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March 6-13 ~ Sunday visit to Cape Blanco Park

Mvc-876x.jpg (66201 bytes)Tuesday, 03-13-2001 ~ Overcast skies this morning. We continue our visit to Cape Blanco Park with a stop at Cape Blanco Beach. Cape Blanco Beach is located at the south side of the park and headland (click here to visit the Cape Blanco Park page from the Oregon State Park website). The pic on the right show a portrait view looking north towards the Cape from the beach access trail. The photos below start with a wide angle view of the beach, headland, and bluff on the right. The middle image is a view looking south towards Port Orford (Humbug Mountain is seen in the distance). The last photo below shows the cape as seen from the beach.

Mvc-885x.jpg (63404 bytes)Mvc-887x.jpg (104185 bytes)Mvc-003x.jpg (44420 bytes)

The photos below start with a large multi-limbed stump with headland in the distance (click here to see a past pics feature with more pics of this strange stump). Next is our pups enjoying Cape Blanco's hard-packed and level sand beach. The final picture has Norma and dogs exploring some driftwood below the sand bluffs.

Mvc-892x.jpg (40517 bytes)Mvc-008x.jpg (40653 bytes)Mvc-007x.jpg (91479 bytes)

The first photo below has some small beach birds with the Lighthouse in the background. The next two images are close-up action shots of the little birds.

Mvc-894x.jpg (47411 bytes)Mvc-002x.jpg (58686 bytes)Mvc-899x.jpg (49356 bytes)

The pics below show Norma and the dogs playing on and by some large stumps. The Cape Blanco Beach cove catches hundreds of large driftwood pieces that wash upon her shore.

Mvc-028x.jpg (83759 bytes)Mvc-015x.jpg (86332 bytes)Mvc-013x.jpg (86376 bytes)

The first two photos below are reflection shots taken from the beach. We stopped at one of the park's camping cabins and shot this final pic. 

Mvc-025x.jpg (45749 bytes)Mvc-896x.jpg (42558 bytes)Mvc-031x.jpg (106119 bytes)

This concludes our 3 part series about our Sunday visit to Cape Blanco Park. Below are the first two installments.

Cape Blanco wallpaper capture.jpg (115378 bytes)Mvc-862x.jpg (37275 bytes)Thursday, 03-08-2001 ~ Mostly cloudy with scattered sunshine and occasional rain this afternoon. We continue with our visit to Cape Blanco Park. Our first stop today is at the Cape Blanco Headland. The photos below start with a view of the south Headland.  The middle image shows the central headland with it's

Our pic of the day above features the Cape Blanco Lighthouse with it's Information Center below. I caught the lighted lenses just as it was rotating towards me. This pic makes a great desktop wallpaper! I took a screen capture of my computer's desktop to illustrate how yours can look.

Mvc-858x.jpg (63851 bytes)Mvc-860x.jpg (68435 bytes)Mvc-863x.jpg (66616 bytes)

This next set of pictures start with a wide angle view of the middle and north headland. The next two images are views of the north coast as seen from Cape Blanco. The pic on the lower right shows the Sixes River outlet.

Mvc-864x.jpg (75176 bytes)Mvc-866x.jpg (64970 bytes)Mvc-869x.jpg (58832 bytes)

Our final set of images starts with a zoomed view of the Sixes River outlet seen in the photos above. The next two pics feature the historic Cape Blanco Lighthouse (the first lighthouse constructed in Oregon and home of the first woman light keeper). Our last image has a guy with his remote control glider heading off to the Cape Blanco cliff. The ever-present headland wind makes this a popular spot for glider enthusiast. 

Mvc-868x.jpg (57507 bytes)Mvc-861x.jpg (52375 bytes)Mvc-872x.jpg (66506 bytes)

Our next update will feature pics from our Cape Blanco Beach visit. For more Cape Blanco Park information visit our Southern Oregon Coast State Parks link page and click on Cape Blanco Park.

Mvc-229x.jpg (82149 bytes)Tuesday, 03-06-2001 ~ Beautiful weather today! We took a late afternoon walk on Paradise Point and Agate Beach yesterday. The weather was perfect, sunny and warm with light wind. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, so this first set of pics are from the Paradise Point parking area taken after our walk was over. The first image on the left shows the parking area and view looking south towards Agate Beach. The photos below start with a wide angle view of Paradise Point beach. Next is a zoomed view of Agate Beach with the Port Orford Heads in the background. The last image below shows the view looking north with the Cape Blanco headland barely seen in the distance.

Mvc-231x.jpg (73534 bytes)Mvc-230x.jpg (59996 bytes)Mvc-234x.jpg (70744 bytes)

This next few sets of photos are from our Sunday, February 25 visit to Cape Blanco State Park. We start with a couple of happy pups waiting to take off to the beach. We stopped at a field on the road leading to the park and took the next two photos of some sheep and their new babies.

Mvc-829x.jpg (53270 bytes)Mvc-834x.jpg (79032 bytes)Mvc-831x.jpg (91884 bytes)

Our next stop is on the park road that sits above the historic Hughes House and Sixes River boat launching area. The first photo is a view looking east up the Sixes River. Next is a view looking north. The last image is a zoomed view from the previous pic showing some sheep grazing by the river.

Mvc-836x.jpg (56640 bytes)Mvc-837x.jpg (66883 bytes)Mvc-838x.jpg (79439 bytes)

The next set starts with a couple of zoomed shots of an old, privately owned ranch home that sits across the river. The last photo shows the Sixes River boat launching area.

Mvc-839x.jpg (72272 bytes)Mvc-840x.jpg (91415 bytes)Mvc-852x.jpg (72215 bytes)

The next set of pics were shot from the same location but looking northwest towards the mouth of the Sixes River. The middle image shows the new road that leads down to the Hughes House and park personnel headquarters (seen at the middle right). Our last picture is a zoomed view of the large seastack seen in the previous image.

Mvc-848x.jpg (76200 bytes)Mvc-853x.jpg (75526 bytes)Mvc-856x.jpg (66415 bytes)

In our next update I'll post pics from the Cape Blanco Headland and Lighthouse. Click here to visit our Southern Oregon Coast State Parks page with links to Cape Blanco and Paradise Point information.

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