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We always bring our camera whenever we visit one of our beautiful Southern Oregon Coast locations. We catalogue our past Oregon Pics features by date and area visited.   Click for Current Oregon Pics

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Past Oregon Pictures and Stories (Click your back button to return)

September 7, 2007 ~ Back on the beaches of Port Orford
August 19, 2004 ~ Photos from Bandon's Face Rock Beach
August 10, 2004 ~ Pelicans in Port Orford's Orford Cove
August 4, 2004 ~ Pictures of Seabirds Feeding in Port Orford Cove
July 4, 2004 ~ Port Orford's 4th of July Jubilee Days Parade 2004
May 1, 2004 ~ Memorial Day walk on Hubbards Creek Beach
Memorial Day special ~ Vietnam & Korean War, Lincoln Memorials
Oct 29, 2003 ~ Cape Blanco Lighthouse, Crazy Horse Memorial
Oct 20, 2003 ~ Dean Creek Elk, Mount Rushmore pictures
June 22, 2003 ~ Father's Day coastal state park travels
June 12, 2003 ~ Battle Rock Park Big Surf, Yellowstone photos
May 27, 2003 ~ Port Orford Kite Festival, Yellowstone pictures
April 23, 2003 ~ Port Orford to Gold Beach-Oregon Trip, Part 2
April 12, 2003 ~ Port Orford to Gold Beach-Oregon Trip, Part 1
April 2, 2003 ~ Bandon Visit Part 2, Beach Loop Drive photos
March 22, 2003 ~ Bandon Visit Part 1, Face Rock Beach pictures
March 11, 2003 ~ Low tide walk on Battle Rock Beach, Part 2
March 04, 2003 ~ Low tide walk on Battle Rock Beach, Part 1
February 26, 2003 ~ Big Surf images at Hubbards Creek Beach
February 15, 2003 ~ Cape Blanco Morning photos, Part 2
February 12, 2003 ~ Cape Blanco Morning photos, Part 1
February 5, 2003 ~ Cape Blanco Lighthouse and Sunset pictures
January 29, 2003 ~ Fantastic Battle Rock Park and Beach Pics! part 2
January 14, 2003 ~ Fantastic Battle Rock Park and Beach Pics! part 1
January 13, 2003 ~ We're Back!  Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area
Port Orford's Fourth of July Jubilee Days Celebration
June 21-July 2 ~ Bandon's Webers Pier and Coos Bay town pics
June 10-14 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach, Coast Candle
June 1-6 ~ Hike on the Heads 2, Family-A-Faire
May 17-31 ~ Garrison Lake, Port Orford, Bandon, Coos Bay
May 15 ~ Elk River, Port of Port Orford, Paradise Point, Battle Rock
May 8-12 ~ New Sony Mavica CD1000 is here!
April 29 ~ Miscellaneous Port Orford town and port pics
April 22 ~ Beautiful low tide Battle Rock Park and Beach pics
April 11-16 ~ Paradise Point and Cape Blanco State Parks
April 6, 2001 ~ Tichenor Cove and Port of Port Orford pics
April 1, 2001 ~ Battle Rock Park and Sunday Battle Rock Beach Walk
March 19-23 ~ Walk on the Port Orford Port, Hubbards Creek Beach
March 6-13 ~ Sunday visit to Cape Blanco Park
Feb 24-March 3 ~ Hubbards Beach, Elk River Home, new Parks page
February 20-23 ~ Cape Blanco, Battle Rock Park, Port of Port Orford
February 17 ~ Pics from my drive around Port Orford
February 9-12 ~ Battle Rock Park, Face Rock Pics and Video
February 4-6 ~ Battle Rock, Bandon Jetty, Port of Port Orford
January 14-21 ~ New office, Battle Rock, Elk pics
December 7-21 ~ Moore Mill building, Bandon; Paradise Terrace
October 4 ~ Morning walk on Battle Rock Beach
Sept 16-18 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach
Sept 12-15 ~ Friends from Berlin, Battle Rock Park, Port, Bandon
Sept 10-11 ~ Elk River, Bandon Cranberry Festival, Lake Garrison
Sept 2-9 ~ Humbug Mountain and Beach, Paradise Point Beach
August 29-Sept 1 ~ Port of Port Orford, Paradise Terrace Subdivision
August 27-28 ~ Bandon Port, Coquille River Boat Basin, Weber's Pier
August 23-26 ~ Walk on the Coos Bay Boardwalk, Battle Rock Beach
August 20-22 ~ Battle Rock Beach, Paradise Point, Port Orford Port
August 17-19 ~ Battle Rock Park, Miscellaneous pics
August 14-16 ~ Visit to the Port of Gold Beach and South Jetty
August 11-13 ~ Gold Beach trip, Paradise Point, Hike on the Heads
August 7-10 ~ Cape Blanco, Battle Rock Park, Port Orford Headland

August 5-6 ~ South Hubbards Creek Beach
August 2-4 ~ Face Rock and Bandon Jetty, Coquille River Lighthouse
July 30-August 1 ~ Fort Point Beach and Port of Port Orford
July 28-29 ~ North Hubbards Beach and South Battle Rock Beach
July 26-27 ~ Trip to Brookings 2, Rainbow Rock, Lone Ranch Beach
July 24-25 ~ Trip to Brookings 1, Humbug, Nesika Beach, Gold Beach
July 20-23 ~ Hubbards Creek Beach, Port of Port Orford, Town Pics
July 16-19 ~ Battle Rock Beach, Cape Blanco, Animal Pics
July 11-15 ~ Visit to Humbug Mountain Park
July 9-10 ~ Battle Rock Beach
July 5-8 ~ Port Orford Jubilee Days Parade
July 2-4 ~ Chetco River Trip Part 2, Harris and Meyers Beach
June 27-July 1 ~ Chetco River Trip Part 1, Sisters Rocks, Gold Beach
June 24-26 ~ Hubbards, Paradise Point, Agate Beach, Battle Rock
June 19-23 ~ Cape Blanco, Garrison Lake, Port of Port Orford
June 13-18 ~ Hike on the Heads, Port Orford Heads State Park
June 7-12 ~ Bullards Beach, Coquille River Lighthouse, Town Pics
June 2-6 ~ Bullards Beach, Face Rock Beach, Battle Rock Beach
May 28-June ~ Bandon Jetty, Port of Bandon, Port of Port Orford
May 22-27 ~ Battle Rock Park and Beach, Port of Port Orford
May 15-21 ~ Port of Port Orford and Miscellaneous
May 4-14 ~ Coast Guard Chopper at Battle Rock Park

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