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February 9-12 ~ Battle Rock, Face Rock Pics and Video

Morning Pics and Video from Battle Rock Park

Monday, 02-12-2001 ~ Beautiful weather this morning, sunny with mostly clear skies and light wind. At 10:30 this morning I walked across the highway and shot some video and pics from our magnificent Battle Rock Park. The first set of photos start with a wide angle view of Battle Rock with Fort Point to the right and the Port of Port Orford in the distance. The middle image is a zoomed view of Tichenor Rock with the Port in the foreground. The last image is historic Battle Rock in the morning sun.

Mvc-670x_1.jpg (75616 bytes)Mvc-669x_1.jpg (59713 bytes)Mvc-665x_1.jpg (72990 bytes)

The first photo below has Fort Point rock with Hells Gate in the background and the Port with it's commercial hoist on the right. Second is another wide angle view from Battle Rock Park. I turned around and shot this last pic showing the location of my new office as seen from my photo vantage point.
Click here to see a video from my morning photo session showing Orford Cove.

Mvc-668x_1.jpg (76423 bytes)Mvc-664x_1.jpg (75168 bytes)Mvc-672x_1.jpg (87519 bytes)

A few hours later I again walked across the highway and took this next sequence of photos starting with a view of the Battle Rock Park Visitor Center with a smokey Humbug Mountain in the background. Next is a zoomed view of the burn with Rocky Point below. The last image is Monkey Rock with the south end of Hubbards Creek Beach in the background.

Mvc-679x_1.jpg (71536 bytes)Mvc-682x_1.jpg (64194 bytes)MVC-680X.JPG (67017 bytes)

Below are shots of some Robins looking for worms next to my office. There is a yellow breasted bird in the first image, I'm not sure what species it is.

MVC-687X.JPG (115160 bytes)MVC-703X.JPG (110408 bytes)MVC-697X.JPG (135927 bytes)

The final set of images were shot last Wednesday from the Agate Realty office. The first is a wide angle view showing Norma's view with Highway 101 in the center of the image. Next is Humbug Mountain as seen from Agate Realty. Our final pic shows Redfish Rocks with Nesika Beach in the distance.
Click here to see a video from this photo session.

Mvc-645x_1.jpg (58935 bytes)Mvc-647x_1.jpg (57830 bytes)Mvc-646x_1.jpg (49242 bytes)

Maybe next update I'll finally post the pics from my run around Port Orford, but these new photos opportunities keep happening and I'd rather show the images while they're current). 
Click here to see some spectacular afternoon images of Battle Rock Beach.

Bandon's Face Rock Video and Pics

Face Rock, 2-9-01.jpg (47191 bytes)Friday, 02-09-2001 ~ Raining today with spots of fair weather. I made a quick stop at Face Rock during a trip to Bandon to pick up some supplies for my new office. I was lucky and hit the park just when a slight clearing allowed some sunshine to peek thru and illuminate the coastline. The tide was high and the waves were quite active. The following pics and video were shot today at 1:00 PM. The photo on the left is Face Rock.

Click here for video showing Face Rock with with a roiling ocean around her plus Seagull and ocean audio.

Mvc-654x_1.jpg (77918 bytes)Mvc-653x_1.jpg (65496 bytes)Mvc-655x_1.jpg (54099 bytes)

Click here to see video from the photo session above.

Mvc-661x_1.jpg (60495 bytes)Mvc-656x_1.jpg (58338 bytes)Mvc-658x_1.jpg (73580 bytes)

Click here to see more video from Face Rock beach in Bandon. We visited Face Rock beach last summer and took several great pics of this beautiful coastline during calmer times, click here to see a Past Oregon Pics feature about Face Rock. Can you see the Face Rock profile in the first photo below (hint: she's looking towards the right).

Mvc-660x_1.jpg (44857 bytes)Mvc-663x_1.jpg (50495 bytes)Mvc-662x_1.jpg (35716 bytes)

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I'll try to post the pics from my jaunt around Port Orford to put up Norma's new lawn signs in the next update.

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