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May 15 ~ Elk River, Port of Port Orford, Battle Rock

Tuesday, 05-15-2001 ~ Strong rain the last few days is slacking off to drizzle late this afternoon. We took Sunday off and drove up the Elk River to Butler Bar Park to have some fun with the dogs and try out our the new Mavica CD1000. Below are some pics from our afternoon visit.

Butler Bar 1.jpg (107366 bytes)Norma and Jerry on Butler Bar bridge.jpg (87454 bytes)Butler Bar 2.jpg (106556 bytes)

Fun with Jerry and Angel at Butler Bar.

Norma and dogs at Butler Bar.jpg (123443 bytes)Norma and Angel at Butler Bar.jpg (137030 bytes)Jerry at Butler Bar 1.jpg (120163 bytes)

Jerry and Angel at Butler Bar 1.jpg (105131 bytes)Jerry and Angel at Butler Bar 3.jpg (102413 bytes)Jerry and Angel at Butler Bar 2.jpg (102150 bytes)

Later in the day (about 6:00 PM) I took these photos at an overcast Paradise Point. The first picture is a look towards the Heads. Next is a view looking north towards the Cape Blanco Headland. Last is a zoomed view of the lighthouse and point (I caught the beacon just as it rotated my way).

Paradise Point 47.jpg (62138 bytes)Paradise Point 57.jpg (42782 bytes)Paradise Point 56.jpg (23592 bytes)

One more look south at Agate Beach from Paradise Point then off to the Castaway Hotel to get some pics of some Port action. 

Paradise Point 46.jpg (53330 bytes)Dsc00072.jpg (58756 bytes)Port 73.jpg (69602 bytes)

Below are some close-up boat hoisting scenes. All the images featured today have been resampled down to a 640x480 resolution. Click here to see a full-size 1600x1200 version of the last image below

Port 78.jpg (71207 bytes)Port 81.jpg (85282 bytes)Port 96.jpg (76097 bytes)

The photos below are views to the southeast towards Battle Rock Beach (seen in middle image). The zoomed picture of the fishing boat has the south end of Hubbards Creek Beach in the background.

Castaway 107.jpg (42151 bytes)Fort_Point.jpg (54425 bytes)Castaway 106.jpg (45323 bytes)

More zoomed views from Castaway Hotel and adjacent Visitor Viewpoint.

Orford Cove 68.jpg (37333 bytes)Orford Cove 111.jpg (42556 bytes)Port 93.jpg (64517 bytes)

The scenes below were shot from the Visitor Viewpoint. The Port/Fort Point Beach is a popular spot for doggie walks.

Port 115.jpg (49458 bytes)Port 99.jpg (67269 bytes)Port Beach 79.jpg (59357 bytes)

I turned east towards Battle Rock Park and shot this next set of images.

Coast_Candle_1.jpg (70331 bytes)Coast Candle 100.jpg (85754 bytes)Coast_Candle_2.jpg (79709 bytes)

I then moved to a spot just above and to the northwest of Historic Battle Rock and took this next set of pictures of Battle Rock Park. A zoomed view of our Agate Realty office is seen in the last image.

Battle Rock Park 130.jpg (86771 bytes)Battle Rock Park 129.jpg (72026 bytes)Battle Rock Park 127.jpg (71244 bytes)

A turn towards Battle Rock Beach, Humbug Mountain, and Battle Rock.

Battle Rock Park 131.jpg (75380 bytes)Battle Rock Park 121.jpg (81229 bytes)Battler Rock 120.jpg (75541 bytes)

The first two photos below are more Battle Rock Beach scenes. The last picture shows our friends vacation rental, Battle Rock Villa.

Dsc00119.jpg (58689 bytes)Battle Rock Park 122.jpg (74058 bytes)Battle Rock Park 132.jpg (62861 bytes)

I went to Ray's Market and when exiting noticed that the sun had appeared. I then drove back to the Port Visitor Viewpoint and took this last set of pics. A little sunshine caused dramatic differences in the views. These images were taken just an hour before the first viewpoint photos seen previously.

Port 134.jpg (41375 bytes)Visitor Point 135.jpg (44714 bytes)Visitor Point 139.jpg (52755 bytes)

What do you think about the improved quality of these new Mavica CD1000 images? The photos above and over a hundred more were shot and stored on just one mini CD. These images were all full-sized 2.1 mega-pixel files too! Click here to see a full sized 1600x1200 version of the last image of Fort Point Beach and Orford Cove above. Soon we will offer full-sized Oregon Pics on CD like the two 2.1 mega-pixel images posted today.

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