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Couple by large stack on Battle Rock Beach.jpg (63281 bytes)Morning walk on Battle Rock Beach, Part 1

Wednesday, 10-04-2000 ~ Sunny, clear, and windy this morning. We took a morning walk on Battle Rock Beach a couple weeks ago and shot this set of pics from the south side of the large seastack seen in the photo on the left. The first image has a couple climbing her smaller neighbor with the large stack behind. I zoomed in and took the middle picture of the same scenario. Norma and the dogs are seen in the last photo with the same stack in the background.

Couple climbing seastacks on Battle Rock Beach wide.jpg (73344 bytes)Zoomed view of couple on large stack, BRB.jpg (95686 bytes)Norma and dogs in front of stack, BRB.jpg (95936 bytes)

This south side of the stacks allow good views of the Port with the cliffs of Coast Guard Hill as a background landscape. The first photo below shows the completely reconstructed Port of Port Orford with the cliffs of Tichenor Cove behind. The middle image is a zoomed view of the same location, if you look close you can see a kayaker. The stacks in Tichenor Cove are seen behind the Port. We finish today with a dog walk and Port and cove in distance.

Port with Coast Guard hill in background, BRB.jpg (83706 bytes)Port with Tichenor Cove in background, BRB.jpg (85527 bytes)Man and dog with port in background, BRB.jpg (78109 bytes)

Norma and dogs with Battle Rock Villa in distance.jpg (68494 bytes)Morning walk on Battle Rock Beach, Part 2

Below are more pics from a recent morning walk on Battle Rock Beach. I'm starting this set with some folks enjoying our beautiful shoreline. Our first picture below has a surfer family walking on the beach with some dune grass in the background. Next is a couple with Cabbage Rock on the left and piles of kelp in the foreground. Last is Norma and the dogs with one of Battle Rock's small seastacks on the left and the north tip of Battle Rock in the distance.

Surfer, lady, and dog with Battle Rock bluffs in back.jpg (68969 bytes)Couple walking on BRB with park behind.jpg (81488 bytes)Norma and dogs with small stack and Battle Rock behind.jpg (77894 bytes)

Looking back at park from Battle Rock Beach.jpg (54994 bytes)The morning sun allows good images from the beach looking north. The first photo on the left is a wide angle view looking back at Battle Rock Park from the south end of Battle Rock Beach. The bottom row starts with Norma and our new puppy Angel with Tichenor Rock, Port Orford Headland, and Port of Port Orford in the distance. The middle photo was shot close to Battle Rock and shows a commercial trawler heading out with the Port Jetty and the top of Tichenor Rock in the background. I took this last zoomed image of Tichenor Rock from the same location as the first photo. If you open the image you'll see a boat fishing near the rocks and a low layer of clouds in the horizon.

Norma and Angel with Tichenor Rock in the distance.jpg (60319 bytes)Trawler heading out with jetty and Tichenor rock behind.jpg (52634 bytes)Tichenor Rock as seen from south BRB.jpg (64325 bytes)

Horses and beachwalkers, Battle Rock Beach morning.jpg (57067 bytes)The tide and sun pattern constantly changes the scene at Battle Rock Park and Beach. The first photo on the right and below with the horses was taken just after our morning walk. The stacks and beach walkers are in shadow while the morning sun rise over China Mountain to the east. I took the middle image of the beach in the early afternoon with the rocks now in part shadow and the ocean a bluish-green. The last photo was shot late in the afternoon with the beach now in full illumination. The receding tide also created some interesting reflection colors and the ocean has a bluer appearance.

Battle Rock morning as seen from the park.jpg (68173 bytes)Battle Rock Beach as seen from the park.jpg (69755 bytes)Large stack late in the day, BRB.jpg (84995 bytes)

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