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Port Orford's Fourth of July Jubilee Days Celebration 2001

Dsc00599.jpg (102400 bytes)Dsc00633.jpg (92943 bytes)Clear and sunny this morning. Today I'm posting pics from last Wednesday's 4th of July, Port Orford Jubilee Days Parade.

The festivities began with a fly-over by a couple of F16 fighter jets (sorry no pics). The road was closed to thru traffic, then a couple of police car sirens started wailing as the procession moved south down Highway 101 (photos below).

Dsc00581.jpg (68071 bytes)Dsc00590.jpg (76313 bytes)Dsc00592.jpg (81889 bytes)

The American Legion float lead the parade entries. This year World War II veterans were honored. The last photo shows a flat-bed trailer with local politicians and dignitaries on board.

Dsc00593.jpg (110206 bytes)Dsc00594.jpg (104769 bytes)Dsc00595.jpg (101221 bytes)

Most of the parade entries tossed candies for the kids (first two photos below).

Dsc00597.jpg (95488 bytes)Dsc00598.jpg (86280 bytes)Dsc00600.jpg (96523 bytes)

Our friends at Cedar Grove Farm looked sharp in their old-time costumes.

Dsc00604.jpg (103264 bytes)Dsc00602.jpg (104481 bytes)Dsc00603.jpg (101129 bytes)
Dsc00606.jpg (104742 bytes)Dsc00624.jpg (119124 bytes)Dsc00625.jpg (109571 bytes)

Next is the llama ranchers with some of their animals. The last image shows the assisted living entry.

Dsc00609.jpg (102516 bytes)Dsc00610.jpg (96348 bytes)Dsc00612.jpg (103487 bytes)

The Jubilee Queen and her Court are shown in the first photo below. The next two images feature spectator shots.

Dsc00613.jpg (82209 bytes)Dsc00588.jpg (76273 bytes)Dsc00586.jpg (71971 bytes)

Below are a few Custom Car entries.

Dsc00615.jpg (70754 bytes)Dsc00643.jpg (75767 bytes)Dsc00642.jpg (78238 bytes)

Below are a few of the float entries. 

Dsc00617.jpg (102192 bytes)Dsc00641.jpg (81686 bytes)Dsc00640.jpg (99634 bytes)

The Hillah Temple Clowns were here too (photos below).

Dsc00630.jpg (81305 bytes)Dsc00634.jpg (87073 bytes)Dsc00631.jpg (101652 bytes)

The photos below show some of the Volunteer Fire Department entries.

Dsc00620.jpg (95265 bytes)Dsc00622.jpg (84951 bytes)Dsc00628.jpg (76269 bytes)

Logging, Trucking, Construction, and State Fire equipment were on parade.

Dsc00651.jpg (70286 bytes)Dsc00645.jpg (70439 bytes)Dsc00635.jpg (70946 bytes)

Port Orford's friendly Harley Riders are featured below.

Dsc00652.jpg (79228 bytes)Dsc00656.jpg (85501 bytes)Dsc00657.jpg (104950 bytes)

Parade music was provided by the Jensen Family Band (first photo below). After the parade, the band played at Driftwood Elementary School (last two images below).

Dsc00638.jpg (70976 bytes)Dsc00660.jpg (59663 bytes)Dsc00661.jpg (96539 bytes)

Click here to see photos and stories from last year's Jubilee Days Celebration.

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