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March 04, 2003 ~ Low tide walk on Battle Rock Beach, Part 1:  Note: I took a full 128mb card of pics and movies during this visit so this feature will be split into two parts.

Last Thursday Jerry and I took a late afternoon walk on Battle Rock Beach (pic on the right).  We timed our visit to coincide with a 4:30pm negative low tide.  I find beach walks are much more interesting during a low tide, you never know what you'll find when the ocean recedes.  Battle Rock beach and Orford Cove is home for many shipwrecks, during the winter months the sand is scoured away and sometimes their rusted remnants are revealed (first pic below).  The middle image below shows some tidal pools, often there are sea anemones and starfish to view in these pools.  The low tide allowed me to catch the last image from this different beach angle.

There were a few surfers taking advantage of some nice waves, below are my better surfer pics.  I took a really cool digital movie of a surfer catching and riding a wave, the link is posted later in this feature.

I took these photos below with different zoom settings, I was hoping to replicate our beach walk and some of it's beauty.  The first row shows views looking down the beach, the second row pics look towards Humbug Mountain.

Below are a few of my favorite Jerry pics from our walk.

Below are screen captures and links for two movies I took during our low tide Battle Rock Beach visit.  These movies require a QuickTime player to view.  You can download a free QuickTime player at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/.

Battle Rock Beach surfing, 5.60mb

Battle Rock surfing/panned view, 11.6mb

Click here to visit Part 2 of our Low Tide at Battle Rock Beach feature!

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