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May 17-31 ~ Garrison Lake, Port Orford town pics

Dsc00153.jpg (87144 bytes)Thursday, 05-31-2001 ~ Beautiful weather today, sunny and warm with light wind. Yesterday I took a drive around Port Orford to check on yard signs, these first few sets of pics are from my journey. 

Our first stop is at Arizona Street, located at the east end of Lake Garrison. The 3 part set below is a panned view of the lake looking south to north. Our first photo above is a zoomed view of the house seen in the first picture below. Garrison Lake encompasses approximately 80 acres.

Dsc00152.jpg (86417 bytes)Dsc00151.jpg (70740 bytes)Dsc00150.jpg (87160 bytes)

Next is a quick stop at Paradise Point for some morning beach shots. The first photo is a view looking south down Agate Beach and Port Orford Heads. Next is a look north towards Cape Blanco. The last pic shows the view looking west with a hazy Orford Reef in the distance.

Dsc00159.jpg (68425 bytes)Dsc00160.jpg (61656 bytes)Dsc00163.jpg (50652 bytes)

Dsc00154.jpg (81828 bytes)Next are some pics from Norma's one acre plus lot on Garrison Lake Road. This property has a nice view of the lake and Pacific Ocean, located just a short walk to the 5 mile long beach seen in the photos above, and priced at just $74,500. The first picture below shows the lot looking east to west with the ocean in the background. I walked up to the lot's bluff and took the next two images showing Lake Garrison and sand spit with the ocean beyond. The last picture is a lake view looking slightly to the north of the previous image. The photo above shows the property looking southeast to northwest.

Dsc00158.jpg (104203 bytes)Dsc00155.jpg (112932 bytes)Dsc00156.jpg (113687 bytes)

Dsc00167.jpg (102746 bytes)Our next stop is at the top of Deady Street for some panoramic views of Port Orford (our Agate Realty office is located at the beginning of this street). The picture on the left is a southwest view of the Port Orford Headland (Coast Guard Hill).

The first pic below is a view of Coast Guard Hill with Graveyard Point at the left (the Port is located directly below). Next is a view looking west at Garrison Lake, Pacific Ocean, and Orford Reef (the sand spit between the lake and ocean is the one seen in the middle picture above). Last is a view looking northwest with some of the town below and Cape Blanco on the far right.

Dsc00168.jpg (105566 bytes)Dsc00165.jpg (88558 bytes)Dsc00166.jpg (90595 bytes)

Last Monday (Memorial Day) I stopped a the south end of town and took the pictures below of a flag lined Highway 101.

Dsc00102.jpg (68304 bytes)Dsc00101.jpg (64487 bytes)Dsc00105.jpg (68394 bytes)

Dsc00109.jpg (75844 bytes)Yesterday I drove about a half mile south of town (near the Sea Crest Motel and just north of Hubbards Creek) and took this next set of pics. The image on the left is a portrait view looking south towards Rocky Point and Humbug Mountain.

The photos below start with a view of Orford Cove, Port Orford Headland, and Battle Rock Beach on the far right. Next is a zoomed view of the Port with Graveyard Point behind. The last image is a view looking down at Monkey Rock.

Dsc00106.jpg (90953 bytes)Dsc00113.jpg (103343 bytes)Dsc00110.jpg (94646 bytes)

Our last stop is at Agate Realty for some afternoon view pics (first two photos below). I walked across the street and took this last image of the Battle Rock Park Visitor Center.

Dsc00146.jpg (68956 bytes)Dsc00148.jpg (74604 bytes)Dsc00149.jpg (79322 bytes)

I've been busy designing and installing new signs. Our Agate Realty office has a new cut-out sign and seagulls. The Paradise Terrace subdivision has new plat plan signage. The lots at Paradise Terrace are going real quick, 6 have been sold in the last couple of weeks.

DSC00169.jpg (70749 bytes)Dsc00093.jpg (111812 bytes)Dsc00092.jpg (89973 bytes)

Tuesday we took a morning walk on Battle Rock Beach. Below are some sample pics. The first image is a north to south view of Historic Battle Rock. The middle picture is a east to west view of Battle Rock with Fort Point behind. Last is beach shot looking towards the Port. I'll post more of these photos and some from my Bandon/Coos Bay trip (info below) in my next update (unless something new happens in the meantime).

Dsc00118.jpg (72868 bytes)Dsc00131.jpg (47611 bytes)Dsc00134.jpg (68467 bytes)

Bandon Port 53.jpg (78509 bytes)Thursday, 05-17-2001 ~ Sunny with scattered clouds. I won't be updating the pics until next Wednesday (at the earliest), my Grandma broke her hip last night so I am traveling to Chico so she will have family support.

I drove to Coos Bay yesterday for shopping and stopped for pictures in Bandon and on a hill that overlooks Coos Bay and North Bend. Below are a few sample pics. The image on the right and first two below are from the Port of Bandon. The last pic is a view from the Forest Service encampment that sits above Coos Bay.

Bandon 33.jpg (49732 bytes)Bandon Port 44.jpg (71349 bytes)Coos_Bay_70.jpg (69447 bytes)

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