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March 19-23 ~ Port Orford Port, Hubbards Creek Beach

Mvc-271x.jpg (52432 bytes)Mvc-293x.jpg (87790 bytes)Monday, 03-19-2001 ~ Overcast skies again this morning. I stopped at the Port of Port Orford last Tuesday (March 13, 2001) and shot several dozen pics of the port happenings. The new commercial and sport boat hoist are still not operable so there is a lattice crane on site that's handling hoisting chores. The photos below start with a view looking east from the new port parking area located on the west side. The middle image is a view looking southeast at some commercial trawlers with the Castaway Hotel in the background. The final photo below shows the new hoists with the lattice crane behind.

Mvc-268x.jpg (59647 bytes)Mvc-267x.jpg (57550 bytes)Mvc-270x.jpg (59004 bytes)

I walked to the southwest end of the port and saw several fisherman working a school of smelt that had congregated in the cove. Their fishing rigs consisted of a 3-4 oz weight on the end with several treble hooks tied onto short leaders leading up from the weight. They would cast out into the cove and work the rig thru the school snagging a fish or two along the way. The photos below start with a man fishing with Fort Point on the left and Battle Rock on the right. Next is a group fishing with Humbug Mountain in the distance. The last image shows a bucket half full of 5-7" smelt.

Mvc-274x.jpg (59946 bytes)Mvc-294x.jpg (51158 bytes)Mvc-295x.jpg (92358 bytes)

The next set of pics feature the urchin boat the 'Shenanegen' coming into port to offload it's catch. The first photo has the boat rounding the jetty with Hubbards Creek Beach in the background. The next two pics show the boat with Battle Rock Beach in the distance.

Mvc-279x.jpg (57799 bytes)Mvc-280x.jpg (56282 bytes)Mvc-281x.jpg (60207 bytes)

The set of photos below start with the 'Shenanegen' alongside the port with it's catch and diving equipment on deck. The middle image shows a net basket of urchins being hoisted upon the landing. The last picture shows the urchin piled into a large basket waiting for processing. Most of these urchins will be shipped to Japan where they consider it a delicacy.

Mvc-292x.jpg (92320 bytes)Mvc-289x.jpg (89801 bytes)Mvc-291x.jpg (88888 bytes)

Our next set of pics feature the crab boat Playboy working it's way into port. The middle photo shows the boat with House Rock in the distance. The last image has Monkey Rock and Hubbards Creek outflow in the background. The crab harvest has been pretty poor this year.

Mvc-283x.jpg (73956 bytes)Mvc-285x.jpg (67159 bytes)Mvc-286x.jpg (69359 bytes)

This last set of pics show the two craft with Historic Battle Rock in the background. Our last photo today has Battle Rock and a large wave crashing into it's southern point. Our buddy Dan Hill (most of our pics are shot with his Sony Mavica) owns one of the homes that's seen in this photo. 

Mvc-282x.jpg (70962 bytes)Mvc-288x.jpg (70565 bytes)Mvc-276x.jpg (63506 bytes)

We just completed a 3 part series from our Sunday visit to Cape Blanco State Park. Click here if you missed it and want to see some neat lighthouse, park, and beach pics.

Mvc-320x.jpg (76254 bytes)Friday, 03-23-2001 ~ Overcast skies this morning. We took the dogs on a late afternoon walk on Hubbards Creek Beach last Tuesday (03-20-01). Hubbards Creek Beach is located about a half mile south of Port Orford. The sun was a little obscured by light clouds so these pics aren't up to our normal standards.

The first photo below is a wide angle view of the beach looking south towards Humbug Mountain. The tide was fairly low so quite a few shore rocks were visible (second pic). The last photo below and one above shows some of the Spruce trees that line the beach.

Mvc-298x.jpg (57716 bytes)Mvc-306x.jpg (86568 bytes)Mvc-321x.jpg (110144 bytes)

There were quite a few piles of beach rocks containing multi-colored Jasper. The first photo has Norma collecting some nice stones. The middle image has a rock outcrop with interesting textures. The last picture shows Rocky Point with Humbug in the background.

Mvc-318x.jpg (76262 bytes)Mvc-313x.jpg (84636 bytes)Mvc-311x.jpg (58290 bytes)

The set of six images below feature our Brindle Boxer Jerry Lee with different Hubbards Creek Beach scenes as a backdrop. The first two pics show how the rock layers have uplifted into a 30 degree angle.

Mvc-310x.jpg (77535 bytes)Mvc-303x.jpg (86922 bytes)Mvc-325x.jpg (86804 bytes)
Mvc-305x.jpg (98994 bytes)Mvc-301x.jpg (79912 bytes)Mvc-312x.jpg (70938 bytes)

Below are more scenes from Hubbards Creek Beach.

Mvc-326x.jpg (58804 bytes)Mvc-330x.jpg (74146 bytes)Mvc-316x.jpg (77229 bytes)

I took the photos below from our Elk River home before coming to work that morning. The bright yellow Gorse flowers make a nice contrast with the meadows below and Fir trees above. Gorse is an especially nasty plant, it has large sharp thorns and is extremely hard to eliminate once established.

Mvc-334x.jpg (92041 bytes)Mvc-335x.jpg (78080 bytes)Mvc-336x.jpg (98278 bytes)

I was greeted by the scenes below after arriving to our office this same morning. The first image has Historic Battle Rock with the Port of Port Orford in the background. Next is a wide angle view showing Fort Point (the peninsula on the right that sits above Battle Rock). The last picture is a zoomed view of the Port and it's harbor.

Mvc-343x.jpg (74868 bytes)Mvc-344x.jpg (77463 bytes)Mvc-348x.jpg (64190 bytes)

Our final set of pics are zoomed views of the Port as seen from just above Battle Rock Park. The lattice crane is still handling the hoisting chores. The new hoist are scheduled to receive improved hydraulics soon. The middle image shows Tichenor Rock in a morning sun.

Mvc-345x.jpg (72710 bytes)Mvc-347x.jpg (59196 bytes)Mvc-346x.jpg (77529 bytes)

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