't feeling too well, she was laying there just feeling miserable. The urge to try to help her was strong, but we know it is better to leave these creatures alone.

MVC-739X.JPG (41367 bytes)MVC-741X.JPG (65766 bytes)MVC-743X.JPG (66020 bytes)

The photos below start with a shot of a Cape Blanco bluff with it's layers of sand and rock clearly visible. The middle image has Norma and Jerry below the bluff amongst the driftwood logs that accumulate in this cove. The last picture has the dogs with a misty Cape Blanco headland in the background.

MVC-752X.JPG (67105 bytes)MVC-758X.JPG (76552 bytes)MVC-748X.JPG (44148 bytes)

The first two pics below show an interesting log that washed upon the beach just below the parking area and beach access. Our final photo is a sunset shot from our evening walk.

MVC-764X.JPG (90034 bytes)MVC-765X.JPG (62629 bytes)Mvc-768x_1.jpg (46486 bytes)

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