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June 10-14 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach, Coast Candle

Thursday, 06-14-2001 ~ Sunny with lightly scattered clouds. I walked across the street to Battle Rock Park this morning and shot today's pics for this quick update.

Dsc00406.jpg (95522 bytes)Dsc00402.jpg (88216 bytes)Dsc00407.jpg (76423 bytes)

Local girls with their horses on the beach and town.

Dsc00405.jpg (91485 bytes)Dsc00404.jpg (53117 bytes)Dsc00410.jpg (69952 bytes)

Views of Battle Rock Park and zoomed Port shot.

Dsc00411.jpg (90955 bytes)Dsc00412.jpg (92381 bytes)Dsc00409.jpg (81097 bytes)

Some lamas in the morning sun next to our office.

Dsc00413.jpg (100644 bytes)Dsc00414.jpg (94997 bytes)Dsc00415.jpg (91123 bytes)

Have you signed up for a free YourName@BattleRockPark.com email address yet?

Dsc00326.jpg (60120 bytes)Sunday, 06-10-2001 ~ Overcast with light wind today. Yesterday's weather was sunny and warm.

Port_Orford_map_6-10-01.jpg (155409 bytes)After work yesterday we walked across the highway to Battle Rock Park (the dogs came along for a quick walk and swim too). I took this first set of pics from Battle Rock Park. The first image below is a wide angle view of Battle Rock Beach. Next is historic Battle Rock in a late afternoon sun with Red Fish Rocks and Island Rock in the distance. The last photo is a view looking down the vehicle access path with Humbug Mountain in the background. The map on the above left has our different photo spots highlighted.

Dsc00344.jpg (59575 bytes)Dsc00345.jpg (85451 bytes)Dsc00351.jpg (82583 bytes)

Before heading down to the beach I turned to the northeast and took the first picture of Battle Rock Park's Agate, Quartz, and Jasper water fountain (our Agate Realty office is seen in the background). The last two images are zoomed photos of Agate Realty. Our new parking area is almost completed now. You can sign-up for a free YourName@BattleRockPark.com email address by clicking here.   Click here to visit our site BattleRockPark.com.

Dsc00353.jpg (96519 bytes)Dsc00354.jpg (104891 bytes)Dsc00355.jpg (93018 bytes)

The first picture below is a view looking down the beach from the bottom of the vehicle access path. Next is a beach walk shot. Last is view of Humbug.

Dsc00334.jpg (81258 bytes)Dsc00333.jpg (50635 bytes)Dsc00330.jpg (69887 bytes)

The first pic is another surfline shot looking east down Battle Rock Beach. The last two images are Cabbage Rock and seastack shots (see map above for locations).

Dsc00328.jpg (45467 bytes)Dsc00329.jpg (75562 bytes)Dsc00319.jpg (71874 bytes)

The set of zoomed pics below start with Cabbage Rock, then Monkey Rock, and ending with some stacks with Humbug as a backdrop.

Dsc00321.jpg (78202 bytes)Dsc00322.jpg (75392 bytes)Dsc00323.jpg (57344 bytes)

More beach shots: First Humbug, then the large stack seen in the above photos, and finally a look past the large stack towards Hubbards Creek Beach. 

Dsc00318.jpg (51417 bytes)Dsc00315.jpg (51001 bytes)Dsc00310.jpg (63354 bytes)

Below are more views from the south side of the large stack seen in the previous pics. Monkey Rock is seen in the last image.

Dsc00312.jpg (75329 bytes)Dsc00309.jpg (55982 bytes)Dsc00308.jpg (49459 bytes)

I took this last set right before leaving Battle Rock Park.

Dsc00340.jpg (77426 bytes)Dsc00358.jpg (70385 bytes)Dsc00357.jpg (59636 bytes)

Dsc00365.jpg (66746 bytes)I stopped around the corner from Battle Rock Park and took the first two photos below of Norma's new listing Coast Candle and Traders West (see map above for Coast Candle location). You can see the top of Humbug in the photo on the left.

Next stop is at Paradise Point for some late afternoon pics (see map above for location). The last image below is a view from the Paradise Point parking area looking north towards Cape Blanco.

Dsc00361.jpg (71077 bytes)Dsc00364.jpg (62981 bytes)Dsc00376.jpg (76373 bytes)

We finish yesterday's session with more views from the Paradise Point parking area. The first image is a wide angle shot looking south. The second pic is a zoomed view of Agate Beach (I have some great images of Agate Beach, Garrison Lake, and Paradise Point Beach on my Hike on the Heads 2 feature). Our last pic has an ATVer on Paradise Point Beach with Klooqueh Rock in the background.

Dsc00368.jpg (73879 bytes)Dsc00373.jpg (53073 bytes)Dsc00369.jpg (53507 bytes)

Maybe someday I'll finally get to those Bandon/Coos Bay pics that I keep mentioning. I wanted to post yesterday's images while they were still fresh.

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