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Oregon Coast Weather Forecasts, Tides, Wind, Waves, Satellite Images

Click for Port Orford, Oregon Forecast

Find the Weather for any City, State, Zip-code, or Country

Tide forecast generated for the Port Orford area (home base for OregonWebs.com).  Daily sunrise and sunset schedules too!
Click here for a full North to South Oregon Coast tide list

7-Day Forecasts from the National Weather Service

Curry County Coast: Including the cities of Brookings and Gold Beach.
South Central Oregon Coast: Including the cities of Bandon, Coos Bay, Coquille, Port Orford, Powers, and Reedsport.
Central Oregon Coast: Including the cities of Lincoln City, Newport, Waldport, and Florence.
Northern Oregon Coast: Including cities of Astoria, Cannon Beach, Long Beach, and Tillamook.
Pacific NW 7-Day Zones Forecasts : Interactive map for Oregon and Washington weather.

NWS Wind, Waves, Weather, and Warnings for Oregon Coastal Waters

The National Weather Service (NWS) provides weather, hydrologic, and climate forecasts and warnings for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, for the protection of life and property and the enhancement of the national economy.  NWS data and products form a national information database and infrastructure which can be used by other governmental agencies, the private sector, the public, and the global community.

Marine Forecasts for the Pacific Coast
Coastal Waters: Southern Washington to extreme Northern California
Coastal Waters: Northern California
Offshore Waters: Washington and Oregon
Offshore Waters: California
High Seas: North Pacific

Coastal Water Temperature Guide
Northern Pacific Coast Coast Water Temperature Guide: National Oceanographic Data Center water temperature guide for the Oregon and Washington Coast region.

Special Marine Warnings
Northern Oregon
Southern Oregon
Northern California
Marine Weather Statements
Northern Oregon
Southern Oregon
Northern California
Analysis and Forecast Graphics
Pacific Surface Analysis
Sea state Analysis
Forecast charts-offshore
Forecast charts-high seas

Buoy Observations
Oregon buoy - 46002
Washington buoy - 46005
Eel River buoy - 46022
Port Orford bouy- 46015
St. Georges buoy - 46027
Columbia Bar buoy - 46029
Blunts Reef buoy - 46030
South Nomad buoy - 46036
Stonewall Bank buoy - 46050
La Perouse Bank buoy - 46206
CDIP Coos Bay stn 135
Coos Bay Wave Period Bands
Cape Arago, OR - CARO3
Destruction Island, WA - DESW1
Newport, OR - NWPO3
Smith Island, WA - SISW1
Tatoosh Island, WA - TTIW1
West Point, WA - WPOW1

Wind and Wave Forecasts

NOAA WW3 - Wave height (meters), wind speed (knots) and direction, peak wave height direction
Initial 06 hour 12 hour 18 hour 24 hour 30 hour 36 hour 42 hour 48 hour 54 hour 60 hour 66 hour 72 hour Animation
NOAA WW3 - Wave period and direction
Initial 06 hour 12 hour 18 hour 24 hour 30 hour 36 hour 42 hour 48 hour 54 hour 60 hour 66 hour 72 hour Animation
NOAA WW3 - spectral data (graphic)  Explanation
Buoy 06 Buoy 36 Buoy 05 Buoy 02 Buoy 29 Columbia Blanco Mendocino
NOAA WW3 - spectral data (text)  Explanation
Buoy 06 Buoy 36 Buoy 05 Buoy 02 Buoy 29 Columbia Bouy 15 Mendocino

West Coast Satellite Images from the NWS (National Weather Service)

Enhancement Descriptions:
Aviation color enhancement
Dvorak enhancement - used for Tropical Classifications with the Dvorak Technique
Funktop enhancement - developed by Ted Funk for assistance with Precipitation analysis
Channel 2 Infrared imagery - Shortwave, sometimes considered "night visible"
Unenhanced Channel 4 Infrared Imagery
JSL2 enhancement - developed by Jim Lynch for use with tropical classifications
Rainbow enhancement curve - pretty color enhancement
Combination of Visible and IR using a three channel technique to make features stand out
Unenhanced Visible imagery that transitions to IR2 overnight.
Water Vapor, IR Channel 3 with color enhancement

Tidal Site Selection: Oregon Coast Tide sites (North to South)

Bay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregon
Bay City, Tillamook Bay, Oregon (2)
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregon
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (2) (expired 1985-12-31)
Astoria (Tongue Point), Oregon (3)
Hammond, Columbia River, Oregon
Point Adams., Columbia River, Oregon
Knappa, Knappa Slough, Columbia River, Oregon
Astoria (Port Docks), Columbia River, Oregon
Settlers Point, Columbia River, Oregon
Astoria (Youngs Bay), Columbia River, Oregon
Warrenton, Skipanon River, Columbia River, Oregon
Seaside, 12th Avenue bridge, Necanicum River, Oregon
Nehalem, Nehalem River, Oregon
Brighton, Nehalem River, Oregon
Vancouver, Columbia River, Washington (dubious accuracy)
Barview, Tillamook Bay, Oregon
Garibaldi, Oregon
Garibaldi, Oregon (2)
Tillamook, Hoquarten Slough, Oregon
Nestucca Bay entrance, Oregon
Taft, Siletz Bay, Oregon
Kernville, Siletz River, Oregon
Newport, Yaquina River, Oregon
South Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon
South Beach, Yaquina Bay, Oregon (2)
Bar at entrance, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
Yaquina, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
Winant, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
Toledo, Yaquina Bay and River, Oregon
Waldport, Alsea Bay, Oregon
Entrance, Siuslaw River, Oregon
Florence, Siuslaw River, Oregon
Gardiner, Umpqua River, Oregon
Reedsport, Umpqua River, Oregon
Entrance, Umpqua River, Oregon
Charleston, Oregon (2)
Charleston, Oregon
Bandon, Coquille River, Oregon
Port Orford, Oregon
Port Orford, Oregon (2)
Wedderburn, Rogue River, Oregon
Brookings, Chetco Cove, Oregon
Crescent City, California (2) (expired 1989-12-31)
Crescent City, California

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