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February 4-6 ~ Battle Rock, Bandon Jetty, Port pics

Tuesday, 02-06-2001 ~ Weird weather today, cold with scattered clouds, scattered rain, scattered sunshine. At 4:00 today I looked out the office window and saw the clouds part and the sun shine brightly on a low tide Battle Rock Beach. The scene was so spectacular that I ran across the highway to Battle Rock Park and snapped pics and video to share with you, our website visitors. These images are so fantastic that I couldn't wait to get them online.

Mvc-623x_1.jpg (68850 bytes)Mvc-624x_1.jpg (48726 bytes)Mvc-625x_1.jpg (73946 bytes)

Mvc-626x_1.jpg (61631 bytes)Mvc-627x_1.jpg (88734 bytes)Mvc-628x_1.jpg (68036 bytes)

Mvc-629x_1.jpg (88125 bytes)Mvc-630x_1.jpg (73006 bytes)Mvc-631x_1.jpg (97461 bytes)

Norma's afternoon Agate treasures, 02-06-01.jpg (92886 bytes)Norma's polished Agates and Jasper.jpg (115224 bytes)Special note to our rockhound friends ~ While I was snapping photos and video at Battle Rock Park, a friend was out collecting Agates and Jasper at Agate Beach. They found a huge Agate and my friend found this nice collection of stones for the tumbler (photo on right). The pic on the left is a sample of some of my polished Agates and Jasper.

New Video, Bandon, and Battle Rock Park pics

Coquille River lighthouse in portrait, 02-02-2001.jpg (37340 bytes)Sunday, Monday, 02-04,05-2001 ~ It's been awhile since my last update so today's feature will be extra special so I can make-up to our regular visitors for the delay (lots of pics and new video from Battle Rock Park and Port of Port Orford). We start with some pics from our Saturday visit to the Bandon Jetty and Bullards Beach. Brian at Bullards Beach, 02-03-2001.jpg (66062 bytes)We stopped at the jetty to have lunch at a nice restaurant called the Bandon Boathouse with it's table views of the river and lighthouse.

Our first photo and the set below of the Coquille River Lighthouse were shot from the road leading to the Jetty. These images were shot at 2:00 PM, close to low tide. The photo of the big bearded dude at the left was taken on Bullards Beach (the beach located behind and to the north of the lighthouse photos below).

People below River lighthouse, 02-03-2001.jpg (38222 bytes)Wide angle Coquille lighthouse, 02-03-2001.jpg (66550 bytes)Zoomed view of fishing boat and lighthouse, 02-03-2001.jpg (40406 bytes)

Battle Rock beach, 02-04-2001.jpg (48040 bytes)Battle Rock Beach, wide angle, 02-04-2001.jpg (52138 bytes)Zoomed view of beach action, 02-04-2001.jpg (54889 bytes)

I stopped at the Port this morning (Monday 2-5) and shot some pics and video to show how beautiful today is!

Port wide angle, 02-05-01.jpg (51920 bytes)Lady and dog on Port beach, 02-05-01.jpg (93372 bytes)Port,beach, and graveyard point, 02-05-01.jpg (75422 bytes)

Below are more pics from my stop at the Port.

Port, beach, Tichenor rock, 02-05-01.jpg (74298 bytes)Tichenor Rock with port in foreground, 02-05-01.jpg (81600 bytes)Port and beach, 02-05-01.jpg (60507 bytes)

We end our update with a couple pics shot yesterday (Sunday) from my new office. Our last photo on the lower right is a teaser pic from last Tuesday (01-30-2001). I spent the day installing new yard signs and shot a couple dozen great pictures from several locations (Elk River, Hubbard's Creek Beach, and Paradise Terrace). Stay tuned for this next feature and more video!

Humbug with a cloud hat, 02-04-2001.jpg (49134 bytes)Port Orford cove, 02-04-2001.jpg (58910 bytes)Humbug and Hubbards Creek Beach, 1-30-2001.jpg (53452 bytes)

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