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We're now Agate Realty!

Battle Rock Beach walk portrait.jpg (68433 bytes)Sunday, January 14, 2001 ~ Today we start with some pics from inside my new office, then a quick stroll on Battle Rock Beach (teaser pic on the left), and finish with a stop at the Devil's Churn. 

Agate Realty sign.jpg (64525 bytes)The pic on the right features are just completed storefront sign (thanks go to our friends Bob and Jerry Sutton for usage of their enlarger). Our first two photos below are views of the Port Orford Cove shot from Agate Realty. First is a wide angle view of the cove, Humbug Mountain, Red Fish Rocks, and Nesika Beach in the distance. Next pic is a zoomed view of Humbug Mountain with Highway 101 in the foreground (my new office is the the first business you see when entering Port Orford from the south). The last image shows the just completed front office for Agate Realty.

Wide angle view from the new Agate Realty.jpg (80440 bytes)View of Humbug from the new Agate Realty.jpg (62991 bytes)Inside Norma's new Agate Realty office.jpg (60267 bytes)

The next set of images show a couple enjoying a peaceful walk on a deserted Battle Rock Beach. Our new office is located just across the highway from this magnificent beach.

Battle Rock Beach walk 1.jpg (61574 bytes)Battle Rock Beach walk 2.jpg (69483 bytes)Battle Rock Beach walk 3.jpg (70934 bytes)

Our final set begins with two pics from a recent visit to the Devil's Churn. Our last image of Kava and his new friends was sent to us by our good buddy Dan Hill (most of our better photos are shot with his Sony Mavica that he graciously lets us borrow).

Norma at Devil's Churn.jpg (82517 bytes)Norma at Devil's Churn 2.jpg (105637 bytes)Kavas_new_friends.jpg (144471 bytes)

Special thanks to those who sent their best wishes for our new business!

Sunday, 01-14-2001 ~ This week we started our new company Agate Realty! Our office is located in a cute little cottage that was built in 1936. View of office from the southwest .jpg (70899 bytes)Sixty plus years are hard on a house that is almost ocean front; so for the last few weeks this little lady has undergone some major construction therapy in preparation for her big opening. 

Below and right are a few pics from the remodeling project. The first two photos show the new insulation, siding, and windows being installed. The last image and adjacent right has her with a little make-up on. The trim and soffits will be a bright white.

New insulation, siding, and windows.jpg (74717 bytes)New meets siding meets old.jpg (74429 bytes)Makeup for the stong lady.jpg (64718 bytes)

Agate Realty is the first office building you'll see when entering the town of Port Orford from the south. I will post more reconstruction pics this week. The front office is complete except for the re-installation of the wood stove. The back office, kitchen, and bathroom are next on the list.

Elk Cow Pics, 01-17-2001.jpg (78571 bytes)Below and adjacent are some pics from my trip to Portland for building supplies. I stopped at the Dean Creek Elk viewing area located about 5 minute east of Reedsport. This first set of images were taken late Sunday afternoon during the northbound leg of my journey. There was a large herd of Elk cows grazing about a 100 yards off the roadway. The wide angle photo on the right shows the herd resting and grazing in the field. The pics below are zoomed images of the scene.

Lone bull elk with the cows.jpg (73924 bytes)Cute elk cow grazing.jpg (76165 bytes)King and his harem.jpg (65052 bytes)

This set was shot last Monday during the return leg of my trip. The middle photo shows the pack of 6 or 7 males with some cows in the distance.

Bull Elk at Dean Creek 1.jpg (105655 bytes)Wide angle Bull elk at Dean Creek, 1-18-2001.jpg (59434 bytes)Bulls with some cows in the distance.jpg (89472 bytes)

Soon I will post some pics of the inside of Norma's new Agate Realty office and some great photos of a couple walking Battle Rock Beach!

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