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Feb 24-March 3 ~ Hubbards Creek Beach, Elk River Home

Mvc-208x.jpg (102779 bytes)Saturday, 03-03-2001 ~ Dry with high clouds. Yesterday's weather was perfect, sunny and warm, so we closed up shop for a couple of hours in the afternoon and visited Hubbards Creek Beach (located about a mile south of town). The photos below start with a wide angle view shot looking south down Hubbards Creek Beach. I turned to the north and took the next image showing the Hubbards Creek outlet with Battle Rock Beach in the background. The last photo of Battle Rock Beach was shot during our return walk to our truck. The pic above left has our pups waiting for Norma to throw their stick.

Mvc-178x.jpg (51019 bytes)Mvc-219x.jpg (54024 bytes)Mvc-181x.jpg (51134 bytes)

There is a small sheltered cove that is situated near the cliffs that's perfect for enjoying some sun. The photos below show the cove with Jerry and Angel having fun.

Mvc-217x.jpg (101323 bytes)Mvc-184x.jpg (90200 bytes)Mvc-190x.jpg (85402 bytes)

Below are more action shots from our beach walk. The shale cliffs make a neat backdrop for these images.

Mvc-189x.jpg (87582 bytes)Mvc-205x.jpg (94347 bytes)Mvc-204x.jpg (105861 bytes)

When leaving I zoomed in on Monkey Rock with the Port in the background. Our last photo shows a house that sits above Hubbards Creek.

Mvc-221x.jpg (68289 bytes)Mvc-214x.jpg (48126 bytes)Mvc-228x.jpg (86080 bytes)

Mvc-842x.jpg (80949 bytes)Our next update will probably include pics and stories from our Sunday afternoon visit to Cape Blanco Park, Lighthouse, and Beach. These photos are quite spectacular and you won't want to miss them. Here's a sample set to show what's on tap! First is a wide angle view looking east at the Sixes River. Next is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse with the old barracks on the right. The last image shows the Cape Blanco Beach and Headland as seen from the cliff that's near the beach access trail. The pic above right is an old home that is just across the Sixes River and Hughes House.

Mvc-835x.jpg (57368 bytes)Mvc-865x.jpg (49884 bytes)Mvc-885x.jpg (63404 bytes)

State_Park_link_page.jpg (115190 bytes)Saturday, 02-24-2001 ~ Overcast skies this morning. In today's update I want to highlight a new feature for our sites, Southern Oregon Coast State Park links! This page is pretty cool, it has a map of the Southern Oregon Coast with all the state parks listed. Just click on the name of the park on the map and you go to the park's information page. There's also a listing of the parks with a small map showing it's location and short description about the park. Check it out, click here to visit our new Southern Oregon Coast State Park page!

Mvc-782x_1.jpg (102765 bytes)I took a few pics from our Elk River house before coming into work yesterday morning. The photo on the left is a view looking down at our house and 100+ year old spruce trees that surround our property. The first picture below is a view looking down at the Elk River as seen from our home. The next image shows the view looking toward the east (the Elk River boat launch is seen at the bottom of the pic). The photo bottom right shows the Steelhead fisherman's trucks and trailers. Our recent rains must have brought some Steelhead upriver.

Mvc-774x_1.jpg (105731 bytes)Mvc-771x_1.jpg (119349 bytes)MVC-772X.JPG (99010 bytes)

The first two photos below are some more view shots from our home. The yellow patches on the hills are thick gorse fields in bloom. Our final pic for today has our Rottweiler/Beagle mix Angel in from of a large spruce tree that centers on our driveway.

Mvc-773x_1.jpg (81028 bytes)Mvc-776x_1.jpg (80368 bytes)Mvc-792x_1.jpg (127816 bytes)

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